• subit over 10 years ago

    subit edited over 10 years ago
    wanted to do this mix over months! And it was not that relaxed way...the original! this analogue progressive monster! I was forced to row all the time..it was like riding a whale, so excuse maybe some little unsynced parts. All mixed live with vinyl, except the IntroTrack came from CD...enjoy:

    Zimmerlautstärke - e1 e2
    Manuel Göttsching - E2 E4
    Paperclip People - Remake duo
    K-Hand - K2 K4
    Sueno Latino - Illusion First Mix
    Paperclip People - Remake (Basic Reshape)

    46:28, 106MB, 320kbps

    subit on waxdj

    and pls choose "Peace Chess" (will arrange it on top)
  • 0x00 over 10 years ago

    Very nice indeed.
  • cerebral over 10 years ago

    i know some of it, and yet have no idea what to expect.
  • pointblnk over 10 years ago

    Yes please! Listening now!
  • jolidragon over 10 years ago

    nice & instructive
    tracks in playlist order?
    thanks anyway
  • subit over 10 years ago

    tracks in playlist order?

    thxx...jolidragon. and yes it's in this order. but because the mix is like a MashUp of the 1hour original I didn't want to use chiffres for the order of the tracks...
  • Barry_Crumbcheeks over 10 years ago

    ahhh i meant to get round to listening to this, quality ingredients and nice sunshine here makes it perfect
  • deadskater over 10 years ago

    I'll keep it.

    Thanks subit!
  • Merius over 10 years ago

    Magical! I was sitting on my 1m² balcony listening to this. But the beauty overwhelmed me and I had to put it on my mobile to take it for a night walk.
    It will stay on there indefinedly!
  • subit over 10 years ago

    Barry, deadskater, Merius ... I'm very glad you like it. Thxxx for listening :)
  • ballmouse over 10 years ago

    very nice mix!

    any chance i can get a link to the 1st track? I can't seem to locate it on discogs.
  • jussumen over 10 years ago

    grabbin it
  • skyhighsi over 10 years ago

    Maybe Microworld - Signals would fit too.

    Downloading now. Cant wait to hear it.
  • tom over 10 years ago

    on it too
  • herr_roessi over 10 years ago

    Was listening while doing some stuff on my 'puter. Excellent.
  • subit over 10 years ago

    many many thanks for your pleasant replies...I'm really appreciated.

    any chance i can get a link to the 1st track? I can't seem to locate it on discogs.

    Ok, let me tell you a little story about this mixx. A friend of mine (ms0815) has a musical project named Zimmerlautstärke. He recorded the track as a tribute to Manuel Göttsching. Markus (his name) works for him as a sound engineer since 2 years and for his wife as film editor (she is an "almost" famous german director). E2 E4 as a huge milestone in electronic music history inspires a lot of musicians in the world. A "side project" was to collect and compile all the remakes and versions of E2 E4. Btw around 95% are bootlegs, all additional tracks in "Peace Chess" are bootlegs!!!!!!Yesss, Carl Craig or Derrick May payed no tired dollar for using the samples!!!!!
    Markus gave me a double CDr of all versions they've already collected, and so the idea came up to make a mashup. To be honest most of the versions are not worth to listen to it and I don't have it on vinyl, so I decided only the classics from Detroit to involve.
    e1 e2 by Zimmerlautstärke was never officialy released. It exists 3 self-cutted vinyls - 1 for Markus, 1 for Manuel Göttsching and 1 for ???
    But you can take a look on Zimmerlautstärke's myspace page there it is set in player
  • skyhighsi over 10 years ago

    my wife has this cd on loop in the car. i will have to burn another copy soon :)
  • Leitmotif over 10 years ago

    Looks good. Is it still available?
  • subit over 10 years ago

    subit edited over 10 years ago
    oooh...thx mate, I'm glad you like it :)

    ...and yess it's still available, although on the damn f+#*in waxdj-site, deep-linking isn't allowed.
    So pls take this link and choose "Peace Chess" from the top
  • Leitmotif over 10 years ago

    I'll do just that, thanks!

    I'd never heard of peace chess in my 32 years on this planet, and yet today I see it here and it crops up in my work.
  • man_traic over 10 years ago

    veeeeeeeeeerrrrry nice.... well done
  • subit over 10 years ago

    your welcome... :)
  • 303ME over 10 years ago

    Loving this one subit
  • PatrickHH over 10 years ago

    woah this just blew me away! i'm a collector of E2E4 myself. i just checked - i have 21 versions by Andrea Gemolotto, Riccardo Persi, Davide Rizzatti & Claudio Collino only - plus the ones by Manuel himself etc etc etc LOL! subit, for me that's definitely one of the best mixes i downloaded here in 2008 - thanx so much!
  • PatrickHH over 10 years ago

    Sueño Latino (Dumb Dan Remake) is the last one that came out just in september - it's quite hilarious :^)
  • CHERRYMAAN over 10 years ago

  • subit over 10 years ago

    PatrickHH .... I'm veryvery appreciated you like it :D The story around this piece of music is so adventurous. Similar to the story of the Amen-break.
    In the beginning of november this year I was in Beijing with Manuel Göttsching and Markus...it was too strange, really. Because Manuel is such ...hmm.. a kind of anti-hero, absolute introverted and relaxxed, not talking too much, dry, also lazy as a kind of misinterested in things, a very easy guy who never wanted to get a super-star. I say this with absolute respect because the music he plays is very impressive, milestone and the asians are going mad about him.

    CHERRYMAAN flown away...now right back? :)
  • BUNKERHEADZ over 10 years ago

    Nice one m8!

    from beginnin' to the end one mellow trip, good job :)
  • PatrickHH over 10 years ago

    this deserves a massive BUMP!
    just had it for the 20th million time - once again: unbelievably good! today is the shortest day of the year - it's been dark almost all day long and this mix really helped :^)
    roman, musste gerade total über "and the asians are going mad about him." lachen! wir, bitte sehr, sieht das aus?!
  • CHERRYMAAN over 10 years ago

    i am back on ground man!!
    a good pluto/mars mix,subit!
  • voodoolove over 10 years ago

    It was like HEAVEN !
  • Stuck_In_1992 over 10 years ago

    Wow, its hard to tell when one E2E4 ends and the other begins.

    I only skimmed through it, I won't lie. I'm saving it for New Years Eve Weekend where I will have lots of beer and wine :)
  • Alain_Patrick over 10 years ago

    Uh-la-la............ very nice mix.
    I interviewed Manuel Göttsching some months ago for a book I'm writing, he's a wonderful person.
  • Barry_Crumbcheeks over 10 years ago

    a book I'm writing,

    what's the book alain?
  • subit over 10 years ago

    THANKSSSS!!!...guys!! I try the mixx now in the background of the family...uuuh!

    Stucki...youre alone in the NYE?

    and Alain, yess what about the book?
  • djfrankiebones over 10 years ago


    That's the actual title of this mix.
  • subit over 10 years ago

    because some people asked me ... Zimmerlautstärke - Extension EP

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