• BobbyFlac 25 days ago

    Titles listed below :
    'Til Shiloh
    ... to Be Continued
    ...And Justus For All
    Afro Strut
    The All Seeing Eye
    AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted
    Angles Without Edges
    Angles Without Edges [Bonus Disc], Disc 2
    Another Level
    Another World
    Anthology: You've Got to Have Freedom, Disc 1
    Anthology: You've Got to Have Freedom, Disc 2
    AOI: Bionix
    Apollo Kids
    Art Official Intelligence: Mosaic Thump
    Ask A Woman Who Knows
    Astral Traveling [Expanded]
    At Carnegie Hall
    The Awakening
    The Beat Konducta, Vols. 1 & 2
    Beats, Rhymes and Life
    The Beautiful Struggle
    Beautifully Human: Words And Sounds Vol. 2
    Bedtime Stories
    Bee Charmer
    Beneath The Surface
    The Best Best of Fela Kuti, Disc 1
    The Best Best of Fela Kuti, Disc 2
    The Best Of
    Best Of Both Worlds
    The Best Of Kool & The Gang 1969-1976
    The Best of Mantronix 1985-1999
    The Big Bang
    The Big Doe Rehab
    Black Codes (From the Underground)
    Black On Both Sides
    Black Sunday
    [Black Trash] The Autobiography Of Kirk Jones
    The Blank Generation: Blank Tapes NYC 1975-1987
    Blowout Comb
    Blue Train
    Bold And Beautiful
    Bon Voyage
    Boogie's Gonna Getcha: 80's New York Boogie
    Brown Sugar
    Brownswood Bubblers Four
    Buenos Hermanos
    Buhloone Mindstate
    Bulletproof Wallets
    By All Means Necessary
    Change It All
    Chick Corea and Origin: Live at the Blue Note
    Choice: A Collection of Classics
    The Chronic
    Classic Hip Hop Mastercuts, Vol. 2
    The Collection
    The College Dropout
    Colour Yes
    Come Into Knowledge
    Comin' From Where I'm From
    The Coming
    Complex Simplicity
    Compost One Hundred, Disc 1
    Compost One Hundred, Disc 2
    The Concept
    Cookie: The Anthropological Mixtape
    The Coolness of Being Wretched
    Creating Patterns
    Critical Beatdown
    Daddy Bug & Friends
    Dare Iz A Darkside
    Dark of Light/Dance of Magic
    David Axelrod
    Death Is Certain
    Demon's Dance [RVG Edition]
    Desert Storm, Vol. 1: Innovative Intelligent Drum N Bass
    Die, Rugged Man, Die
    Diggin'in The Crates
    Directions in Music: Live at Massey Hall
    Dirty District
    Diz and Getz
    Do You Want More?!!!??!
    The Documentary
    Don Cartagena
    Done by the Forces of Nature
    A Donny Hathaway Collection
    Double Booked
    Double Or Nothing
    Dr. Octagonecologyst
    Dreadlocks The Time Is Now
    The Dream Merchant, Vol. 2
    The Dreamer
    Drum 'n' Voice, Vol. 2
    Earth, Vol. 1
    The Ecstatic
    Electric Circus
    Enta da Stage
    Essential Underground Hip Hop
    Ethiopiques, Vol. 4: Ethio Jazz & Musique Instrumentale, 1969-1974
    Even Closer
    Expensive Shit/He Miss Road
    Experience: Jill Scott 826+, Disc 1
    Experience: Jill Scott 826+, Disc 2
    Fabric 04
    Fania DJ Series: Gilles Peterson
    Fania DJ Series: Gilles Peterson, Disc 2
    Fantastic, Vol. 2
    Fat Albert Rotunda
    Favourite Worst Nightmare
    Fear of a Black Planet
    Feels So Good
    The Festival Album
    Fight To Win
    The Find
    Finding Forever
    Findomestic Jazz: Exploring, Vol. 3
    Firing Squad
    First Family 4 Life
    First Light [Bonus Track]
    First Second Time Around
    Forever My Lady
    The Four Horsemen
    Free For All
    From Where???
    Full Clip: A Decade of Gang Starr, Disc 1
    Full Clip: A Decade of Gang Starr, Disc 2
    Funk Soul Sisters [Metro]
    The Further Adventures Of Lord Quas
    Future Rhythm
    Game Theory
    Get Back [All City]
    Get Over It
    Get Rich Or Die Tryin'
    Ghetto Classics
    Ghetto Style
    Give Me The Reason
    Giving You The Best That I Got
    Got the Bug, Vol. 2
    Greatest Hits
    Greatest Hits [RCA]
    Greensleeves Sampler, Vol. 15
    The Grind Date
    Guess Who's Back?
    Happenings [RVG Edition]
    Hard Core
    The Hardness Of The World
    Hatred, Passions And Infidelity
    Hell on Earth
    Here To Save You All
    Here To There
    Hidden Treasures
    Hip Hop Forever III
    Hip Hop Forever, Vol. 3 [Limited Edition], Disc 2
    The Hissing Of Summer Lawns
    The Hits 2
    Hold It Down
    The Hollywood Recordings
    Human Nature (Single)
    Hypnotic Brass Ensemble
    I Feel Free: Ultimate Cream
    I Got Next
    I Predict A Riot
    I Want You
    III: Temples of Boom
    The Imperial Album
    In God We Trust
    In Pursuit Of Blackness / Black Is The Color
    In Pursuit Of The 27th Man
    In the Jungle Groove [Bonus Track]
    Individuality (Can I Be Me?)
    The Infamous
    Infinite Possibilities
    Inflated Tear [UK Bonus Track]
    Inhouse, Vol. 2: Modern House Sounds From Deepest Germany
    Inspiration Information, Vol. 3
    Inspiration Information, Vol. 4
    Instant Vintage
    Intergalactic Soul
    The Isaac Hayes Movement
    It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back
    J.J.D./Unnecessary Begging
    James Brown's Funky People
    James Brown's Funky People, Pt. 3
    Jealous One's Envy
    Just a Touch of Love
    Kelis Was Here
    Kind Of Blue [Remastered]
    L.A. Confidential Presents
    The Land Of Freedom
    Land Of Giants
    Late Registration
    Latest Craze (Part 1)
    Led Zeppelin
    Legal Drug Money
    Let's Get Funky
    Let's Get Funky
    Let's Get It On
    Let's Get The Mood Right
    Life After Death, Disc 2
    Light As A Feather
    Like Water For Chocolate
    Liquid Swords
    Live [MP]
    Live At Birdland
    Live at the Royal Albert Hall
    Live in Amsterdam
    Live! [Remastered]
    Livin' Proof
    Livin' the Luxury Brown
    Lord Willin'
    Love Behind The Melody
    The Love Experience
    The Love Movement (JP)
    A Love Story
    A Love Supreme (Deluxe Edition), Disc 2
    A Love Supreme, Disc 1
    The Low End Theory
    Lucky Fellow
    Lucy Pearl
    Ma Fleur [UK]
    The Magnificent
    Mahogany Soul
    Maiden Voyage
    The Main Ingredient
    Mama's Gun
    A Man Like Curtis: The Best Of Curtis Mayfield
    The Many Colours Of Blaze
    Mastercuts: The Best of Jazz Funk
    Mastercuts: The Best of Jazz Funk, Disc 2
    Matador/Inta Somethin'
    Maximum House & Garage, Disc 1
    Maximum House & Garage, Disc 2
    Mecca and the Soul Brother
    Message from the Tribe: An Anthology of Tribe Records, 1972-1977
    Metalheadz Presents Platinum Breakz II, Disc 2
    Metalheadz Presents Platinum Breakz, Disc 1
    Metalheadz Presents Platinum Breakz, Disc 2
    Midnight Marauders
    Mighty Diamonds
    Miles Away
    Miles From Home
    Mingus Ah Um
    Mirror Music
    The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill
    Mode For Joe
    Modus Operandi
    Moment Of Truth
    Monkey Banana/Excuse O
    Moon Safari
    More Blues And The Abstract Truth
    More Fire
    Mr. Hands
    Muddy Waters
    Mulatu Steps Ahead
    Murda Muzik
    Music Fan First
    Music for Your Mother, Disc 1
    Music for Your Mother, Disc 2
    Music Of My Mind
    Musical Massage [Expansion]
    My Favorite Things
    My Life
    My, My, My - Wrap My Body Tight
    Natty Rebel [Extra Version]
    Natural Mystic
    New Amerykah Part One (4th World War)
    New Forms, Disc 1
    New Forms, Disc 2
    A New Perspective
    The New World Order
    New York Soul: Bite of Soul from the Big Apple
    New York State Of Rhyme
    Next Time Round
    Ni - Ten - Ichi - Ryu
    Night Dreamer
    No Angel (Special Edition)
    No More Drama
    No Politics
    Nothing Compares to This
    Now And Then, Disc 1
    Now And Then, Disc 2
    Nu Yorica 2!
    NY Reality Check 101
    Ode To The Ghetto
    Once Upon A Time In America (Soundtrack)
    One Day It'll All Make Sense
    One In A Million
    Only Built 4 Cuban Linx
    Out To Lunch!
    Peace Orchestra
    People's Instinctive Travels And The Paths Of Rhythm
    Planet Earth
    Planet Pimp
    Planet V, Disc 1
    Planet V, Disc 2
    Port Authority
    Power Of Soul (Remaster)
    Prime Directive
    A Prince Among Thieves
    Pulp Fusion
    Rahsaan Patterson
    Rated Next
    Raw Deluxe
    Rawkus: Hip Hop Classics, Volume 1
    Ready Now
    Ready To Die
    The Real McCoy
    Red Clay
    Red Hot & Feeling Great
    Reflection Eternal
    Reggae Greats
    remix Selection Deep & Spiritual
    The Remixes
    Remixes 1998-2000
    The Return Of Jack Splash
    Return Of The Boom Bap
    Return To The 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version
    Rising Down [Bonus Tracks]
    The Sagas Of Klashnekoff
    San Francisco
    São Paulo Confessions
    Sessions, Disc 1
    Sessions, Disc 2
    Share My World
    Shut 'Em Down
    The Sidewinder
    Sign 'O' the Times, Disc 1
    Sign 'O' the Times, Disc 2
    Silhouette Brown
    The Silver Collection
    Simple Things
    Sing (If You Want It)
    The Singles
    So Far
    So... How's Your Girl?
    Somebody to Love
    Songs in the Key of Life, Disc 1
    Songs in the Key of Life, Disc 2
    Songs-Hey Love
    The Soothsayer
    Soul Culture 01
    Soul Culture, Vol. 2: Sunshower
    Soul Cycle
    Soul Food
    Soul Heaven Presents Dennis Ferrer and Kerri Chandler
    Soul Heaven Presents Dennis Ferrer and Kerri Chandler, Disc 2
    Soul Heaven, Disc 1
    Soul Heaven, Disc 1
    Soul Heaven, Disc 2
    Soul Heaven, Disc 2
    Soul Heaven, Disc 3
    Soul Heaven, Disc 3
    The Soul Mixtape
    Soul On Ice
    Soul Steppin'
    Soul Survivor
    Soul Survivor II
    Sounding Out The City
    Soundpieces: Da Antidote!
    Southern Hummingbird
    Speak Like A Child
    Speak No Evil
    Speak Your Peace
    Spirit Of The Sun
    Stalemate/Fear Not For Man
    Stone Jam
    Stone Love
    Street Life in Zoo York: Hip Hop
    Studio Confessions
    The Sun Rises In The East
    Supreme Clientele
    Surrender To Love
    The Swarm, Vol. 1
    The Swarm, Vol. 1
    Take It Or Squeeze It
    Talkin Loud Sampler (Tlcd 46)
    Talkin' Verve
    Talkin' Verve - Roots of Acid Jazz (1951-72), Disc 1
    Talkin' Verve - Roots of Acid Jazz (1951-72), Disc 2
    Talkin' Verve: Roots of Acid Jazz
    Talking Book
    Tasha's World
    That Something CD1
    That Something Else!
    That's The Way Love Goes
    They Don't Know
    Things Fall Apart
    Three Piece Puzzle
    Tide's Arising
    Toeachizown, Disc 1
    Toni Braxton
    The Tortoise & The Hare
    Total Eclipse
    Traveling Miles
    Travelling Without Moving
    Triple Threat
    Truthfully Speaking
    Two Pages
    Two Pages, Disc 1
    Una Mas
    Underground System
    Unreleased & Revamped [EP]
    Uptown Saturday Night
    V.I.P./Authority Stealing
    Vaudeville Villain
    The Very Best of
    The Very Best of Éthiopiques Disk 1
    The Very Best of Ethiopiques, Disc 2
    The Very Best Of Prince
    The Very Best of the Doors
    The Very Best Of The Last Poets
    Vintage Hi.Tech
    Violator - The Album V2.0
    Vol. 3: Life and Times of S. Carter [Japan Bonus CD]
    Voodoo Child: The Jimi Hendrix Collection, Disc 1
    Waltz for Koop
    The War Report
    Welcome 2 Detroit
    What Goes Around
    What's Going On
    When The Funk Hits The Fan
    Who Is Jill Scott? - Words And Sounds Vol. 1
    Words and Sounds, Vol. 1: Who Is Jill Scott?
    Worldwide Underground
    Wrath Of The Math
    Yancey Boys
    Yellow Fever/Na Poi
    Young, Gifted and Black
    The 18th Letter
    The 18th Letter/The Book of Life, Disc 2
    1968 to 1970: An Axelrod Anthology
    1st Born Second
    3rd Perspective
    8 Diagrams
    8701 [Japan Bonus Track
  • humanagain 23 days ago

    Whats the general condition like and How much are you looking for?
  • BobbyFlac 23 days ago

    VG to VG+ on the discogs scale. I ripped all of the above to FLAC so they definitley play and the majority are in good condition for there age. If you are a Hip Hop head or a DJ then I don't think you'd be disappointed. Price will be £500 which is £1 per disc. There is actually more than titles than the above but I've not bothered to list them . They are a combination of not so good CD's (e.g. Kiss compilations or Cd's I just didn't think we were worth copying)
  • BobbyFlac 6 days ago

    Anyone interested or have any ideas on how to efficiently get rid of my collection?
  • humanagain 5 days ago

    Hey sorry i didn't get a notification for your last message. Are they all complete with inserts etc? Whereabouts are you based? Is it pick up only? thanks
  • BobbyFlac 5 days ago

    No problem. Yes they are complete. I am based in Bedford and if your're interested I'm willing to meet halfway if you are far away.

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