• ogonpogo 14 days ago

    Hello, both of the songs have been a mystery for over 30 years. In fact, there are communities on this topic. reddit.com/r/TheMysterySong.

    They were recorded on tape off the radio and the person was from Germany, so we tried looking for bands from Germany but no luck so far.


    Here is the first one. It's fairly straight forward post-punk/new wave with a little bit of synth along with guitars, drums, bass and vocals. The lyrics are mostly indecipherable to this day but we speculate the song title is "Summer Blues" or "Like The Wind", perhaps "Check It In, Check It Out".

    The second one could be from England or even Japan and it is similar to other gothic bands from the era. The chorus is "Life turns inside out, it's easy".


    Thank you for any help.
  • fanciz 11 days ago

    I suppose it's the same song that was traced to Paul Baskerville, a British DJ with a German radio. I talked to him and he can't remember the song. He directed me to one of his fans who used to record his radio shows. Looking at the dates, I don't think that particular show was recorded. Anyway, it will take lots of time to listen to all the recorded shows hoping to find a song that is not remarkable. Good luck

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