• tudfumper over 8 years ago

    tudfumper edited over 8 years ago
    Alright people have finally decided to give up with my vinyl so im listing all of my tunage up for grabs.
    THIS IS ONLY HARD TRANCE LISTED.i have the same again in hard house and techno,just there is so much its a pain in the ass to write it all down,if people are intrested let me know and i will get on it.
    I spent a lot of time and money collecting these tunes so each are individually priced depending on what it is,jus let me know if your after anything

    lex and frank-dark nights
    legend b-lost in love x 3 vinyl pack(every mix)
    spacetek e.p-another level/psyco
    tales of the ridge way-speakerlicker/one night in wantage
    sound grabber-acid fighter 2 x vinyl pack (all mixes)
    dj session one-no gravity
    hardstyle edition 1
    boo selecta-nobody listen to hip hop
    gravediggers-nightmare on reeperbahn #SOLD
    sound 2 light-party people
    sound 2 light-its like that #SOLD
    paul maddox-control
    dj arne and mirko milano-freak in me/lucutus
    dj transport-distorted reality
    night bass team-some bass
    dj tom x nightmare
    the gladheads bass fucker
    dj wag-the second step
    jens-loops n tings
    hennes and cold-second trip x2
    emmanuel top-acid phase # SOLD
    riot brothers flashback/guyver unit

    burn an x
    blutonium boy-brain shooter
    panic machine-rock on
    frost-acid phase(monkey mix)
    observer vs spacecase-rock this place/sunshine
    titchy bitch and fallen angel-retribution
    jon the dentist-global phases
    big top-sub
    das licht-trilogy
    the gate-iron eden x 2
    kirsty hawkshaw-fine day steve munrano mix
    thomas trouble-insane asylum x2
    mike and charlie-i get live
    dj darkzone-the human form
    ernesto vs bastian-super jupiter
    timeriders-future generation
    mat silver vs tony burt-the perfect wave
    thomas trouble and blutonium boy-go burn a fatty ass
    max b grant-birtanem/beeping remix
    rocket base-in my house
    re-worx-strange world/this is a test
    presswerk-dont cry
    twilight-make you cry
    marco v-godd

    re-animator-rewire your brain
    abuse-hard and fast
    aponaut-neuropath/quantum shift #SOLD
    dick turnip and batty boy-batty man
    elastique culture-U
    adam and glund-bass core
    mellow trax-outta space
    strerling moss alternating frequences
    warp brothers-power/cocaine # SOLD
    ricci vs moratto-the game
    ignition technition-from japan to germany # SOLD
    choci cai and ford-the moon
    the numbskulls-jawz shark attack/go baby
    dj shoko vs ground zero-dont stop fucking techno pop
    most wanted e.p-the allchemist-sugar,S.O.N.U.S-the center/sincity-the journey,XLS-destruction
    Dj arne l-gravediggers/r.i.p x 2
    plastic enemy-double speeded
    willy j-play loud music
    mike hunt-lick my window
    dj session one-dreams in my fantasy x2
    symbios-beauty and the beast
    pep n up-time and space
    planet punk- x-t-c
    dj jordan-the sprit

    dumb and dumber-rave 2 the grave/dreadlocks soon
    the numbskulls-womb 13/dodge 1
    the numbskulls-flasher
    gigi montanini-land of peace
    numbskulls-knob voodoo/frozen planet
    cyberdyne-hard essence/return to balor
    beam and cyrus-take this sound out of my head x2
    gollum and yanny-thunderball
    cocooma-yellow base/virutal experience/rage/flying saucer
    plastic enemy-plastic house
    cocooma-nothing is over
    dj manga-its a dream
    liquid motion-planet silence/be free
    M.A.B-feel it/the rythm
    gollum and gary d-black arrows reloaded
    dj manga-control your mind/turn the key
    slashing fun kids-evilclub disciples-bodythief/physially/teknicida
    tunnel allstars-captain future
    tiddles and the geezer-acid ska e.p
    jam x and de leon-blue monday

    francesco z-devils dance
    mind of god an fallen angel-i see you in my dreams
    smells like teen sprit-bk mix
    craig graham-helicopter
    synthetic and major tom-atmoshere/log one and wragg-creatures
    daniel ro/mobi d-celebrate the life
    phil green-das erwachen
    jenrik de ruvo-drumcode x
    paragod-open your mind #SOLD
    sakin and friends-thunderbird
    dj tom x-cocaine
    bush-the future
    mr amy and sasha dj-trance mutation
    skydiver-liberation day
    S.H.O.K.K-folie a deux
    chapter and page-they are somewhere out in the space
    beam vs cyrus-thunder in paradise
    dark monks-insane
    mike dragon-orange song

    phonetic ft dj arne l-galatica
    lab 4-candyman
    edt-beating of the drum
    joy kitikonti-blow me
    tommy pulse-pirates
    karen de ponti-hypnobounce
    unix-mind blowing speed
    empire project vs silver city-victim/skywatcher x2
    m-zone-the terminator
    paul maddox-tension
    gollum and hunter-journey to sound
    space planet-i like it
    pascal dolle-continuous fire
    groucho gang-nobody listen to techno
    infected mushroom e.p-im the supervisor
    dynamo city-one night in hackney
    derler and klitzing-dumb people
    phonetic-to the rythm

    jones and stephenson-the first rebirth
    fallen angel-i see you in my dreams-jon doe remix
    joy kitikonti-please dont stop
    dark moon-zeitreise
    kai tracid-too many times(yoda remix)
    mauro picotto-pulsar
    dickheads-wir brauchen bass
    cirez d-rematch
    dj luke spell bound-pussy lovers
    dj dee m -eternal
    choci-let jimi take over
    dj bonebreaker-husten
    bubble heads-young
    punx-the rock
    derler and klitzing-nuclear device
    c4-higher level
    dj mill and manuel t-techno rap/dj anus-for a smile
    drugface-cunt master
    dj shog jealousy x 2 (both mixes)
    dj choci and the geezer-its beyond control
    unknown-voodo people
    j.a.c remix-flashdance
    mello trax-shaft

    las palmas-in da house
    beam vs cyrus-lifestyle
    deepack vs luna-kick this mother
    painmaker vs dick rules-afraid to die
    tom x -hardstyle
    groove mike-going to hell
    e nomine-das omen
    trance genetic-around your space
    uberdruck-bloody slut
    waveliner-hardstyle and trance
    blutonium boy-make it louder
    kai tracid-conscious
    asys-acid nightmare
    carioca-release the pain
    brian n r g -extermination
    gollum and yanny-watch out
    cosmic guys-hardcore
    clive king deal with this
    organ doners-radio waves
    cruz and the white-intense energy
    spektral voices-house of house
    jimmy the sound-modulo
    b-boy tainted love(kai tracid mix)
    kai tracid-trance and acid (derb mix)

    danny t-shadow chaser
    dj neutropix-age of large
    southern alliance-tranceform
    dj shoko-kick some ass
    felix-pussy shaver
    wings of an angel-ting
    cosmic gate-fire wire
    tube tonic and shandar-the secret
    uberdruck-heres freddy
    fj project-the moon revolution
    xlt-on a ragga tip
    hexa mode-fucking bass
    lagenhagen- moinsen paragod remix
    mirko milano-bang the box
    dj arne l-testbitching
    scott project-future is now
    dj wag big bang/scott project f(rework mix)
    dj wag-big bang
    tiga and zyntherius-sunglasses at night
    marco v-indicator
    doc in the box-the king
    alex butcher-sweet dreams
    guyver-serious sound/youll know it
    bazztard-welcome to hell
    mindforce project-may the force be with you
    dj tibby-firedance

  • ned124 over 8 years ago

    thats alot of vinyl lol
  • ger2oo5 over 8 years ago

    Hi mate, you got some vinyl which sells quickly there IMO. Get em all on the discogs marketplace forless than everyone else is selling for a quick sale. Probs took you longer to write em all out like that than what it will to list on marketplace.

    I pretty much guarantee that if you stick thigns like dark knights, defected, nothing is over, human form, its like that, brain shooter, etc for a decent enough price that they will sell
  • J_T over 8 years ago

    There is a lot on there but from the first list how much for

    Emanuel topp - Acid Phase

    ignition technition-from japan to germany

    warp brothers-power/cocaine

    ; )

  • J_T over 8 years ago

    Put Tales of the Ridgeway up on Market place. Sold a copy for £55 to someone in Australia, he asked if i could get anymore. I will get him to mail you mate ; )
  • tudfumper over 8 years ago

    im not putting them on the market place because a.too many time wasters and it does my head in,and im not allowed to sell anymore on there intill i pay my rediculous discogs fees which i refuse to do after selling all my gems for big bucks.

  • J_T over 8 years ago

    Send me paypal details and I will send over some Wonga ; )
  • J_T over 8 years ago

    How much would you want for the lot aswell
  • ger2oo5 over 8 years ago


    cheap as fuck! fair play :)

  • marcus_88 over 8 years ago

    sound 2 light-party people
    sound 2 light-its like that
    lex and frank-dark nights
    mat silver vs tony burt-the perfect wave
    adam and glund-bass core
    mellow trax-outta space
    unix - mindblowing speed
    dj wag big bang/scott project f(rework mix)

    how much for these mate?
  • tudfumper over 8 years ago

    cheap as fuck! fair play :)

    only cause were friends,monomonkey sorted me out in the past jus a return favour.;)

    sound 2 light-party people £25
    sound 2 light-its like that £30
    lex and frank-dark nights £30
    mat silver vs tony burt-the perfect wave £10
    adam and glund-bass core £20
    mellow trax-outta space £25
    unix - mindblowing speed £25
    dj wag big bang/scott project f(rework mix) £10

    i know these are high prices but i know i can get the money for them will do deals on larger amounts plus you might even get freebies of less value records with orders

  • tudfumper over 8 years ago

    [quote=J_T]How much would you want for the lot aswell[/quote

    dunno if i can sell the whole lot in one go the thing is some records in here i payed a lot of money for so much you would probally be sick and shit yourself at the same time lol,so i gotta try and claw some of the money back once the ones have gone that i want to get the money for i can come up with figures for the whole lot,JT you should try and make it to mine if your seriously intrested got loads more other genres as well just want them out the way collecting dust in my room as im a mp3 man now there not much used to me.
  • DJKarnage over 8 years ago

    Hey brooks

    How much for:

    dj arne and mirko milano-freak in me/lucutus
    sound 2 light-its like that
    Dj arne l-gravediggers/r.i.p x 2
  • tudfumper over 8 years ago

    pm robin.saaffeee.
  • dj-holocaust over 8 years ago

    mate if u wanna shift these quickly you might need to be more competitive with current prices on discogs, bass-core is up for loads less
  • marcus_88 over 8 years ago

    yeah i was gonna say, bass core is going for like a fiver
  • tudfumper over 8 years ago

    well im open to offers,apologies,about bass core i didnt take the time to look at what they were selling for jus priced them on what i paid for them.
  • ebo over 8 years ago

    i did exactly what you are doing a few years ago and started selling in much the same attitude... funnily enough after all the gems were gone the rest went in job lots... although if someone took 3 or more decent tunes they were discounted very well... sold the lot in no time this way... I dont think you will ever make back what u paid... the scene has changed a lot and tunes are worth less what with all the bootleg releases or sub label releases... not so many are after originals anymore..

    Good lkuck sellin mate... i know how your feelin.. :p

    ps: damn i used to mix bass core with OEG - endless horny... grerat tunes from the great days..
  • tudfumper over 8 years ago

    of couse i agree with you completly ebo,im a collecter and all my records are originals all well looked after in plastic sleves and i know i cant get what i paid for them so i set high with every intention that some will will haggle with me,and i will job lot them when im happy with the money i raised want cdjs so im trying to fund them with record sales

  • marcus_88 over 8 years ago

    how much for the decks mate
  • dj-holocaust over 8 years ago

    seriously u wanna keep hold of your best vinyl's they will be worth a fortune in the years to come , the vinyl sound will have a re-surgence as people will get fed up with the cold, lifeless sound of digital:)
  • baz.e.g77 over 8 years ago

    do you still have connect (fabietto mix ) dont think i saw it listed but worth an ask
  • tudfumper over 8 years ago

    tudfumper edited over 8 years ago
    connect (fabietto mix )

    i dont reconise this mate,i may of had it before in the past on massive if im thinking of the same tune,but its not listed above

    marcus 88 make us an offer the needles are worth a few quid that with them i also have the boxs instructions and spare parts for them.

    a picture of them
    <a href='http://www.sendspace.com/file/h33pcx'>http://www.sendspace.com/file/h33pcx</a>
  • baz.e.g77 over 8 years ago

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