• wiz_of_oz over 9 years ago

    We all know it can be kinda messy within the catalogues of italo-disco labels. Now I have started this discussion about Mirage - Woman and B. Rose - Hey DJ. Any of you who can contribute something sensible to this?

  • wiz_of_oz over 9 years ago

    The dicussion is now going towards removing the first few releases from the catalogues of Crash and Hiss Records because they would be released under other labels using DS- and AMD-cataloguenumbers. It would be more "factual". Any expert can shed his light on this?
  • Jogi over 9 years ago


    anyway i do not understand this big discussion.

    Mirage is Crash Label and B.Rose is American Disco...
    those facts will never change.
    "Happy song" also comes with the Discotto-logo..
    but still remains a Memory-release...

    the important thing is what you can see written as
    label code on vinyl.
    those italians often did not care so much about things
    like "label-logo".
    its pretty easy ...they just started with new labels and
    still had no label logo at the beginning.
    (AMD Label-Logo started with 008, Crash-logo started with 006)
    I have P.Lions "Happy children" with Discomagic Logo and also
    with the AMD-Logo (2nd print!)...but in both cases its an AMD-release.

    about HISS: probably they wanted to go on with the AMD-Label under the name of HISS (from 005-007)
    but worked on with BOTH labels when they had a logo for AMD
    (beginning with AMD 008= Scotch- Disco Band/ Hiss 008 Malcolm&Bad Girls - Shoot me)

    another example:
    you never will find any logic concerning the label-system of Panarecord, F1Team and Master Dee Jay....
    you have 3 different label-logos but only one number-system (which belongs first to F1 Team-catalogue!)...
    sometimes the logo is panarecord, sometimes it is master dee jay, sometimes it is f1-team..
    but the numerical sequence is straight the same (3 or 4 numerics)
    one exception started in 1987: Panarecords-items had PAN/PDM-numbers and became a kind of own label.

    well, i must admit...all those things are confusing...
    in the end it makes no sense to ask for "factual fundamentals"..
    in the 80s they did what the did...;-)
  • wiz_of_oz over 9 years ago

    Thanks Jogi. I´ll copy your answer into the thread to put some weight in the discussion if that+s o.k. with you.
  • Jogi over 9 years ago

    yep.no problem at all. :-)

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