• BalkanVinyl over 12 years ago

    So, I thought January in the middle of a recession was a wise time to start a new vinyl-based record label, haha


    All releases on limited edition vinyl, with enclosed CDs (so you can get clean rips of the tracks for iPods etc, or play in the car) - preferred this method to download links, feels more substantial & better quality.

    releases also available digitally.

    Label artist roster includes B12, Mark Archer, Luke Vibert, Marco Passarani, Global Goon, Debasser, Plaid, Secondo, Posthuman, Cursor Miner, Echaskech, Paul Blackford, Hrdvsion, EgeBamYasi, and more...

    one release up on discogs now ( http://www.discogs.com/label/Balkan+Vinyl ), the others to follow shortly

    check the site for more info & previews: http://www.balkanvinyl.com

    feedback most definitely welcome!
  • mrformic over 12 years ago

    And I thought Balkan Beats....sigh !
  • konkordski over 12 years ago

    Balkan Beats

    Need some? ;)
  • rile3e over 12 years ago

    Had a listen earlier. Some of tracks sound well tastey. Great idea and the site looks the bizznizz!!
  • oneseven over 12 years ago

    good to hear b12 working the 303
  • oneseven over 12 years ago

    horrible pressing. and side a is a bit low.
  • 303ME over 12 years ago

    @ Balkan Vinyl
    I'd love to here your response to onesevens comment regarding the poor quality vinyl pressing. I havnt actually bought this yet and if it is such a bad press I'm sure I won't bother but it really annoys me that this £8.99 record with a quality lineup and an all singing n dancing website can be a substandard press. What's the crack?
  • oneseven over 12 years ago

    no surface noise as such.
    most vinyl on the run out grooves is clear, shiney, and you can almost see your reflection in it. this one looks like its been smeared with grease or sprayed with wd40. i even tried to wipe it off lol. and nexys track on a1 is a bit low, which is a bit of a disapointment.

    overall a great release.
  • 303ME over 12 years ago

    So its not a horrible press? Why say it is if it's actually ok?
  • oneseven over 12 years ago

    see above
  • abracadabra-1 over 12 years ago

    Listened to a few of the previews, some nice stuff on there, a lot of acid, that Luke Vibert/Richard Wigglseworth tune was pretty good.

    Good idea supplying a backup cd too...
  • BalkanVinyl over 12 years ago

    oneseven - are you just saying there was some grease on the vinyl you received, or a problem with the actual vinyl or pressing?

    we tested out all the records extensively and the pressings have been great, each side of each record is @ 33rpm and usually clocks in at approx 12-13 mins, so obviously they're not going to be extremely loud pressings, but they are still very much dj friendly, and we've had no complaints from any of the artists.

    the inclusive CD was a difficult decision - while it substantially increases the price, it also means people can rip their own digital copies for ipods etc. and play in the car, it also gavce us the opportunity to include some extra material. obviously we could have gone down the "download code" route but we decided CDs were preferable.
  • BalkanVinyl over 12 years ago

    oh, and yes, marks tracks is a little lower in the mix, as is the echaskech track on BV02 - this was because they were late changes in the tracklisting
    we had to cancel a Nexus 21 track for legal reasons, and one artist pulled their track out at the 11th hour and gave it to another label, so echaskech were brought in to cover.

    the mastering for these was then done in a different session and is maybe 5% quieter than the rest, but you really do have to listen out to notice it, and they are still very much fine for playing out.

    mastering 24 tracks from different sources to all sound like part of the same batch is quite a task (and some of them came in some right states...), and we're overall really happy with the job the guys did on it.

  • STEVELAWLESS over 12 years ago

    looking forward to the first one, have they shipped internationally yet?
  • oneseven over 12 years ago

    the copy i got looks as if it has something smeared on side a and you can really notice it more on the run out grooves. i noticed it as soon as i opened the sleeve. its almost impossible to read the matrix on that side. side b is fine, nice and shiney with a loud cut.
    tbh im suprised no one else has mentioned it, could just be a one off. the good news is theres no surface noise, just a bit quieter on that side.
  • BalkanVinyl over 12 years ago

    yep, a load shipped this weekend.

    @ oneseven - i think you might have got a bad copy. did you get it from us or rubadub? let me know contact @ balkanvinyl .com

  • doors over 12 years ago

    I have to say, Global Goon - Craehzrhd is pretty damn good.
  • geskid over 12 years ago

    that is a very good tune. liked the b12 track too but thought it was a bit short.
  • neurp over 12 years ago

    just bought the subscription =)

    can i have some acid with mine please?
  • 303ME over 12 years ago

    This is a great release, love all tracks and it sounds fab. The cd is also a nice touch.
    Sorry for being a bit cunty in above post :/
  • neurp over 12 years ago

    it was more Anne Robinson like ;)
  • neurp over 12 years ago

    I have just got mine and have the same problem as oneseven,
    I'd say its the pressing, the A side looks kind of scuffed like the whole side has been rubbed with very fine sandpaper,
    you can see it in an instant if you compare the runouts
    side A is dull and looks textured B is shiny,
    it does cover the whole side but you have to look at an angle in daylight to see properly.
    i can hear surface noise in quiet parts, its not overpowering but it is there, im sure most people would not even notice it.
    i really hope it is just a few copies but im guessing not.
  • oneseven over 12 years ago

    I'd say its the pressing, the A side looks kind of scuffed like the whole side has been rubbed with very fine sandpaper

    yep, exact same. was begining to think the cd rubbing inside while in transit.
  • neurp over 12 years ago

    any news on the next one?

    im hoping the next one dont have a similar pressing problem and would like to know if it is just ours that suffer.
  • doors over 12 years ago

    I don't have a physical copy yet but junodownload has it digitally..

    "Echaskech - How To Fly" is the fuckin bomb

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