• davidmark.weinberg 8 months ago


    I'm fairly new to ripping. I have a collection of ~700 LPs. I've been collecting and listening to CD rips and hi-res downloads for the last ten or so years. I've now begun to reach back to my LP collection from the 1970s and 1980s with the goal of digitizing the LPs and adding them to my library.

    My ripping setup is: Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC Esprit SB turntable => Chord C-Line Interconnects => Furutech ADL GT40a ADC => Furutech ADL-supplied USB cable => MacBookPro running VinylStudio. Finishing off the set is a Spin-Clean record washer.

    I have been testing the set up with VinylStudio and it works well. I'm unclear about the Cleanup Audio function. When I run Scan for Clicks, VS finds many (like thousands). If I run it again, VS finds more. I can keep running Scan for Clicks, but at some point (maybe even the first pass) I suspect that the Scan for Clicks may compromise the original sonic quality of the music. Is running Scan for Clicks advisable or is it best to leave the surface noise as that would be the case if I were to listen to the LP directly (note- my daughter still can't believe that I bought a turntable the doesn't natively play records :)

    Since I new to vinyl ripping, I'd appreciate any guidance or tips.
  • rappard 8 months ago

    The general advice/consensus is to run the detection function automatically, but do the actual removal by hand - or should I say by ear? ;-) Like your post more-or-less implies, it's quite likely that the removal algorithm is too agressive and removes/truncates parts of the actual music.

    Disclaimer: I can't speak for VinylStudio (never even heard of it until your post), but the very well-regarded ClickRepair states this on their website (http://clickrepair.net/noise/intermittent_noise.html ):

    Listen to the samples to see what can be achieved in reducing clicks and crackle using ClickRepair. You might even change your opinion about the utility of statistics! And remember that, the higher the "repair rate", the more likely it is that the individual artefacts will be replaced by some kind of vague "fuzz" or "distortion".

    Hope this helps!
  • DJMikey2006 8 months ago

    I'm in agreement with rappard, but there will be clicks that you will have to remove manually and most are of the variety of 3ms or less. Since I'm not familiar with Vinyl Studio I can't offer advice for it but you should have function that allows for a waveform restoration that will remove the click without distorting the music quality.

    I would personally say to set the click repair tool to a less aggressive setting in an attempt to minimize the distortion that you may be hearing.

    As a footnote, if you can afford it and want a really good vinyl restoration tool I would recommend the Waves Restoration bundle. This has several plug-ins it that allow removal of noise and maintain sonic quality without being overpowering.
  • kurts.ear.candy 8 months ago

    oops wasn't paying attention to the question
  • davidmark.weinberg 8 months ago

    Thanks to all for the replies. I have since ripped my first few LPs again using VinylStudio and did not declick any of the tracks after assigning metadata to each of the tracks.

    I will explore Clickrepair (I'd rather not spend the extra dollars on Waves Restoration) to see if it adds more features / quality output over the built in audio cleanup in VinylStudio.

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