• simasimapdx 9 months ago

    Hey there. This isn't really vinyl rescue related, but I was wondering if people ever find personal documents, love letters, newspaper clippings, cash, etc. in their used records. Most of my records are from thrift stores, so you never know what'll turn up. I keep my eye out, but haven't come across anything memorably weird. You?
  • pengyone 9 months ago

    Cannabis. Found (bizzarely) inside a Dire Straits record bought from a charity shop.
  • Sonny. 9 months ago

    Sometimes autographed photo of the singer.
  • gmos 9 months ago

    Cannabis. Found (bizzarely) inside a Dire Straits record bought from a charity shop.

    Still good? I bet the previous owner was in Dire Straits looking for his/her weed! Sorry.....
  • gmos 9 months ago

    I once saw a photo of a mummified rat sandwiched between 2 records. It was on a blog about digging for records in Africa and there was a huge pile of old vinyl just dumped in a storage room, stacked high to the ceilings. I haven't been able to find the photo online though, so maybe it was just a dream/nightmare.
  • ZeroZone 9 months ago

    Recently I found some signed pics of one Mr Universe in a sleeve. Not Arnold Schwarzenegger, unfortunatly.
  • Mitch030 9 months ago

    Dead, half-mummified frog in Happy Hardcore Box (not touched since middle of the 90ies) is the best yet, speed (half mummified, too), hash.. but I work in the business.
  • newtron 9 months ago

    One seller here puts religious folders into the records he sells/ships (not mentioning any names)
  • kokobear 9 months ago

    I found a cardboard cut-out porn record in an album once.
  • bearsm53 9 months ago

    A ticket stub from the legendary late concert on March 7, 1970 at Fillmore East. Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Steve Miller Band and MIles Davis Quintet on stage. It is probably more valuable than the album I had bought.
  • loukash 9 months ago

    The oddest thing was a lead bullet inside Karel Vlach And His Orchestra* - Instrumental Favourites which I bought about 25 years ago in Prague.
    I still got the bullet, have seen it in a little box with other "odd things" just a few months ago.
  • michaeldavitt 8 months ago

    I found a pair of Panties inside an Alice Cooper LP !
  • randomdestructn 8 months ago

    In a lot I puchased a couple years back:

    - A couple pages ripped out of a porno mag
    - Rolling papers
    - A mirror

    ..i think there might have been a bra in there too, but i didn't notice the other stuff until I started looking inside the sleeves
  • Bourbonman 8 months ago

  • theoneillster 8 months ago

    Found an 18k. gold bracelet a few months ago in a Loverboy album cover. Sold it for meltdown value (it looked absolutely hideous) for nearly a thousand bucks.
  • never-said 8 months ago

    Years ago, while I was flipping LPs at Philadelphia Record Exchange (5th Street off South, the original location), the chap behind the counter issued a disgusted yelp as he checked and priced a new batch of vinyl. Someone left their works and dope in the jacket (sorry, don't remember the release).

    Recently found a typed personal letter to a physician colleague in a copy of Carroll L. Witten, M.D.*, Daniel Blain, M.D.*, Dana L. Farnsworth, M.D.*, Howard P. Rome, M.D.* - Recognizing And Solving Problems In Doctor-Patient Relationships Part II.
  • tekkno-guy 8 months ago

    I found a recording artists contracts for each venue he played on a tour. Mostly small venues like casinos, river boats, and the like. I don't remember who the artist was because he played generic 80s rock. Nothing good. The contracts were very cool and I still have them. Not sure what happened to the record.
  • ThatAaronGuy 8 months ago

    Not sure how odd this may be, but I bought a small lot of 45 singles at an antique shop a couple weeks ago, and finally got around to cleaning them. Three of the Glenn Miller records had jukebox tags tucked inside the sleeves that were typed out with the respective song titles for the A & B sides for each particular record. Pretty sure they were pulled out of a jukebox at some point. The nerd in me loves that, so I tucked them back into the sleeves for safe keeping. I like that someone paid to hear those records each time they were played for at least a short (maybe fairly long) period of time.
  • Alepoznan 8 months ago

    This is what I found :
    - A Will . A list of records that should go from one person to another ( I guess...it never arrived to destination)
    - A picture ( black and white picture of a guy in front an airplane ) probably from the 60'
    - Record of Don Johnson ( the inner sleave with love messages and more glued pictures of Don Johnson )
    this so far ...still have to go through another 300 records :)
  • sonidotiburon 8 months ago

    Not weird actually but kinda cool: I found Perez Prado's autograph inside a sleeve dedicated to the previous owner (my guess). Once digging in Tijuana I found a piece of shit crammed between two records...
  • chilsta 7 months ago

    * Public Enemy & Run DMC ticket in a PE album (pretty sure it's for this '87 London gig that's been sampled many times https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h5qk6h5eCmo )- starting with PE's own Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybYG928Uy5A
    * Extremely sad & heartfelt breakup letter
    * 70s Flyer for Peaches Records & Tapes (LA record shop)
  • Robin_Myself 7 months ago

    yeah. the wrong record :(
  • 453378 7 months ago

    a crisp 25 Dutch guilders banknote found inside a Gary Numan live album;
    "Living Ornaments '79 And '80" bought for 1 euro on a flea market :-)
  • shelleshelle 7 months ago

    shelleshelle edited 7 months ago
    So I have a bunch of Monkees records that belonged to my mom when she was a kid. A lot of them are in super bad condition just because she played those records to death as a child. I actually put on one of them today just to see if it would play after I did some cleaning up of side A.

    I turned it over to side B just to see that she had apparently taped a piece of her hair to the record to try to deter her older brother from playing it. And to claim it as "hers." (this is the story my mom told me at least after I called her going 'hey mom wtf' who knows what went through her brain several years ago...)

    So after that discovery today, I decided to tape the hair to a piece of paper and keep it inside the sleeve. If I ever resell the record that will be so creepy for someone to find. Hahahahaha. It was pretty weird to find my mom's hair taped to the record but also kind of cool in a weird way.

    Aside from that, I found some pretty hillscape photos that were slipped into my copy of Prince's 1999.

    **Edit: the hill photos were in my copy of Prince's Batman. I just added my Prince collection to my discogs page a few minutes ago and I was like "ooh whoops! I wrote that it was the wrong record"
  • droctogan 7 months ago

    Found a sales invoice from Better Badges to Xray spex for 500x Spex badges in the sum of £20, 4p a badge. Dated 29th Sept 1977 in a sleeve of the 'Oh Bondage Up Yours' single.
  • CJSpinner 7 months ago

    Yes, I have found Playboy centerfolds more than once in Goodwill albums. Must have been a popular hiding spot from the parents...
  • MichelHoek 7 months ago

    I found a signed photo of Steven van Zandt in the sleeve of "Voice of America" record that I found at a thrifstore.
    At the back of the photo was written that it was signed at a performance for a dutch radioshow for a small live audiance.
  • mikkelbreiler 7 months ago

    In the 80s my mother paid 40 UKP at Covent Garden at one of the stall for a Rolling Stones record. The one with the zipper.
    a few years later I found out someone put a piece of shoe string at the bottom of the sleeve.

    Last year I found a danish 1 Krone coin pressed in 1986, which had not been circulated much - a real nice find in a 12'' single sleeve.
  • circuspeanut 7 months ago

    Ages ago, while going through an acquired collection, I found the business card for the manager of a gospel artist in the sleeve of a wretched private pressing jacket released by his client.

    The album was fairly awful as a recording as was the selection content on it - so I suspect neither of the two received a lot of notice from the release. It's definitely a white elephant item. And I gifted it to a neighbor's kid, who was looking to fill the shelves of her new Kallax with some records.

    I'm really hoping that it doesn't turn her off to vinyl.
  • fly_free 7 months ago

    fly_free edited 7 months ago
    I once bought an electronic music collection from someone i did not know closely, and in the sleeve of the Raver Bashing / Together For Never 7" from leftist digital hardcore band Atari Teenage Riot, i found a flexi disc 6", propaganda material from German far right party DVU containing all 3 verses of "das Deutschlandlied" (Das Lied Der Deutschen).
    Just the 3rd verse is officiallly used as the german national anthem, because the other two are too nationalistic/patriotic and states the four rivers "maas/ memel/ etsch/ belt" as borders of germany, way bigger than it is nowadays, which was the size in 1841, when it was composed.
    First i was a bit vexed and thought for a moment that it might've been originally part of the ATR 7" as a joke. but the longer i thought about this the less sense it made and i never heard of this "special" before. So, maybe just a guilty pleasure from the previous owner i never asked for, or rather hidden away and forgotten. :)

    a few years later I found out someone put a piece of shoe string at the bottom of the sleeve.

    to avoid a seem split, maybe? does that work?
  • mikkelbreiler 7 months ago

    a few years later I found out someone put a piece of shoe string at the bottom of the sleeve.

    to avoid a seem split, maybe? does that work?

    I highliy doubt it. it does not distribute the downward force to the sides which is what proper packing material does with parcels, and if it was meant to do something it should have been glued to the middle spine spot.
  • david.mckain 7 months ago

    Polaroid of a local police officer snorting coke from the early 80's
  • Transitoire 6 months ago

    An envelop in an empty sleeve, probably used as a protection, in a parcel sent by a Brooklyn record store.

    Inside the envelop was a typed letter from a NY university administration, dating from 1970, for a Russian langage course, and 12 checks for a year of scholarship worth thousands of dollars.
    Taking Russian lessons in NY in the middle of the cold-war, must have been someone special.

    I've looked for the original owner on the internet, found someone with the exact same name still living in NY, and send back the envelop and the checks, 47 years after. I sadly had no answer.
  • degenerati 5 months ago

    I found a pair of Panties inside an Alice Cooper LP !

    Was it a copy of School's Out ? Original copies of that record came with a pair of pink panties, and copies that still have the panties are quite valuable...probably because a lot of teenage boys opted to wear them over their face lol.
  • degenerati 5 months ago

    Polaroid of a local police officer snorting coke from the early 80's

    So many questions ! Was he wearing his uniform, or , did u actually recognize him ? To me, this is the best find on here, so far ! It quite obviously has a weird story behind it...
  • degenerati 5 months ago

    A guitarist friend from a fairly well known 80's & 90's metal band has been giving me his collection 20 -30 records at a time. So far , I've found a handful of records that appear to have been mailed to him by the bands on the records, and have flyers of their band stuffed inside that double as fan letters on the back, asking if they can open for his band next time they pass through their town. 1 was from White Zombie when they were just getting started in NYC ! Another excellent score that I'm finding in these records are posters of the band just not of the same album theyre stuffed in. For example : a copy of Voivod - Killing Technology with a giant Dimension Hatross poster inside. They all have tape on the corners, but are still in excellent shape.
  • legendcity 3 days ago

    Jukebox tags a few times. Found an Elvis 45 inside an Elvis LP. Once I bought a 100-LP collection, and most of the titles (all in shrink!) had a concert ticket stub included. I ended up selling the stubs for a good amount considering what they were.

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