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    Jet Chamber IV
    Never thought it was bad album but more average when compared to JC 1,2, and 3. Sometimes thought it as a poorer version of JC III, due to some similarities. Now enjoy IV a lot more and much appreciate its hi-tech jazzy futuristic style that's similar, yet different to JC III. Its complex hi-tech sounds with various genres and cool Namlook guitar jazz bring a varied multilayered interesting listen with depth, hi-tech funk and calming breezy moods with interesting shifts and changes in the music which I never really took in at first until recently...A album I now feel is quiet underrated!

    U V O I I - Sound Of Heaven
    Luckily kept this album after several thoughts of selling it years ago as I originally thought it was weird and odd! Now find it a interesting, different, and absorbing listen and now enjoy its eccentric style of downtempo, modern classical, ambient, trance-techno, dub, and even some abstract strange poetry. Still unique and different today 23+ yrs later!

    Wechselspannung 2
    Only kept it because of track 2. Didn't get track 1. Thought track 3 was ambient ok. Now really like track 1 which I previously thought was rather random with no real direction originally! Now feel track 1 has a unique formula that brings together a combination mix of experimental electro-techno/Idm and ambient in a freestyle, sequenced, and abstract way that now sounds and feels rather immersive with its own identity and with depth that went un-observed by me for many years, though I only played it a few times at most. Track 2 still sounds excellent with its twilight-spacey techno/electro/Idm. Track 3 now feels like a nice ending to this now cool album.

    Pete Namlook / DJ Dag* – Adlernebel
    Thought it was just an average trance album at first! Having a recent listen to this album brings the classic trance sound with a added mix of ambient and downtempo, I realised the album is actually quiet unique in its sound, that also delivers depth, and a listening style that's suited for all occasions inc home listening, headphones, dancing, driving..etc. The whole album now feels quality and is uplifting and deep with its sound. Quiet a intelligent listen too that makes Adlernebel's trance(+) modern fresh while maintaining the classic essence of 90's trance.

    I originally had this then sold it after one listen! Very recently brought it again after re-discovering it on my old laptop HDD. Love it's minimal style and chilled sounds across calming and moody atmospheres. It's downtempo minimalistic approach in techno and urban ambien added with background bass hums here and there, subtle electronic sounds and sonics. I probably sold this album back then due to my impatience in listening or adapting to new styles of music, esp quiet music. Today I do find this is a cool chill gem of a album and I actually bought Octopus 2 recently because I was impressed with 1...Oh! Octopus 2 is a gem too!

    SOL feat Antonia Langsdorf - Stardust
    Another album that previously only listened to twice, with one of them being about 3 weeks ago! Now on my 3rd listen today. Nothing original but does bring a good feel uplifting vibe with its trance of the past style. Not the cheesy dance music I remember it on 1st listen, did put a smile on my face and fill me good vibes on 2nd listen, and now really enjoyed it on 3rd listen. A very good trance album that's enjoyable and refreshing music for 2017...Happy and glad to have re-discovered this again!
  • Lanciferion 5 months ago

    If I were to make a list, I agree with your Adlernebel assessment. It just gets better every time
    I listen to it. I never had a problem with Wechselspannung 2 though. A good solid album imo.
    Good topic Player.
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    Need to re-play a few albums I ain't heard in ages
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  • thirdsystem 5 months ago

    I suppose the biggest turnaround for me was the MoveD / Namlook collabs. When I first checked them out a decade ago I was deeply into ambient electronica / ambient FAX and these albums were a step too far for me.

    Now I absolutely love this music , can't get enough.
  • gandolfito63 5 months ago

    The first coming to my mind is not a whole album, but a whole CD.
    The Flight, second CD of Syn.
    The first time I listened to that I was really upset. With Syn was hoping for a second Escape,if not musically speaking at least conceptually.A first CD with a bunch of good tracks taken from here and there and a second CD with a very long ambient track putting the best of Namlook in it.Even the names of both tracks are very similar (The Futurescape / The Flight). But the Flight shares no similarities at all with The Futurescape and it sounded to me like just a Namlook's joke and one which wasn't funny at all.
    Actually I keep on thinking that it is just a Namlook's joke but for some reason I cannot spot, this absolutely non-musical track slowly growed on me with each listening,and well I cannot say it is one of the highlights of the label but I very much like it nowadays. I guess I am totally alone on this...or maybe not, I've read there are people enjoying Adlernebel and the Move D/Namlook series including the last 15-20 albums, so clearly tastes between Fax lovers are in fact very diverse and acclectic (which is absolutely good)
  • Azol 5 months ago

    On the contrary, I enjoy the CD2 of the Syn while I cannot bring myself to listen to CD1 (ahem... Painamplifier... ahem...)
  • gandolfito63 5 months ago

    In general I quite like CD1 of Syn.
    If only you could see is possibly my preferred trance track on Fax and I enjoy listening to Ancient History,Yugoslavia.....but I agree on Painamplifier,it's utterly horrible.I cannot understand what Pete had in mind when he decided to release that thing.
  • gandolfito63 5 months ago

    Another one: Outland.
    The cheapest Fax CD I've ever bought (5 DK = less than 1 euro). I found it boring amd unispired the first time I listened to it and for some years it remained so, barely paying to it any atention.
    Ashamed. It's in fact one of the greatest Fax albums ever. In love with it nowadays.
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    Mentioning Outland - which also grew on me over time. Outland 5 is the other Outland album I now really like. Put my rating up from a meh 3/5 to a quality 5/5 on this one. Kind of reminds me of Monolake's more rhythmic-beat Idm as from 'Ghosts' and 'Silence' albums, though Outland 5 was released before both these albums .

    Other albums that previously thought were average or just decent that I now find very good or excellent: Air 4 & 5, Psychonavigation 5, and Silent Music.
  • Azol 5 months ago

    I agree on Outland CD.

    Wonder if it worked the same with Cymatic Scan for someone. Hasn't clicked with me yet.
  • gandolfito63 5 months ago

    Wonder if it worked the same with Cymatic Scan for someone. Hasn't clicked with me yet

    Cymatic Scan worked for me quite well since first listening back in the nineties,it was one of the first Fax albums I bought. And it works now as well as always.Not a grower, just an interesting, good album. But I don't listen to it in summer, the weather where I live is very suffocating then and I find it mentally very opressing.But the rest of the year it works perfectly for me.
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    I wouldn't go so far as to say I didn't like them but there were a small number of Fax cds i stupidly got rid of in the early 2000's and I have since re-bought most of them again!
    These titles included Namlook 2 which I exchanged for Gorn when I returned it to the shop. I now listen to Namlook 2 more, although it's on the Namlook MP3 disc.
    Outland which I now love but only have the AW version now, need to get the PW again.
    UVOII Sound of Heaven. Still not completely taken in by this but it has it's moments
    Outer Dark. Not replaced this yet... a bit pricey
    And I even got rid of Sea Biscuit! Really like this one now but again haven't replaced it yet.

    I think if i'd have bought Cymatic Scan on release I'd have swapped it but over 20 years later and I really like this one now. How tastes change!
    I'll also note that those early Namlook live sets especially 2 and from 4-10 have aged very well indeed considering they were released around the time of his hard trance phase.

    I suppose the biggest turnaround for me was the MoveD / Namlook collabs.

    I sometimes wonder if i'm the only one who isn't that impressed with the biggest series on Fax. It has it's moments... 'There' is a great release. But the repetitive use of the effects on the vocal samples ruin what could be some great albums. The early ones fair better like Wired and Retro Rocket for me but I'll admit I rarely play them.
  • gandolfito63 5 months ago

    I sometimes wonder if i'm the only one who isn't that impressed with the biggest series on Fax. It has it's moments... '

    You aren't.
    The biggest series on Fax is for my taste the weakest too.
    I like -althoug I don't find any of them outstanding- all 7 first Move D / Namlook albums. From there on it goes downhills,and with the DTS-disc addition it went even worse.There isn't any I like beyond the seventh volume although I must say I still never owned 5 or 6 of them and probably I won't ever buy them because of their price (and because I lack any confidence on this series) , unless I find them at a bargain price,here or at ebay.
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    Wonder if it worked the same with Cymatic Scan for someone. Hasn't clicked with me yet.

    I sold Cymatic Scan years ago after one listen - to ambient for me back then! Just checked the album out on YouTube. Didn't like it from my skip listen, but was absorbed when listened to the whole album with a decent pair of headphones. Kind of a aquatic, moody, calming beatless ambient...going to buy this again and keep it :)

  • thirdsystem 5 months ago


    thirdsystem- I suppose the biggest turnaround for me was the MoveD / Namlook collabs.

    I sometimes wonder if i'm the only one who isn't that impressed with the biggest series on Fax. It has it's moments... 'There' is a great release. But the repetitive use of the effects on the vocal samples ruin what could be some great albums. The early ones fair better like Wired and Retro Rocket for me but I'll admit I rarely play them.

    Interesting Si, I get where your coming from there. As mentioned in my top 10 post I really could not get into the music initially . It was XX Taygete that did it for me, (and Wagons- Lits) , the music finally just clicked. I love the DTS discs especially, it really is quite something to hear in surround sound, jaw dropping actually.

    I have to work my way back through some of the earlier releases, currently waiting on an interesting delivery :).
  • player 5 months ago

    I love Move D / Namlook collaboration albums, well most of them! Agree with DTS been lucky enough to test it my old fairly old surround system which I didn't even realised played DTS discs until I played one by mistake! It really does bring a new dimension to the music!
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    Two more albums that I now like...Recently re-bought Time² after checking it out on YouTube out of curiosity, liking what I heard now so re-bought the album(again!) though previously dismissed this album as boring and regrettably sold it!...Listened to Drum Machine Circle - 'Dada' by Charles Uzzel Edwards last night, again dismissed this album for years and never bothered with it until now. If it wasn't for CUEs Octopus 1 and 2 albums I probably wouldn't have bothered investigating this album again - glad I did!!

    Namlook / Inoue - Time²
    1st track is like an interlude from Wechselspannung, Track 2 is splendid ambient track that sounds like it should belong in Shades Of Orion. Track 3 is a very good track like an ambient outtake taken from From Within and has a played live feel to it, Track 4 a psychedelic ambient with a kind of drum n' bass, again with a live feel, not a bad track.

    Drum Machine Circle - Dada
    I think the below review somes this album up really well:

    Review by rA on 2350.org
    Not sure what is going on here on the cover but the lush, almost psychedelic, colours are somehow like many of the sounds used on this recording. Since the majority of activity lies on Roswell and Realisation we are taken quite a long way away from the deep waters of CUE's Octopus projects toward a mixture of Electro styled ambience and the use of Roswell witness testimonies. Sea of Information is perhaps a strange opener in that it is very low key and slightly out of place with the warmer tones of Dada's other three tracks.

    That said the childish shouting voices sound cute and strange when combined with the broken beats. Roswell is a massive track of nearly forty minutes in length. While possibly overlong it pays dividends to those who listen to its lush washes of sound combined with treated samples from Roswell witnesses that become more distorted as the track progresses. Realisation pits a warbled looping set of sounds on top of weird environmental spaced-out sounds and bass filled drums that bubble along. Coming Down is probably my favourite track which combines an emotive theme with an Aphex-like scattered drumming on tin pots. A child's voice reads a rhyme about us putting pollution in the sea. Sub-bass vibrations can barely be heard, they are so low, while the drums turn into a Squarepusher styled drum 'n' tinpot combo! For some reason it gives you a sense of nostalgia but you don't know why.

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