• Monarke 8 days ago

    I started digitizing some of my vinyl for my listening enjoyment in the car.

    One song in particular sparked a memory which was long ago but not forgotten.

    Whitney Houston - So Emotional (Hot Tracks).

    When the break came up, I remembered two things, on two different occasions.

    In my head I could hear DJ David Raymond Hernandez (J.R. Brians Redondo Beach California USA) announcing drink specials and to look at the bulletin board at the entrance named "Reach Out!". I also remembered the next selection in the chain of mixes and suddenly heard the beginning beats of Deodato - Fire In The Sky.

    David had been gone now since 1991. He was the first friend I lost to HIV.

    Incredible how these things stick with you and when you remember them, it seems like just yesterday...

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