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    The Discogs Radio is a community project by Discogs users since October 2005. We stream live. This can happen spontaneously under the week or in scheduled sessions on Saturdays (see sign in threads in the forum). We're almost every Saturday on air and still look for more DJ's to stream so we can offer a full program every weekend with changing DJ's!

    Our musical focus is House, Techno, Disco, Funk.

    If you want to join us, we're happy about every new DJ. Just read the very easy Streaming FAQ to start streaming within 10 minutes. Test it in the forum whenever you want by posting so we can help you out.

    Everything else can be found on the website: radiogs.com. teo didn't allow us to use "Discogs Radio" outside the forums so don't wonder ;)

    To stay updated about our weekly sessions, subscribe to our blog on myspace.com/DiscogsRadio

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