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    I've been re-discovering my Fax albums that I once dismissed as rubbish, average, or never really appealed to me! Now in 2016-17, lucky to have kept them, I've had a change in opinion which for me now these albums do sound much better than what I originally thought and remember them as!

    If you have any that you have had a change of opinion for the better, please share.

    Originally found it a boring overlong album and sdcit the same year it was released. Only re-bought after curiously hearing it on YouTube this year! Now find it a quality mostly deep listen with some really good ambient that brings moods & feelings associated with Dreamfish(2) and Shades Of Orion albums, esp tracks on 2&3. Trk.1 is a nice 4min downtempo ambient piece, Trk.4 a more experimental chaotic drum n bass-ambient track, not my fav, but does grow on you...Originally scored 2/5. Now 4/5, though with more listens can go 5/5!

    Wechselspannung 2
    Originally thought this was an abstract mess, esp Trk.1! Probably hated it because I wanted more of that Idm-Techno-Ambient style as heard on Wechselspannung 1. Now feel this album delivers a freestyle, experimental, and interesting listen with its mix of abstract-Idm/techno-ambient that was probably quiet coward thinking ahead of its time, originally released in 95. Hated Trk.1 but now really like its open freestyle jazzy electronic style. Love the ambient and melodic Idm/techno of Trk.2. Have adjusted to the slow ambient minimal Trk3 which I never bothered with at first....Originally scored 2/5. Now 5/5

    Drum Machine Circle - DADA
    Thought it was a weird one at first listened back in 98, never really bothered with it after that. Only re-listened due really liking Charles related 'Octopus' albums, which I picked up all quite recently- and do think they're underrated! I do find this album absorbing and a different listen with its now considered KLF trippy, druggy, experimental, The Orb like ambient music!

    SOL (Feat. Antonia Langsdorf) - Stardust
    Only gave this album just one listen and judged it a clubby dance trance album when released - not for me! It's only recently I heard this again after a random album pick from my Fax collection. This time I actually, surprisingly, really enjoyed the albums 90's styled Trance-Techno. Rather then feeling clubby dance as I originally thought, it actually felt a uplifting and a enjoyable listen. This actually made me re-discover my quality 90's Trance albums i forgot about :)

    UVOII - Sound-Of-Heaven/release/109447
    Took me a few listens over time to appreciate this album for its unusual style that brings a thought of wondering in to how to categorise this album! Its eccentric and experimental with its mix of ambient, dub, techno, modern classical, downtempo, abstract and some surreal spoken tribal-vocal-poetry. A very out-there listen, yet unique !! I have now grown to appreciate this album for its different yet still can oddly relate to Fax albums The Whole Traffic, Sad World, Otras, Octopus, A Day In The Park - but more surreal. When the mood is right this can album can take your mind on a journey!

    Amp I&II
    Both really good experimental ambient-techno/electro albums! Originally thought both where just average at best, though kind of liked 1, but now in 2017 hearing both albums again the music is actually fun, experimental but deep, groovy, and quite different from the many other ambient-techno/electro music aleady out there!
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    Althoug I generally don't score as high as player, I must say I agree in about 80% or even more with the feelings he had when he listened to them years ago and the different feelings he has now,except for SOL Stardust.Just like you player I gave it just one listen or two and inmediately sold it.So far I've never bought it again so I cannot remember how it sounds.
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    Every single fax album I bought I love. Each gets loved in its own personal way. From the hard trance to the most bizarre sound to the soft ambient ones. I think that the artist selection for the catalogue is top notch. Pete had an amazing ear and nose! And I'm not counting the compilations, but even those are great!

    I still love Sol's Stardust to this day :)
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    Psychonavigation 3
    Another album that now shines for me after neglecting it for years! Re-discovered its now absorbing ambient after a listen last night. Wasn’t expecting much as I originally thought was ok-ish from what I previously remember; now just changed!

    Track 1 opens with a really good spacey beatless style of ambient. Track 3 delivers an absorbing From Within style of downtempo ambient that’s also bit darker in atmosphere. Track 4 goes dub ambient with added hi-tech elements yet with an ambient feel. Tracks 1,3,4 are the 3 main lengthy tracks of the album. Tracks 2,5,6,7 are much shorter ambient tracks but feel connected to albums flow and style.

    A now very good album and will now return to it more often when I need a chill out listen!
  • timanfaya 11 months ago

    Based on some mentions in this group I've been revisiting some of Namlook's collaborations with Moufang that I neglected, after Wired. Mostly they've turned out to be really good, although I often think they could do with a bit more polish.

    Now, I only normally listen to complete albums. But there's one case where an exception needs to be made, and unsurprisingly that is Koolfang III - Be Aware. But I've found that tracks 2, 4 and 6 give you a decent 38-minute listen.

    As an aside, while it was obvious that Pete was a fan of the island of Fuerteventura like me (hence the eponymous track 3) I hadn't noticed the sleeve credit to someone at the Robinson Club Jandia Playa, a hotel near the southern tip of the island. I've never stayed at that hotel, but I can't help wondering if I was ever in town at the same time as him.
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    Elektro was one of the few Fax albums I never did buy agian after selling it years ago, until now, and only due to the price it was being sold for.

    Having a fresh re-listen after 22+ years. Elektro certainly has taken my mind on a forgotten glorious rollercoaster ride: Trk 1 starts with a decayed industrialised drone-ambient. Pounding dense Hard Trance/Electro on Trk 2. Deep spacey Matrix ambient on Trk 3. Then whack again! Another pounding Syn like Hard Trance/Electro on Trk 4. Trk 5 ends the album with a chilled Namlook ambient piece ending the album perfectly...The 5 tracks link together as the ambient flows into the Hard-Trace/Electro, and then back again, delivering a continuous 47min listen which I really liked as it didn't break the flow of this two sided album!

    Am now very happy to have this back with me . Quiet surprised too in how good 'Elektro' sounds today 22(+)yrs later - much better then I remember and can't think why I originally sold it!

    Must investigate 'Elektro 2' now!!
  • Si_Matthews 11 months ago

    Must investigate 'Elektro 2' now!!

    To say Elektro 2 is different to the first is an understatement!!!
  • gandolfito63 5 months ago

    - Create 2

    It's not exactly that I never liked it but when I bought and listen to it the first times I found it difficult to keep my atention and used it mostly just as a background music/noise for some few years.
    Nowadays I fully enjoy it as I've explained elsewhere on this forum.A clear grower.
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    Steve Stoll - Earthling
    My first listen in since I bought it in 2005, then neglected and never listened to again until last night - probably because I expected and wanted more of his Techno music as his with his other albums on Fax. This was actually the last SS album I bought of his 4 Fax PS albums. A much more ambient, with occasional minimalism techno moment, listen compared to his 3 other Fax albums. A re-listen last night actually reminded me of the ambient moments in albums like Otras(Fax) / MonoJunk 'Gloom'(Dum label) album / In Starless Space(Fax) / Octopus 2(Fax) /'From Within(Fax) albums - which I love! Even at times a hint of a darker ambient 'Zenith' can be felt!! Now feel this is a quality album delivering a deep, immersive, spacey, lonely, mind-drifting listen into ambient-minimalism, that can also feel quite organic in its sound too, that can really captivate, esp when listening with the lights off!

    Worth digging out again!

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