• onaisa over 10 years ago

    Hello all,

    I have uploaded the ADSR (http://www.discogs.com/artist/ADSR) discography and other projects I have done, for your listening enjoyment and for the benefit of those that have expressed interest. Not all of it is techno though (tracks under the ADSR name primarily are). Some are unreleased tracks or versions. Some are just noodling ideas and works-in-progress. Feedback welcome.

    *note the Influx remix of "Obsession" as discussed in this forum is not included at this time.


    Todd ADSR

    ADSR 1989-1992.rar
    File Size: 76 MB

    ADSR 1993.rar
    File Size: 122 MB

    ADSR 1994.rar
    File Size: 131 MB

    ADSR 1995-1997.rar
    File Size: 70 MB

    ADSR 1998-2003.rar
    File Size: 155 MB

    ADSR 2004-2008.rar
    File Size: 21 MB
  • Spirit__ over 10 years ago

    Oh what a treat! I stumbled into this forum by accident just to find something like this, yay.

    Or these under any specific license like for example http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.0/ ? That would rock even more. ;)

    I'll mirror them to my "normal direct download" server over the day.
  • onaisa over 10 years ago

    All songs are Copyright and Publishing Floorshaker Productions (Registered under Socan in Canada, ASCAP in USA, Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License for all other territories). You may listen and share, but if you wish to resell or use for commercial purposes you must get my permission. Thanks for asking!

  • BassBooster over 10 years ago

    thanx todd for sharing your music. ;-)
  • Spirit__ over 10 years ago

    Here is my mirror: http://trance4ever.dreamhosters.com/other/ADSR/
    The 1998-2003 part is not fully uploaded yet, give it an hour from the time of this post. Feel free to directly link to the files, traffic is no problem.
  • sea.envy over 10 years ago

    sea.envy edited over 10 years ago
    sorry, double post
  • sea.envy over 10 years ago

    I realize that this post is a bit old, but thanks for sharing these. The original sendspace links no longer work, but I was able to grab them from Spirit's mirror. Very fast download too. This is the first time that I have heard some of this stuff, and it is pretty good. Again, thanks!
  • serpserpserp over 10 years ago

    serpserpserp edited over 10 years ago
    Suboceana and obsession are such classic tracks, I only wish i hadn't killed my suboceana remix copy by playing it to death!
  • onaisa over 10 years ago

    I have gone through all my old DATS and will have more to post at a later date.

    I am also half way though recovering all my sequences from my Atari ST and saving them as MIDI files for PC/Mac use if I or anyone else wants to do anything with them in the future. There is a LOT of good sounding stuff that never turned into released tracks nor got saved to DAT or tape. Should be fun to revisit some of those old sequences.

    Todd ADSR
  • fabriknos over 9 years ago

    i'd love to play around with some of your unreleased stuff, like we had talked about last year. sorry that never materialized... i entered something of a musical funk zone, i didn't produce one track or remix last year, first time that's happened since 1999. but i hope i can get back the creativity this year. email me if you have any sequences or sample packs you'd like to throw my way...
  • onaisa over 9 years ago

    Just saw the post, will PM you.

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