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    As the topic was older than a year, I had to open a new thread on this city from which I just arrived back home.

    One of the main reasons for my trip to Valencia was to find records from the Sonido de Valencia era, which are nearly impossible to find anywhere outside Spain and even very hard to find in Spain outside Valencia. Being a long-time fan of early nineties electronic music but only having discovered the Sonido de Valencia a year ago or so, I had high hopes for getting hold of some of these unknown treasures.

    Before I went, I made a list of record shops I found in the internet (the first three were on the first thread for Valencia in this group):

    1) Ultrasound, C/ Marqués de Zenete, 6, 46007 Valencia
    2) Disc-unit 3MV, C/ Doctor Gil Y Morte, 16, 46007 Valencia
    3) Acetato, Pelayo, 12, 46007 Valencia
    4) Discos Amsterdam, Avenida de Pio XII, 2-4-6, 46009 Valencia
    5) Harmony Discos, Pasaje Doctor Serra, 7, 46004 Valencia
    6) Devil Records, C/ Els Manyans 5 ( C/Cerrajeros 5 ) 46001 - Valencia
    7) Jailbird Records, Calle del Padre Huérfanos, 6, 46003 Valencia
    8) Discos Oldies, C/ Nuestra Señora de Gracia, 6, 46001 Valencia
    9) Monterey Discos, C/ Ripalda, 3, 46003 Valencia

    Finally I only made it to two of them, and the one really worth more than a mention is

    ULTRASOUND MUSIC, near Plaça Espanya.

    I spent about 8 hours there (4 in the morning, 4 in the evening) and already found an overwhelming lot of good stuff in the morning; then founder and melómano Rafa spent some of his siesta digging out some records from my wantlist, and finally left his store open until 10 p.m. until I had listened through all of what I had found and he had given me.

    There are five turntables, all of which seem to be properly working; two of these are connected with the speakers and a mixing desk, for the others there are headphones. The shop is medium-sized and stuffed with records, mainly Techno, House, Hardcore, Makina, New Beat, EBM, Synth-Pop, New Wave, Indie-Pop - and an extra section for Sonido de Valencia! The owner, Rafa, is very open-minded, and his shop is as much a meeting point where you can listen to music, mix some records, have a chat, a drink and smoke a spliff as it is a means to sell records.

    I enjoyed my time at Ultrasound very much and left with 34 records (20 Sonido de Valencia classics and 14 others) for the price of €360, and they're worth it. Never before I've bought so many records in one shop, and by the all-around experience I can say that



    ¡gracias Rafa!
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    I'll be there next month. I'm into electronic music on CD only. Recommendations?

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