Buyer FAQ

Buyer FAQ

I placed an order, then decided I didn’t want it. I didn't leave the seller a message about this. Now I have a negative feedback mark for Non-Paying Buyer! What can I do about this?

A: Buyers are required to provide payment promptly once the seller sends an invoice for the order as explained in our Buyer’s Agreement policy. If you want to cancel the order at this time, you need to leave the seller a message explaining why they need to cancel. If you do not leave them a message, or respond to their questions, a seller can cancel the order as Non-Paying Buyer, which leaves negative feedback automatically. Please leave the seller a polite message to discuss this with them.

How can I cancel an order?

A: As a Buyer, once you have created an order, you are expected to follow through on the order as outlined in our Buyer’s Agreement. If you would wish to cancel the order after creating it, you will need to ask the seller to cancel the order for you, by using the message option on the order page.

I haven't received my order yet, what should I do?

A: If you have not received your order yet, we would recommend contacting the seller by leaving a message on the order page to see if they can offer an update. If you have paid for tracking or insured shipping, you may also have the ability to learn more about the status of your package as well on the shipping company’s website.

The seller is responsible for orders arriving with you. If the item does not arrive with you, we would expect the seller to refund you, as outlined in our Financial Responsibility Policy. Unfortunately Discogs does not handle transactions between buyers and sellers, and is therefore unable to process or initiate a refund. If the issue doesn’t get resolved, it will be up to you contacting your payment method within their deadline for doing so (Paypal offers buyer protection for up to 45 days after payment for example). Please contact Discogs staff through a Support Request when an order has reached this point, because we need to be aware if sellers aren’t following through on our policy.

What can I do if a seller is not communicating?

A: A seller is required to respond to new orders or messages on the order page within 4 days (96 hours). If the seller doesn’t respond within that timeframe, you should select the Seller Not Responding option on the order page. This will start an automated process to prompt communication from the seller. Please see our guideline for more information: Seller Not Responding / Buyer Awaiting Response.

I don't agree with the grading of the item I have received.

A: As Discogs staff does not have physical access to items, we are unable to mediate in the event of a grading dispute. We encourage buyers and sellers to communicate on the order page in an effort to come to a satisfactory resolution for both sides. Buyers should always know that they can return items that they are dissatisfied with, regardless of the issue, and receive a full refund of the purchase price. Sellers are not allowed to deny a refund when a buyer complains about a grading issue. Sellers are not required to honour request for partial refunds. If a resolution is not offered or can not be met, the buyer should contact their payment method and file a Support Request with Discogs for additional assistance. Please review our Financial Responsibility Policy and Grading Standards for further information.

I really feel I should receive a refund, but I don't want to discuss this with the seller. Can Discogs just provide a refund for me through PayPal?

A: Discogs is not able to provide refunds for orders. Sellers are expected to work with buyers professionally and courteously to provide refunds in accordance with the Seller’s Agreement. We ask that you leave a polite and clear message on the order page indicating your concerns about the item, and asking the seller to provide a resolution for you. If the seller does not respond, or there are concerns about the process of resolution, please Contact Us. Our support staff will be happy to offer advice, and work with the seller to guide them through the process of accepting a return and a refund. Please be aware that the seller can require the item to be returned first.

If the seller does not provide a refund, or respond quickly, we do advise buyers to contact PayPal or their transaction provider (credit card, bank, etc) to file a refund request.

I placed an order several months ago, but it has never arrived. The seller never contacted me to tell me if they shipped the item. Will Discogs locate my shipment for me?

A: Discogs is not able to assist in tracking lost shipments. Please keep in mind that as a buyer, it is your obligation to contact the seller immediately, by leaving a message on the order page, as soon as you have a question. We encourage you to contact your payment provider (PayPal, credit card, etc) to ask about refund policies for lost shipments.

I expected the seller to provide tracking, even though I did not request it. Why are they telling me tracking is not available, now that it has been shipped?

A: Not all shipments will include tracking without request. In some countries, tracking is automatic on orders, but this is not true in all countries.If you want to make sure tracking is included, please tell the seller that when you place the order. Buyers should always make sure to review the seller’s Shipping and Payment terms (available on the seller’s profile page) before placing an order.

How do I report suspicious behavior from a Seller or Buyer in the Marketplace?

A: Contact our staff via Support Request if you have concerns about a Discogs Buyer or Seller. If you have placed an order and are concerned about a refund after payment, you should contact your payment provider (PayPal, credit card company, etc) right away to discuss their review and refund policies.

I have had an unpleasant interaction with a buyer or seller, and I want to see them banned from Discogs permanently. What can I do to make this happen?

A: We recognize that conflict on an order can be very upsetting, and we appreciate the emotional impact this process can have. If you have experienced an order where a buyer or seller was abusive (using profanity, issuing threats, attempting to intimidate you into violating policies, or sending private messages through Discogs that are also abusive), or has not followed the Buyer’s Agreement or Seller’s Agreement, then please Contact Us, and do not continue to engage with the buyer or seller in any fashion. Our staff will take over from there, review all communication thoroughly, and take any appropriate action following review. We ban accounts only as a matter of last-resort, or in extreme cases. In most cases, we start by warning users of violations of policy and other issues, then providing guidance aimed at peaceful and mutually beneficial resolution.

Once all issues on the order are resolved, we encourage you to leave honest, well-reasoned feedback (keep in mind, if your feedback violates our Feedback Abuse Policies, it is will be subject to permanent removal without warning).

How do I submit a bug or feature request?

A: Please see here for more information: Bugs and Feature Requests.

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