Buyer's Agreement

You have selected to buy this item from {a seller}. By entering your Discogs password and clicking on the "Place Order" button, you agree to the following terms:

  1. Placing an Order

    a. You are entering into an agreement with the seller to buy the item at the stated price plus the seller's stated postage. You have an obligation to pay the seller without delay, using the sellers preferred method of payment, and the seller agrees to post the item as soon as funds have cleared. A seller has the option to cancel an order as Non-Paying Buyer after four (4) days, if payment hasn't been made.

    b. You are NOT expressing a casual interest in buying the item, when you click on the "Place Order" button you are declaring your full intention to buy the item by paying the full price stated using the quickest method of payment available to you. Users who delay payment or renege on their commitment to buy the item will be blocked from using the Discogs Marketplace.

  2. Communication and Feedback

    a. You will keep an open dialog with the seller regarding any problems that arise. You will use feedback as a final indication of your satisfaction, not as immediate retribution for an unresolved problem.

    b. Users leaving unnecessary or retaliatory feedback will be blocked from using the Discogs Marketplace.

  3. Privacy and Responsibility

    a. By clicking on the "Place Order" button, you are agreeing to this transaction as a private sale between yourself and the seller. You hold Discogs immune to any claim of damages, loss, or inconvenience howsoever caused.

    b. Please review all seller information and policies and decide if you want to do business with them. Discogs is not responsible for, and will not mediate, any order disputes. You will be buying the item from the seller, NOT from Discogs. Always use a method of payment that offers payment protection (e.g., PayPal, Credit Card, etc..)

    c. Discogs reserves the right to block a user for poor conduct in using the Discogs Marketplace. Discogs also reserves the right to cancel a users account and / or block a user from using any of Discogs services if the user appears to be abusing the system maliciously

We recommend reading through our Safe Trading Tips for the Marketplace.

This document is also available in these languages: Español, Français, 日本語.