• Vertiphon 8 months ago

    I recently found that my two CD players can play MP3 CD-ROMs, so, I was thinking of buying these:

    Jet Chamber - The Jet Chamber Collection
    2350 Broadway - The 2350 Broadway Collection
    Move D / Namlook - The Move D / Namlook Collection

    How good is the sound quality on these? I don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on the individual albums, so it could be a bargain if they sound good enough. The downside would be that the Jet Chamber, A Day In The Live! and The Retro Rocket albums have the whole album on one track, which is annoying, but having so many albums on one disc would make up for it. Thanks for your input :)
  • gbanting 8 months ago

    They sound just fine. The average listener won't be able to tell the difference between these high bitrate mp3s and a CD. I certainly can't.
  • WildDragon. 8 months ago

    I have the 2350 Broadway collection and they sound great!
  • DJ_JJ 8 months ago

    I have them all and they sound good for me!
  • thirdsystem 8 months ago

    thirdsystem edited 8 months ago
    I also have these three mp3 discs. I ripped them to my pc and then loaded them onto my various iPods. Played on my iPod classic through the dock and onto the main hifi the sound quality is excellent I think. Most tracks are encoded at 256kbs I think which is pretty damm good. FAX CDs rule but I love these mp3 collection discs. I also have the Namlook 2 ,Four Seasons and Air collections. Great idea from Pete this.

    Never tried playing the discs direct on my CD players, might give that a go.
  • thirdsystem 8 months ago

    Actually just checked these discs and all tracks are at least 256 kbs variable upwards. Most are 320 with the entire Jet Chamber being at the higher quality.
  • Vertiphon 8 months ago

    Thanks for the feedback! I just ordered these, along with some other Fax Goodies. Would love to have a Shades Of Orion collection, but sadly, that will never happen now.
  • Kracker 7 months ago

    Probably wouldn't have happened even if FAX was still around, seeing how they only produced three discs of Shades of Orion and Tetsu being gone also means no future installments were going to happen.

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