How Do I Report A Bug?

Our Developers work hard to keep Discogs running smoothly. But occasionally a bug may occur. Here's what to do if you think that you have encountered a bug:

  • Check the forums to see if the bug has been reported. You may want to search the forums.
  • If it has been reported, but not acknowledged by a Discogs Admin, then please reply to the topic with your report.
  • If it has been acknowledged, you don't need to reply or start a new topic, but you can reply to the existing topic if you like, and sometimes further reports help us fix bugs, especially for tricky issues.
  • You can also contact us using the Support Request Form if you think the bug is severe, is affecting your account, or you would like to keep it private. Please select the category that closest matches the issue.

Whenever reporting a bug, please give as much information about the problem as you can, including which page/s are affected (give the URL), and any error messages or codes you receive.

This document is also available in these languages: Français, Español, 日本語.