• Tkon over 7 years ago

    A young man gets brought in to the ER after a diving attempt goes horribly wrong and gets his face Split open on a walkway below. Poor kid, it's amazing that he's still alive! WARNING: Disturbing & Graphic.

  • Josh_Rogan over 7 years ago

  • kleez.one over 7 years ago

    dumb fuck.
  • Alexis_Nembrode over 7 years ago

    Fuckin girls screaming are the most distubing part.
    The guy ended up blind right? Was his brain damaged?
  • Alexis_Nembrode over 7 years ago

    lol, and who the fuck follows the doctors with a cell phone to shoot the open face? Why the doctors allow it? Was that in India?
  • remkowski over 7 years ago

    This tragic accident took place in Beirut the second week of June 2009. I know because I was standing there the day after this accident happened. I was told that two teenage boys were showing off their diving/jumping skills or lack thereof while passersby were walking as usual in the afternoon on the seaside promenade of Beirut called "Manara" across the boulevard from the American University of Beirut (AUB).

    I was told that the teenager and his buddy had jumped a few times that day. His friend made a safe dive but this teenager slipped as he was about to jump. One has to sprint away from the railing in order to land away from the stone ledge on the bottom where fishermen usually fish. I was told the day after this accident took place that a phone video of the tragic accident surfaced in Beirut and was being forwarded from one cell phone to another. The teenager filmed in this clip slipped and ended up hitting his head on the stone ledge below from a height of over 40 feet.

    It was a very sad and tragic accident. I was told that the teenager s face was split in half validated by the second part of the video clip. So for LiveLeakers dismissing the validity of these two clips, if you do not speak, understand Arabic or the Lebanese dialect spoken by the ER staff, you are wrong, this two-part clip is not of two different people, one tanned and one pale white as some have commented but of the same teenager is.

    As I mentioned, the first clip was shot in the afternoon (where more than likely using a Nokia phone which takes darker videos in the afternoon) at the "Manara" boulevard in Beirut by a teenage girl who was heard in the clip saying: Quote - Oh my God! Oh my God! Someone call the Civil Defense - End of Quote. The civil defense is an emergency rescue organization made up of volunteers, similar to the Red Cross. The second cell phone video was shot in the bright-lit ER at the American University Hospital (AUH) less than a quarter mile away. I am not sure though whether it is the same teenage girl who shot the first clip of the accident.

    This is going to sound absurd to most of those living in the "developing nations" but it is quite common for family, friends of wounded or dead patients, and even hospital staff to sneak in a cell phone to the ER and record on their cell phones such clips evidenced by similar cell phone videos of grave wounds I have seen in the ER rooms in Gaza, Lebanon, Iraq and other war-torn land in the Middle East. The American University Hospital (AUH) in Beirut is one of the top three hospitals there with American medical standards and ethics; however, rules are not always as tight when it comes to turning on the video camera of a cell phone. Hard for most to comprehend but that's the way things are.

    Both parts of the video clip are of the same teenager. I was told that he was taken to the ER where all the surgeons were able to do is stitch his deep and severe wounds. The staff tried to keep him alive in intensive care but he died two days later. The city did install a while back barbwires to discourage young men from jumping from the top of the railings and risking injury or death but young men continue to jump as they see this activity as a fun challenge. There have been similar accidents there as a result of carelessness and ignorance by the swimmers, teenagers and even men in their twenties.

    One day after this accident took place, I saw teenagers climb on the metal railing and stand between the barb wires to jump in ten foot deep water with blocks of concrete/rocks the size of minivans intended to break the high waves were less than 5 ft away from where the teenage boys were landing. May he rest in peace.
  • sea.envy over 7 years ago

    good god man.
  • BUNKERHEADZ over 7 years ago

    If ya had a lil bit of sense in yer brain ya wouldnt be jumping there...
  • GENRE over 7 years ago

    even men in their twenties

    you should see what happens when men approach or even pass 40! crazy loons.
  • Tkon over 7 years ago

    Who are you calling a loon, i'm nearly there GENRE ;)
  • moshka-medicine over 7 years ago

    you should see what happens when men approach or even pass 40! crazy loons.

    yeah my brother in law said mid-life crisis males sometimes purchase big cock motorcycles that are WAY too powerful for them to handle and often crash them and end up cutting themselves in half or getting decapitating on the guardrails when driving 180 on the highway
  • la-voie-du-sabre over 7 years ago

    ^^ well, if such males have no or little experience with motorcycles, it's no big surprise nor much different from younger inexperienced bikers?

    not clicking on that initial link btw
  • moshka-medicine over 7 years ago

    the difference being (at least in finland) lots of younger riders have experience from age 16 because you cant drive a car but can drive a 50cc bike until you are 18.. 50cc is nothing but it gives a bit of experience.. basically he said the majority of fatal motorcycle accidents are 40+ year olds for this reason.


    not clicking on that initial link btw

    good idea.
  • la-voie-du-sabre over 7 years ago

    i see.. in France you have, since recently, different bike licences depending on age, capacity and power:

    *age 14-16: less than 50cc
    *16: less than 125cc
    *18: less than 34hp
    *21: all

    there're also numerous accidents involving 'old' bikers, either because they're inexperienced or, as you pointed out, because they don't have the strength and reflexes anymore to handle such bikes. as often, it's a know your limit thing. nevertheless, the majority of fatal accidents still involve young inexperienced bikers.

    on the other hand, the eec policy to limit to 100hp bikes is inadequate and all just for show. i for one had my worst accidents at less than 50km/h
  • moshka-medicine over 7 years ago

    my brother in law took a spill at 160 on a race track. he sold his bike once he fixed it and bought a first year golf instead.
    but regardless.. motorbikes are dangerous any age. my kids will walk to school until they are 18....! :)
  • la-voie-du-sabre over 7 years ago

    driving is dangerous and bikes even more since we're more vulnerable when riding them. my son isn't too interested in them and i'm not trying to hand over. i guess i can only wish your kids don't contract the virus otherwise you're going to get a hard time.. and a few sweats ;)

  • moshka-medicine over 7 years ago

    lines from a silver jews song:

    Boy wants a car from his Dad
    Dad says, first you gotta cut that hair
    Boy says, hey Dad Jesus had long hair
    and Dad says
    that's right son but Jesus walked everywhere
  • la-voie-du-sabre over 7 years ago

    jesus jet ski superstar

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