How To Add Collection And Wantlist Notes

The Collection And Wantlist Notes let you add personal notes and other information to releases in your collection or wantlist.

There are four pages that this function appears on:

Using Collection Notes

If you go to a release page you have in your collection, you'll see a green "In Your Collection" box on the right hand side:

In this box, there are three fields by default (you can customize these, see below); Media Condition, Sleeve Condition, and Notes. When you hover over any of the 'edit' text alongside these field headings, you'll see a pencil icon appear. Click, and the field will open up so you can edit it.

The default Media and Sleeve Condition fields are configured as a dropdown menu, using the same grading as for the Marketplace. To cancel an entry, just click on the blank line at the top of the list.

The 'Notes' field opens up to a text entry box, where you can type your notes. Clicking 'save' will save your entry.

The Collection Notes are private by default, no one else can see them unless you set them 'Public' on the setting page (see below). Your public notes are viewable by other users browsing your collection.

Using Wantlist Notes

The 'In Your Wantlist' box is similar to the "In Your Collection" box, except this only has the one 'Notes' field. You can edit and save it the same way as for the Collection Notes. Unlike Collection Notes, Wantlist Notes fields are not customizable.

Ticking the 'Public' tickbox will make the note you enter viewable to everyone. Unlike the Collection Notes settings, this is selectable individually on each release, so you can choose to make some of your notes public, but keep others private. Your public notes are viewable by other users browsing your wantlist.

Settings - Customizing Your Collection Notes

The Collection Notes can be customized at This allows you to fully alter the fields to your requirements.


  • Position - allows you to choose in what order the fields appear.
  • Field Name - let's you give it a description.
  • Public - let's you select what (if any) fields you would like other users to see (please see below for restrictions for publicly viewable notes). This affects every release your notes appear on (unlike the wantlist notes).
  • Type - can be either a dropdown, or free text.
  • Options - will allow you to either define the dropdown menu list, or how many lines appear for the text area entry.
  • Remove - lets you delete a field. Use this carefully, it will delete all your information in this field on all your releases - this cannot be undone!

The [Save] button lets you save any changes you make.

The [Add a Field] button lets you create a new field. Please be aware that if you have a lot of fields, it may stretch the site horizontally on your Collection page.

The Wantlist Notes field is not customizable.

Restrictions For Publicly Viewable Notes

Private notes can be used for anything you like. Public notes can be used for most things, but should not be used for circumventing the marketplace, or advertising of marketplace sales. Also, please avoid abusive use of public notes, following the same guidelines as for the groups and forums.

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