• TIM over 12 years ago

    TIM edited over 12 years ago

    I think it is about time we have a admin for each country / city.

    I think it will be best so that the country / city is properly updated with the latest information. Since some of the current admins do not live there it's hard to know whats still open.

    Making a admin for each country / city would help this out.

    If you feel you would like to be the threads admin please post below with what city / country you will like to admin. Some threads will have more than one admin.

    If you want to be an admin I will trust that you will please keep the thread updated with changes as best you can for the other members. Once you are made a mod please edit the first post in the country thread like I have done here http://www.discogs.com/groups/topic/97484

    This way the thread users will know you are the main contact point for this thread.

    I trust you guys will keep the information in-tact and act responsible:)

    Thanks for using this forum! About to reach 1000 members!

    Vinyl forever!
  • ballmouse over 12 years ago

    hey tim

    seems like the manhattan topic is a bit cluttered/outdated. would you mind letting me tidy it up a bit?
  • gmos over 12 years ago

    I'm doing the Dublin one, it should be up to date I think
  • TIM over 12 years ago

    Sure thing ballmouse
  • sky_rocket over 12 years ago

    i can do L.A., unless simfonik chimes in.
  • 555xtrafunk over 12 years ago

    nice idea TIM
  • angeliczg over 12 years ago

    I would like to keep this one updated:

  • TIM over 12 years ago

    both done.
  • TIM over 12 years ago

    anyone else?
  • WilhelmT over 12 years ago

    I think threads are not really the best way to do this.

    http://www.recordjunkie.com comes already a bit more in the direction, but doesn't seem to be really up to date and I never tried to add things on there.

    A great thing to use is of course Google personal maps .Something cool if you have a GPS phone and are in an unknown city!

    I've no idea whether people feel something to put some energy into this, but maybe some brainstorming could work out the next three possibilities:
    - Using Discogs infrastructure. Something like: Country equivalent to an artist, city eq to a master release, store eq to a release. Designing some google maps on top of this. Of course such a proposal needs to convince Discogs management (which might be difficult).
    - Starting an own webservice
    - Move all info to http://www.recordjunkie.com and try to convince the owner to implement a google maps thingy.
  • recordjunkie over 12 years ago

    Hello everybody,
    I'm the owner and developer of the website http://www.recordjunkie.com. Thanks to DriesBosma, who emailed me about this discussion, I discovered a goldmine here. I've been previously checking out Discogs for looking up records, but never reading the discussions.

    The Recordjunkie website is completely depentant on enthusiats like you. I would be more than happy, if you could contribute to the record store directory.
    I've been running the site for a few years as a hobby project (read: low priority project). I started the website because I could not find any good record store guide on the net, besides from different forum threads.
    I know that recordjunkie is far from good or complete. Some cities are covered better than others, some info is old. This is where you people come in.
    Add more stores, spread the word, make it better.

    I know Recordjunkie lacks some important functions. It could definitely be better.
    Few months ago I decided to put some more effort into this project and I'm working on some new features as well as reworking the existing parts.
    If you got any ideas, you are more than welcome to share it. If you think something could be improved, please tell. What is your ideal record store guide look like? What features does it have?
    Your feedback gives me the energy to keep this project alive.

    DriesBosma, I agree that your idea of personal maps is crucial.

    Here are some of the ideas I'm working on and planning to do:
    - improve maps - a lot of improvement to do here, like see stores nearby, a map for a whole city and so on.
    - RSS-feeds for easy keeping track of new additions and changes
    - photos of the stores
    - rating
    - iPhone version / mobile version of the site
    - possibility for store owners to edit/update their pages
    - better tagging/keywords that define the character of the store
    - integration with other music services and marketplaces

    So what do you think about this?

    /Krzysiek - recordjunkie.com

  • ballmouse over 12 years ago

    Seems like quite a few large cities haven't been updated in a while (London, Berlin). I guess they never will? :(
  • BUNKERHEADZ over 12 years ago

    low priority project

    Hmmm, drop the low, use our info and make yer site up 2 date ;)
  • recordjunkie over 12 years ago

    I'm working on it :) New design, new functions, more content.
    Thanks for inspiration.
  • ShadowEgo over 12 years ago


    for an updated overview on record stores in the netherlands and belgium.
    excellent site, recent updates, includes maps, opening hours, etc
  • recordjunkie over 12 years ago

    Hi again.
    Just want to let you know that the new Recordjunkie site is in the making.
    I added a "Feedback" tab on the current site (http://www.recordjunkie.com) - it would be great if you use it to share your ideas and vote for new features.

    And many thanks for all store submissions!
  • G-Money over 12 years ago

    What a marvellously pointless idea, Have you ever heard of an hero?
  • ballmouse over 12 years ago


    for an updated overview on record stores in the netherlands and belgium.
    excellent site, recent updates, includes maps, opening hours, etc

    unfortunately its not in english :(
  • Klaus151 over 12 years ago

    Klaus151 edited over 12 years ago
    hey Tim - I can take care of the Copenhagen/Denmark thread :)
  • TIM over 12 years ago

  • Klaus151 over 12 years ago

    Cheers :)
  • uzumaki over 12 years ago

    http://www.recordjunkie.com - I only had a quick peak but saw one entry in my neck of the woods I haven't seen before:

    "Also quite a few boxes of vinyl along the floor, but while not second hand, looks to be overstocks of extreme obscure unwanted albums from the past 50 years. ie rubbish."

    My interpretation "treasure trove" - thanks!
  • Dawai over 12 years ago

    I'll happily take these:

    Forum Thread #87058 - Ghent, Belgium
    Forum Thread #134228 - Oostende/Ostend, Belgium
  • TIM over 12 years ago

    Can someone make Dawai a admin?
  • sky_rocket over 12 years ago

  • Dawai over 12 years ago

    Yep, thanks.
  • TIM over 12 years ago

    thanks. i don't whats going on with my admin status
  • woofhard_one over 11 years ago

    hi tim

    i've tried to contact djfreds, the admin for london with no luck. the london list is now 3 years out of date. i think, with a little help from the other london based oggers, that i can at least improve the list for the people visiting london.

    let me know what you think, thanks

    jamie / woofhard_one
  • sptnk over 11 years ago

    Hey TIM,
    I wouldn't mind to do Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
    I try to keep the list updated, but my posting is somewhere in the middle of the thread.
    Wouldn't mind to keep it up to date and to expand a little, just like it has been done for some of the other threads.
    Just let me know.

    (sptnk on Discogs)
  • rile3e over 11 years ago

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