• djfrankiebones over 9 years ago

    I thought it was impossible. So earlier today I am at a boot sale/swap meet and I find a pair of Yamaha YH-2 headphones. They look quite old in style but very expensive and in excellent condition.


    You really cant lose on a deal like that. But I plug them in and one side is completely dead.

    I inspect the cable and find one side of the cable had a small tear which was not detectable until you rubbed your finger against it.

    Now my experience with headphone wires is that if you don't know what your doing, you might as well chuck them if the wire frays.

    I start to take the wires apart. I then seperated the wrap from the actual wire and it seemed as if the wire is wrapped with a thin thread.

    I try to reconnect, nothing. I'm just about to give up when I hear the left side come on for a split second.

    I spent the next hour online trying to find a youtube on broken headphones. nothing, I clean the wires again. now I ley them on the edge of the dj coffin which is metal and BOOM, they work.

    So I tape the two loose ends down and this is what GHETTO TECHNICS repair is all about.

    I doubt you could fix a Yamaha Motorcycle tire with a Bicycle patch kit, but knowing me I'd give it a shot...kidding.

    I need to get a solder iron, but I never did this before...

    Any tips?
  • djfrankiebones over 9 years ago

    BTW, These cans sound beautiful. They sound warmer then the Sony MDR-7506 which is weird because I swear by Sony's....
  • sky_rocket over 9 years ago

    oddly, the same thing happened to the fan of my car's engine a year ago. wouldn't work until it contacted metal. turns out the fan switch was burned, but i did a temporary repair along the lines of what you could do.

    i carefully inserted a paperclip through the wire insulation, and wrapped the copper around the ends of the paperclip and covered it with electrical tape, a few layers of it for assurance. the trick is to cut the paperclip (or pin, depending on how narrow the insulation is) to the right size and make sure the copper ends are still touching eachother when they're wrapped around the pin. it's a delicate procedure, but that's what ghetto technics repair is all about ;)

    you might not need a soldering iron, but you can get one at Harbor Freight Tools in O.C.

    i would suggest trying other methods first that are sure to get the job done, but this one worked for me and i drove that car for many more miles. hopefully it'll fix your headphones. good luck.
  • djfrankiebones over 9 years ago

    No solder as of yet. I am just so happy that I got it to work.
    The headphones themselves look like high-end cans from the late seventies. They sound as good as my Sony Pros and are yet more comfortable.

    What I did was take a two inch strip of 18 gauge speaker wire, cut the plastic that houses the copper and then unwrapped the actual wire leaving me with small bits of wire which I carefully wrapped around the original wiring. I did not even have electrical tape to reseal the cable yet but I wrapped that wire so tight it ain't going nowhere.

    Three Dollars. Wow. That was pretty damn good....
  • DJFrodo over 9 years ago

    Solder flux may be required. Solder ribbon/sucker optional. The flux helps make the solder stick to things when it isn't and the sucker or ribbon is to pick up any excess.

    Speaking of OLD...my pops just hooked me up with a Toa RXA-212 mixing amp. Don't know how old it is but it was in the church where my dad goes for the past 20 years. 12 channels & 130 watts x2. He said the power is intermitten but can fix it.

    (owner manuel/pdf: http://www.toaelectronics.com/disc/manuals/RXA-212_216.pdf)
  • Christopher_Jion over 9 years ago

    anyone good with fixing headphones in general?

    I have some Sennheiser HD-580's that are dead/dying.
    I tripped over the goddamned cord oneday and kinda bent the jack and now the right side cuts in & out whenever the hell it feels like it.
  • ijonny over 9 years ago

    Radio Shack is your friend :)

    I have not done that with headphones but I have doone it with RCA cables and the like.
  • fabriknos over 9 years ago

    christopher we fix headphones all the time at work, if you mail it to me it won't cost you anything except the shipping. i just pretend its my personal gear and the service manager fixes it for free for me. PM me if you're interested.

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