• travis.daedalus 17 days ago

    Hi all. I guess this is more of gripe than anything, but I'm curious if other Canadians discogers have had similar experiences.

    So over the past year, I have made several orders of LPs direct from label (e.g. Domino, Dais, Editions Mego, Sacred Bones, etc.); usually they come from the U.S. or the E.U. I have noticed a curious pattern: I have never had to pay customs duties on items shipped via Post, but I always have to pay duties on items shipped via courier.

    As a recent illustrative example, I ordered 6 items from Clouds Hill in Germany, for a total of around CA$400. They were shipped via Post and I didn't owe a cent in customs duties. Next order was 2 items from Editions Mego in Austria, totalling less than CA$80. They were shipped via Fedex and for some reason I owe an additional $13.88 in duties.

    Have other Canadian record buyers experienced this? I guess I resent having to fork over an additional sum to the government on a couple of items that are strictly for personal enjoyment, and I'm wondering if others have noticed this discrepancy in attention paid to items imported via courier. Thanks for listening!
  • splorp 16 days ago

    Were they actually duty charges? Or was it GST on the items purchased, plus a “brokerage” fee?
  • travis.daedalus 16 days ago

    They were described to me as customs duties by the person that I talked to at Fedex. I haven't actually got the item with the paperwork yet - hopefully Monday - so maybe I can clarify then.
  • splorp 12 days ago

    Curious. Interested to see what the paperwork says.
  • travis.daedalus 11 days ago

    According to the receipt from Fedex, there was $3.38 in GST on the items.

    The other $10.50 was a "ROD" (Reimbursement on Delivery) fee. The Fedex site says this fee is charged to anyone without a Fedex account or with poor credit. They don't say what its for, but elsewhere on the Internet I've seen it suggested that its a fee they charge for paying duties in advance at the border. Is this essentially a brokerage fee?

    Good to know at any rate. I think it's a bit of cash grab by Fedex, as they don't warn you about this or give you an opportunity to make an account ahead of time. Not sure why people receiving items should be expected to have an account anyway.

    I don't know if all couriers charge a fee for this service, but if so it explains why I tend to pay less with shipments by Post.

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