• mighteem over 7 years ago

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    Hej Guys.
    Again and again I get lps whose covers are damaged by water!
    Sometimes there are ugly spots, but sometimes the covers are totally wavy or even stick together with othe sleeves.
    There is a lot of discussion about how to deal with warped vinyl, but this problem is there only a marginal topic.
    There seems to be the fraction which irons the jackets to flaten the wavy cover again, but the results are probably rather bad. (I'll try as soon as I get a suitable iron.)
    Problems in brief:
    Lets get some facts!
  • Record-City over 7 years ago

    In my experience, water damaged covers are irretrievable. Good was the best I have ever graded them - most are Fair or worse.
  • megfabs over 7 years ago

    Well they will never look like new ever again, that's for sure. I was given a collection of records and some had pretty severe water damage. It wasn't uncommon for several jackets to be stuck together. The only method I've had any degree of success with in terms of unsticking the jackets in the least damaging way possible was the following method: (keep in mind, these jackets are already ruined so I am simply trying to get them apart without increasing the damage).

    I remove the records and any booklets/sleeves/other papers inside first. I put the empty, stuck together jackets in the freezer overnight. Then I take them out of the freezer, cover the stuck area with a wet rag (not dripping wet but more than damp), and, with the steam setting on high, iron the stuck together area for maybe 15-30 seconds (you can change this time to see what works best for you). You can try to pull them apart and if there is resistance, try ironing with the wet rag again. Most of the time, the jackets come apart with minimal to no tearing of the jacket art (which is better than what they would look like if I just went at it). Sometimes, for big stacks, I can get one album off and will have to refreeze again because the rest warmed up. The idea was to use steam as quickly as possible to loosen the jackets from each other.

    This way isn't perfect though. It's time consuming. Be mindful of the amount of moisture in the jacket and the amount of ironing. Leaving a jacket moist will encourage warping. You also don't want to put a record back into a moist jacket so I have blown jackets dry with a blow dryer on the cool air setting. There is a point at which the water damage is so extensive that no amount of doing this freezing/wet rag/iron method will help it.

    I am also open to suggestions if anyone has them. This is just the method I have had the most success with.

    As for warped records, I have no solutions for that other than using them for a craft project or decoration, unfortunately.
  • mighteem over 7 years ago

    Thank you megfabs.
    Great suggestion for the stuck together jackets!
    I will try it next time, the last ones ended up with lots of torn parts....
    Do you think one can apply this technique also for sleeve which stuck to another one and have residues of that jacket on it? S
    I hope you understand, my english isnt the best...

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