• doors over 9 years ago

    Hello, I am wondering, what is the maximum that can fit on each side of a 12" record? what about 7" and 10"?
  • little_alien over 9 years ago

    There is no absolute maximum. It's analog, so to fit more on a side the dynamics and volume will have to be reduced. The theoretical maximum would have to be the stylus tip upper width x the maximum distance from edge to label. I'll leave the math to you :P

    I do have this Rhythm Of Time 7" though which has quite a long b-side. Only possible because of the soft music I guess.
  • zevulon over 9 years ago

    The B-side on Mike Oldfield's Five Miles Out is 8:35, and that is on 45 rpm! It's a live take, so the sound ain't "perfect" to begin with...

    The longer a record gets, the quality lessens by the minute.

  • DJFrodo over 9 years ago

    Think i saw something here:
  • moshka-medicine over 9 years ago

    id say 20minutes per side on a 12'' is a good number, balanced for length and quality...

    many records in the 70s were 40 minutes total.

    maybe 10 or 12 on a 10''
  • doors over 9 years ago

    thanks people for all the answers

    the reason I asked that is because I am considering pressing a record, and I want to see my options.. I want to make a 4 tracks EP, and each tracks are about 7 mins.. so I am looking at about 14mins per side. Obviously 12" wouldn't be a problem, but I wondering about 10"... I would be interested in this format (reminds me of the 100% Acidiferous and Pounding Grooves records ;)

    so is ~14 mins possible on a 10"?
  • moshka-medicine over 9 years ago

    ^i think 14 on a side on a 10'' maybe be too much.
  • Dawai over 9 years ago

    At around fourteen minutes per side for ten-inch and 23 minutes per side for twelve-inch, LPs provided a measured time to enjoy a recording before having to flip discs.
  • djfrankiebones over 9 years ago

    Manuel Göttsching - E2-E4

    Squeezes 59:20 on one vinyl.
  • djfrankiebones over 9 years ago

    You really want to not exceed 10 minutes per side.
  • doors over 9 years ago

    alright then I guess my only option is a 12"
    thanks everyone
  • zevulon over 9 years ago

    12" are great up until 12mins - that's the limit.

    7-8 minutes per side is pure bliss in comparison to, let's say, 12-14 minutes.

    But of course, original quality and a pro vinyl masterer is very handy too!

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