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    Guidance: (last updated: 28.07.2022)

    1) Searching for a string on page 1: Press CTRL and F and then enter the search string.
    2) Do not split the runout strings up into stamped and etched parts - they belong in a single line.
    3) Do not add descriptions into the Matrix/Runout fields, (e.g. {stamped} / [etched] / (turned 90° sideways) / (mirrored), etc.).
    4) Please do not enter into the Matrix/Runout Description field:
    a) "etched", "stamped", "etched/stamped", or similar;
    b) the appearance of a matrix element, e.g. upside down, mirrored, turned 90° sideways;
    c) the position of a matrix element, e.g. 6 o'clock.
    This and/ or other essential identification criteria can be described in the Release Notes, e.g. a stamped matrix indicates a later pressing, an etched matrix an earlier pressing; plant A is identified by an etched H, plant B by a stamped H.
    5) BAOI and BAOI descriptions should only be edited to correct errors or when a new variant is introduced.
    They should not be edited to correct the capitalization only.
    6) Do not change existing descriptions, e.g. from "Runout side x" to "Side x runout" or "x-side runout".
    7) Please capitalize in the Matrix/Runout fields as found in the runouts (e.g. MASTERED BY CAPITOL).
    8) Please capitalize ANVs and/ or Aliases according to the Guidelines.
    9) Use standard English caps in the descriptions.
    10) Do not use pipes or separators, and only use one space to denote large gaps.
    11) To enable a proper search for characters in the matrix strings, use
    a) standard letters instead of Unicode (e.g. STERLING instead of sᴛᴇʀʟɪɴɢ, E instead of Ɛ).
    b) standard numerals instead of letters, superscript, subscript (e.g. A1 instead of A¹ / A₁ / AI);
    c) standard uppercase letters instead of roman numerals (e.g. I instead of Ⅰ or ⌶)
    12) Symbols or drawn images (e.g. ✩, ⚾︎, or ❀, ♀, Ⓡ, Δ, etc.) are credited as "Lacquer Cut By [Runout Etching <symbol>]" plus the full name of the engineer. Example: Lacquer Cut By [Runout Etching ⚾︎] - Greg Calbi). When in doubt about a symbol, inquire in the runout forum.
    13) Logos are added as "[Name logo]". Example [SNA logo].
    14) For combined identifiers with symbols, i.e. ◇F (symbol for the cutting room + letter of the engineer), and where the PAN is known, use an Alias or ANV without the symbol. Example: Lacquer Cut By - Bill Foster + ANV F.
    15) Locations are not part of the PAN or ANV. Example: For "[email protected]" or "BA-CR", credit "Björn Almstedt" + ANV "BA", and "Cutting Room" as LCCN.
    16) Cut or lathe numbers are not part of the PAN or ANV. Example: use TY instead of TY1 as ANV.
    17) Engineers derived from the runouts are credited Lacquer Cut By (except DMM = Mastered By).
    18) Studios derived from the runouts are credited Lacquer Cut At (except DMM or where explicitly credited, e.g. "Mastered At Trutone").
    19) Direct Metal Mastering (DMM) is credited "Mastered By [DMM]" and Mastered At. See example.
    20) Half-speed mastering is credited as Lacquer Cut By and Lacquer Cut At.
    21) Platers / metalworkers are credited with Plated By.
    22) Plating / galvanization / metalwork companies are credited with Mastered At. Do not create/use a PAN for companies for the sake of Plated By.
    23) When unsure about a role, use Mastered By / At.
    24) Mastering credits on the cover and scribes in the runouts are both credited. Example:
    Mastered By Bernie Grundman (cover) and BG in the runouts = Mastered By - Bernie Grundman, and Lacquer Cut By - Bernie Grundman + ANV BG.
    25) Struck out, crossed out, X'd out text in the BAOI field is always represented as S̶t̶r̶i̶k̶e̶t̶h̶r̶o̶u̶g̶h̶
    (long strikethrough). Do not use █ or ░ or i̸n̸v̸a̸l̸i̸d̸ or [Struck Out], etc. Also see RSG §1.9.4.
    Tool: https://manytools.org/facebook-twitter/strikethrough-text/
    26) Laser-etched logos (e.g. MPO) count as etched.
    27) "Lacquer Cut At" and "Lacquer Cut By" should not be added in case of one-man studio operations without prior decision. Example: 'BP' indicates Bud Pressner, the engineer, but not his studio.
    28) In case of two possible ANVs, i.e. one per side, use both (e.g. S.A. for side A and Steve for side B).

    How to read the format:
    XXXXX: Identified part as it appears in the runout area
    S, H or HS? Stamped, Hand-etched or Hand-etched Script
    Add a company: Lacquer Cut At / Mastered At / Pressed By / Manufactured By a company.
    Add a credit: Lacquer Cut By / Plated By / Mastered By an engineer.
    Location Link: Existing company website. Not needed on the submission - just a point of reference.
    Example: A linked example.


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