• AskeladdenBlack over 13 years ago

    I was going to title it "the worlds rudest record store owners" but rudeness can be associated with snobbery and maybe in turn wisdom so I titled it as they are "The Worst"
    Here is my top 4.

    4. "The Stalker"
    Store: Vinyl, Antwerp, Belgium

    This guy followed me around the store pretending to price records right next to me where ever I went to keep an eye on me.

    3."The Arrogant prick"
    Some basement store (with a mural of lots of classic labels painted on the stairwell walls leading down to the store) in Athens, Greece.

    He told my wife she had to wait outside because she had a bag with her, and made me feel so unwelcome I had to ask if I was allowed to look through the records.

    2."The grumpy old man"
    Store: Warren's Record Paradise, Balaclava, Melbourne, Australia

    This guy complained about the way you opened the door, closed the door, where you put your bag, the way you flicked through the records, etc etc etc

    1."The truly crazy"
    Store: Franz & Josef Scheiben, Berlin, Germany

    This guy takes the cake in all my travels I have never come across someone so delusional.
    My first encounter was meet with weird rudeness I brushed off as strange German humour.
    The second encounter was a ripper I walked in early one evening said hello and preceded to flick through a few records after 30 seconds he asks "What are you looking for, because your making me nervous" I laughed it off a bit still hoping it was just his humour, he again asked
    "What are you looking for, because I don't have what your after" I replied in a rather tongue in cheek way "Hardcore German Techno" this was meet with "I don't have any so there's no point looking, I could tell straight away by your face that I don't have anything here for you" I asked "Are you serious? he then said "I have to close now" I asked "Are you closing for the night? he replies "No...there are plenty of good record stores in Berlin for you but not this one" I again asked if he was serious as he escorted me to the front door, so I thanked him for all his help and hospitality as he locked the door behind me his last words were "on your way" I must admit my departing words were "[email protected]*K YOU C#NT"
    This guy is well know as a nutter but I never would have thought that I would ever get kicked out of a record store!

  • AskeladdenBlack over 13 years ago

    Damn sorry thought i was is international record store topic.
  • AMJacker over 13 years ago

    Jam Records - Seattle circa 1999-2001.
    Older Dude would yell at me whenever I pressed the "stop" button on any of the 1200's. he said I was "pressing it too hard". What a dip! I spent loads of cash there until he pulled that the 2nd time.

  • cypherism over 13 years ago

    He told my wife she had to wait outside because she had a bag with her

    HTFR asked to check my mums bag, an OAP, who was with me while I bought some Vinyls
    They soon stopped dead in their tracks seeing a 70 year old woman with an original WARP record bag !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • AskeladdenBlack over 13 years ago

    hahaha I have one of those warp bags too I bought off a guy that came into the store I worked at too sell records I said sorry don't want the records but I will buy the bag off you for sure he was happy as I gave him more money for the bag than he was expecting to get for the records.
  • ger2oo5 over 13 years ago

    ger2oo5 edited over 13 years ago
    You get round a bit dont ya mate. Blimey, its like your travelling the world buying vinyl. Nice idea!
  • AskeladdenBlack over 13 years ago

    The guy at Wall of Sound in Seattle was weird but not in a bad way more in an awkward nerd way,
    but far out he knows his tunes though.


    I'm in Essaouria, on the Moroccan coast at the moment, I'm looking for tunes but all I'm being offered is hash! dang!

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