Account And Settings FAQ

Account and Settings FAQ

I have created an account, but haven’t received a confirmation code. What should I do?

A: When you created your Discogs account, you should have automatically received an email with a confirmation code. Please ensure that your email service is not blocking or otherwise removing emails from Discogs and check your spam folder. If you haven’t received a confirmation code after 24 hours, please contact us via a Support Request.

How do I change my address?

A: From the drop down menu next to your avatar, on the top right of your screen, select Settings. On the left of your screen select Seller, or Buyer, depending on what you would like to change. Edit your details and save your settings. Please note that changes you make, will only appear on new orders. Existing orders will not be updated.

Why does the site suddenly show in a foreign language?

A: The language was probably accidentally changed by scrolling over the language setting. Please scroll down the page to the little globe on the bottom of your screen and check if the language is set to your preferred language. If not, the language can be adjusted there.

How do I change my profile picture?

A: See our guideline.

Why do I receive the message "Your account is currently suspended from the Marketplace"?

A: Your account could be suspended for several reasons:

  • The most common reason for an account suspension is an overdue Seller’s fee invoice on your account. To view and pay overdue invoices, select Billing from the Marketplace drop down menu at the top of your screen. It typically takes 15-20 minutes for your account to be reactivated after overdue invoices are paid.See your Billing page.
  • Another reason for an account suspension is failure to respond to buyers who have placed orders with you. An account may be suspended when you haven't responded to questions from buyers on the order page within 96 hours. Please check your mailbox for system notifications about this and let us know when you have used the order page to respond.
  • If your account is suspended and neither of the above scenarios apply, please send us a Support Request so we can help you further.

How do I submit a bug or feature request?

A: Please see here for more information: Bugs and Feature Requests.

How do I block someone from contacting me through Discogs messages?

A: From the drop down menu on the top right of your screen, next to your avatar, select Settings, then Privacy. Scroll down that page and add the username to your Blocked Users to block them from contacting you via private messages.

This document is also available in these languages: 日本語, Español, Français.