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    Here's THE ONLY RULE: You are only allowed to post ONCE in this thread. And then continually come back to edit it any time you want.

    This is so people don't have to scroll through a bunch of banter to view everyone's top 10.
    Any discussion about someone's top 10 or THE RULE do it in the "FAX listening thread" and use the permalink feature to reference your or someone else's top 10 post. This thread is stickied so it doesn't expire due to no new people posting.
    You can edit your post to change or add onto your top 10, or even post "Hi I like this thread" for now and come back, edit in a top 10 later but that's the only post you are allowed. Also I'm going to say you can expand up to top 25 (yeah no crazy top 50s, 100s please, 50 is like a FIFTH of the entire album catalogue, we want to see what makes it above the 90th percentile).

    RANKED (but not final):

    1. The Ambient Cookbook (aka The FAX Bible)
    2. Sea Biscuit (THE desert island disc)
    3. Zenith (Greatest FAX release ever? Greatest FAX release ever)
    4. Mick Chillage - Faxology (It's aging very well, Mick!)
    5. From Within (an early favorite)
    6. Solitiare
    7. Gate/Sol
    8. I.F. 2
    9. Gate Zero - Black Dust
    10. Organic Cloud

    11. Outland
    12. Shellground
    13. Sad World 3
    14. Move D - Namlook IV
    15. S.H.A.D.O.
    16. Jet Chamber
  • jomoquin about 1 year ago

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    1. Slow And Low
    2. 62 Eulengasse
    3. Outland
    4. 2350 Broadway 2
    5. Shellground
    6. Ambiant Otaku
    7. Faxology
    8. Inland
    9. Solitaire
    10. Outer Dark

    Definitely tentative as I am still exploring the FAX catalog. Eventually I want to provide brief explanations for each entry.

    Honorable Mention:

    Shades of Orion 2
  • Lanciferion about 1 year ago

    I am not capable of cutting it down to 10, so here is my top 25 in no particular order.
    And yes, it is quite lopsided towards Pete & Tetsu Inoue, but that is what I like.

    2350 Broadway - 2350 Broadway 2
    2350 Broadway - 2350 Broadway 4
    4 Voice - 4 Voice
    Air - Air III
    Ambiant Otaku - Ambiant Otaku
    Deltraxx - Deltraxx
    Dreamfish - Dreamfish
    Escape - Escape
    Hearts Of Space - Hearts Of Space
    Houdini - Houdini
    Limelight - Limelight
    Organic Cloud - Organic Cloud
    Pete Namlook - Namlook V
    Pete Namlook - Namlook X
    Pete Namlook - Namlook XIV - Solarized
    Pete Namlook - New Organic Life II
    Pete Namlook - New Organic Life III
    Sequential - Sequential
    Shades Of Orion - Shades Of Orion
    Spacetime Continuum - Sea Biscuit
    Sultan - Osman
    Tetsu Inoue - Slow & Low
    The Dark Side Of The Moog - The Dark Side Of The Moog III
    The Dark Side Of The Moog - The Dark Side Of The Moog VII
    The Fires Of Ork - The Fires Of Ork
  • nick_sonic about 1 year ago

    Unranked, just too hard to order them (at present)...

    2350 Broadway 2
    Electro Harmonix
    Jet Chamber
    Namlook IV
    Organic Cloud
    Dreamfish 2

    The great thing about this sort of thread is that it flags up releases you may have missed or listened to ages ago and filed away without returning to :)
  • player about 1 year ago

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    Here I go from the top of head after a hard think and still not sure!

    Ambient Cookbook 2 (tweaked, edit, mixed by Namlook of Fax music that make it more then just another compliation)

    Jet Chamber 2 (PK)
    From Within 2(PW)
    Ozoona (PW)
    Aerial Service Area (PS)
    I.F 2 (PS)
    Sad World (PS)
    Octopus 3 (PS)
    Ambiant Otaku (PS)
    Datacide II (PS)
    Cœur Atomique (PS) (not sure but I find this album very charming)
    Gate Zero - Black Dust (PS)
    Redeye - Arizona Tracks (PS)
    Air 2 (PK)
    Labyrinth 1 (PW)
    Labyrinth 2 (PW)
    Thomas P Heckmann - Lost Takes Vol 2 (PS)
    Namlook IV (PK)
    Move D · Namlook XX: Taygete (PK)
    Zenith (PS)
    Dreamfish 2 (PW)
    Pete Namlook / DJ Dag - Adlernebel (PK)
    Wechselspannung (PW)
    Atom Heart Live @ I/S/L (PS)
    Autumn of Communion (PS)
  • thirdsystem about 1 year ago

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    I will start with,

    1) 62 Eulengasse my first ever ambient album . Hooked me right into ambient and FAX for evermore
    2) Shades Of Orion 2 - Space !!
    3) Virtual Vices IV - a strange choice some may say, however this was my first FAX , recommended by a FAX head just over a decade ago. Mixture of styles , hooked me right into FAX for evermore. Love it. Playing this tonight :)
    4) Silence V - in my view an absolute masterpiece, an early FAX purchase for me and reinforced my love of FAX
    5) Autumn Of Communion - wondered why Pete had not sent this out to me , and was devastated when I found out why :( . Especially poignant for me as a result and an utterly beautiful album.
    6) 2350 Broadway 1 - 4 - Can't decide between them yet. Stunning works, definitive space ambient. Actually I am not leaving any of these out so it's a top 14 for me. In order of preference it is in fact - 1,2,4,3 ..... possibly.
    7) Inland - Quite simply one of the most beautiful albums of all time. Wherever you are Tetsu I hope you are happy and at peace. Your music has made a massive contribution to my enjoyment of life
    8) Subconscious Worlds - after hearing about Pete passing, devastated I embarked on a FAX purchasing frenzy. I travelled to Hamburg shortly after and listening to this album on the iPod whilst exploring that fine city and its Haubtbanhoff was surreal, moving and wonderful. I love this album, especially on DTS.
    9) Namlook / Moufang XX Taygete When I got into FAX I checked out all the samples on iTunes to get a feel for all the music. At that time I always found that the Namlook/ Move D albums were too beat orientated and just not my thing. When this one was released it was the album cover that drew my attention, favourite colours ;) and the name Taygete , reminiscent of our river. Album blew me away , I love it, and started my journey of discovering this partenership's wonderful, ground breaking music.
    10) Possibly Move D • Namlook* - Move D • Namlook IX + Wagons-Lits . I really can't decide this final place so this is a place holder just now. Or I might have to have Shades Of Orion - Shades Of Orion 3 as been playing this one constantly recently.

    The first 9 (13 really) are my definitive favourite FAX, the order of which is unlikely to change. Can't believe what I have had to leave out , Jet Chambers, From Withins, Labyrinths, Spyra Psychonavigations , Second Nature, Resonate, Moufang/Namlook etc etc etc. The Fax catalogue is so diverse and rich I feel privileged to have discovered this music. Thank you Pete.

    My collection is still expanding as I only have 83ish albums so far, so things may change in the future. It would have to be something extremely special to break into my list though.
  • Vertiphon about 1 year ago

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    Will have buy some of these. Does anyone know where I can hear samples of the Gate/Sol album?

    REMINDER: People can only post once in this thread. We're discussing this thread in the FAX listening thread
  • Si_Matthews about 1 year ago

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    Great idea, been thinking of compiling a Top fax list for a while now.
    There's no way I could just do a top 10 for the whole label so I've cheated a bit and done a top 10 PK & PW and a top 15 PS as there's just too many great releases and didn't want to exclude some fantastic albums.

    Top 10 PK
    Silence V
    Namlook V
    Namlook X

    Top 10 PW
    2350 Broadway
    Shades Of Orion 2
    From Within
    Shades Of Orion
    SHADO 2
    Alien Community 2

    Top 15 PS
    Tetsu Inoue - Organic Cloud
    Music To Films
    Datacide II
    Tetsu Inoue - Ambiant Otaku
    Mick Chillage - FAXology
    Atom Heart - Live at SEL i/s/c
    Electro Harmonix
    Peter Benisch - Waiting For Snow
    David Moufang - Solitaire
    Robert Musso - Transonic
    Autumn Of Communion
    Jochem Paap - Vrs Mbnt Pcs

    Awwww shame, Si! I was looking forward to seeing what you thought were truly the greatest among all the others.

    Ok, if i HAD to.....

    Silence (Because that's where my lifetime obsession began!)
    2350 Broadway
    Air 2
    Shades Of Orion 2
    Datacide II
    Tetsu Inoue - Organic Cloud
    Music To Films.
  • jessfranco2 about 1 year ago

    Electro Harmonix
    Organic Cloud
    2350 Broadway
    Namlook II
    Move D · Namlook XIX: Dawning Of A New Decade
    The Putney
    Silence V
    Shades Of Orion
  • AAD about 1 year ago

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    Here is my top 10 in random order.

    Mick Chillage - FAXology
    Namlook II
    Silence I
    Air I
    From Within 2
    Elektronik I
    Autumn Of Communion I

    I forgot one of the most important ones..... 62 Eulengasse ! A list of 10 releases is impossible.... There are so many I want to add..... Like Air 2, The Dark Side Of The Moog III, The Ambient Cookbook I + II, Datacide II, 2350 Broadway 1 + 2, PP - NMLK ......
  • Azol about 1 year ago

    My TOP 10 across all Fax catalogue:

    2350 Broadway
    Autumn Of Communion I
    Dark Side Of The Moog V
    Organic Cloud
    Orphan Waves
    Shades Of Orion 3
    Silence II
  • Jazzual about 1 year ago

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    My FAX collection is nowhere near as big as I would like but here's mine in random order:

    Ambiant Otaku
    Raumland Exploration
    Labyrinth 3
    The Fires Of Ork II
    Air II
  • mickchillage about 1 year ago

    Not necessarily in order and my Fax list can change from day to day.
    Depends on my mood.

    Dreamfish [My first Introdcution]
    Waiting For Snow
    Vrs Mbnt Pcs
    62 Eulengasse
    Magic Diner

    Really surprised to see "FAXology" popping in so many of the lists :) Quite touching actually.
  • Kayashi about 1 year ago

    Labyrinth IV
    Namlook XV
    The Dark Side of the Moog IX
    Waiting For Snow
    The Ambient Cookbook
    Move D / Namlook XI - Sons of Kraut
  • gbanting about 1 year ago

    Sad World 1+2 (Instinct doublepack – the first FAX I ever bought and still probably my favourite)
    Air 2
    Silence III
    From Within
    Shades of Orion (listen to Biotrip on a BIG stereo system and you will be wowed)
    Spyra – Phonehead
    Move D/Namlook – There!
  • gandolfito63 about 1 year ago

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    Restricted to 20 now....very very difficult but here they are......
    In random order

    - Shades of Orion 1 and 2
    - 2350 Broadway 1-3
    - Sad World 1-2
    - Air 1-2
    - Namlook 2 and 5
    - Silence 2
    - Gamma
    - Music to Films
    - Ambiant Otaku
    - Organic Cloud
    - Slow & Low
    - Outland
    - 62 Eulengasse
    - Psychonavigation 2

    That's it. I can hardly believe I didn't include such great releases like Zenith,none of the Seasons Greetings,Wechselspannung, Dreamfish, From within 1 and 2, Datacide 2, a couple of Jet Chamber,the wonderful IF 2, none of Spyra's works, none of the DSofM series,no more Silence and so many great PS but there is no room for more.
    Very clearly it shows, Fax for me is all about the nineties,specially 1993-1997. There are very good releases after that, but imo not as splendid as those during the first years of the label.
    And very clearly too,my preferred astist is Inoue. From the 19 releases where he is credited, 11 are included in my top-25 and another 4 or 5 would be included in my top-50. Even the one I like less (Time squared) I would include it for sure in my top-100.

    Main growers in the last 10 years (none of them would have been included I guess back then in this list) are:
    - Namlook 2, IF 2, Outland and Shades of Orion 3.

    A couple of small additions:

    The best 3 Fax releases ever (this small list is very steady,it didn't change in the last 10 years or more)

    1- 62 Eulengasse
    2- Shades of Orion 2
    3- Sad World 2

    Best Fax releases on the XXIst century (random order)

    - Silence 5
    - 2350 Broadway 4
    - Faxology
    I don't count Ambient Cookbook 2 (which is in fact my preferred) because it's a sampler.

    And a special mention to the first Ambient Cookbook, the best sampler I know for any kind of music.It's quality is unbeatable,specially the first 2 CDs.

    PS: I think it's a very good idea just one post for each of us, having always the chance of changing it,expanding it,etc.
  • chju about 1 year ago

    1. Air II
    2. Electro Harmonix
    3. Anthony Rother – The Machine Room
    4. 62 Eulengasse
    5. Solitaire
    6. Autumn Of Communion
    7. Zenith
    8. Spacetime Continuum – Sea Biscuit
    9. Flextone (RI sub-label)
    10. Thomas P. Heckmann – The Lost Tales Vol I

    Honorable Mention:
    Air I
    Dark Side of the Moog I
    Sad World 2
    Thomas P. Heckmann – The Lost Tales Vol 2
  • bullfinchart about 1 year ago

    Sea Biscuit
    Air 2
    Silence 1
    Dreamfish 1
    From Within 1
    Alien Community 2
    Air 1
    Wandering Soul
    Silence 2
    62 Eulengasse
  • stewwwwwaaarrrt about 1 year ago

    I guess it depends on how I'm feeling, but I know these are the bunch I'll always go back to again and again. In random order:

    Organic Cloud
    Autumn Of Communion
    62 Eulengasse
    Waiting For Snow
    Ambiant Otaku
    Shades of Orion 2
    Silence 3
    Jet Chamber 3
    Miles Apart
    Possible Gardens
    Air III
    2350 Broadway 3
    Seasons Greetings: Winter
    From Within 2
    The Fires of Ork 2
    Slow & Low
    Cycloid 12"
    Arizona Tracks
  • lixenixen about 1 year ago

    lixenixen edited about 1 year ago
    1. Shades of Orion 2
    2. Namlook & Material Object - Elektronik II
    3. Music to Films
    4. Namlook & Montanà - Labyrinth 1
    5. Modula Green - Shellground
    6. From Within 1
    7. Softcore
    8. Organic Cloud
    9. Gate Zero - Schwerelos
    10. Move D & Namlook XII: Space & Time

    Most of this list is subject to change depending on my mood, but #1 has been my favourite Fax album ever since I got it. Droney space ambient is one of my favourite types of music, and few people have done it as well as Inoue & Namlook on that album.
  • 80021170ffff about 1 year ago

    80021170ffff edited about 1 year ago
    i'm gonna pick 3+3+3 from PK+PW+PS & 1 more non. i need to impose rules on myself so i even know where to start lol. also picking more than 10 is just straight-up cheating. in cat# order, as i always order things PK, PW, & PS because of the PKPWPS “hybrid” compilations.

    • Kooler
    • Silence III
    • Move D · Namlook: Raumland Trilogie
    • 2350 Broadway 2
    • From Within 3
    • pp · nmlk
    • Xangadix
    • Redeye: Arizona Tracks
    • Anthony Rother: Elixir of Life
    • Wandering Soul

    (the Raumland albums are p obviously intended to be taken as one work so deal with it lol)

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