• Jandruss about 1 year ago

    Jandruss edited about 1 year ago
    How is it possible that a seller with enough sales ratings keep going to poorly graduate the fax cds or other labels when they are the most hard to find and expensive in the market? I bought a fax cd as Near Mint and I got a vg seedy, paying more than 60 euros for it. He has more than 300 faxes and all overgraded, when my order arrived with 5 cds and 3 of them poorly graduated. Enough of trying to deceive people. Those who try to collect fax cds are not fools and we know perfectly well what we want. Do not you agree?
  • armidge about 1 year ago

    Agreed, but this problem must be a seller problem, not just Fax. Give the seller accurate feedback so others will know.

    Just to let you know; I first read the title of your thread quickly and thought I saw: "Fax cds degrading." I nearly had a heart attack. :)
  • Jandruss about 1 year ago

    hahaha.no , i mean about one seller grading in particular...
  • gandolfito63 about 1 year ago

    I can confirm Jandruss is right about that cd in particular,as I am now the owner.Of course Jandruss graded it accurately before selling it to me.

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