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API Announcements Staff vreon vreon 25 rodneyfool rodneyfool 3 months ago
Share Your Discogs App! Staff rodneyfool rodneyfool 54 flyswatter182 flyswatter182 4 months ago
API Frequently Asked Questions Staff rodneyfool rodneyfool 0 rodneyfool rodneyfool over 2 years ago
POST https://api.discogs.com/oauth/access_token gives Error 401 djdeejay.com djdeejay.com 1 radum radum about 10 hours ago
Master Release (API) : is there a way to separate singles from albums ? vinyle-actu vinyle-actu 0 vinyle-actu vinyle-actu about 22 hours ago
Requesting without OAUTH ? vinyle-actu vinyle-actu 2 vinyle-actu vinyle-actu about 22 hours ago
API - Get MarketPlace listings for a given release coxandy coxandy 2 bedhed3000 bedhed3000 2 days ago
/marketplace/search?releaseId endpoint stoped working today Staff oscadan oscadan 39 InsideOutSupplies InsideOutSupplies 6 days ago
An internal server error occurred (code: 20769974) musicbridge musicbridge 0 musicbridge musicbridge 7 days ago
Working app suddenly broken due to rate limiting jroitgrund jroitgrund 2 jroitgrund jroitgrund 8 days ago
cannot create new listing deejay.de. deejay.de. 2 deejay.de. deejay.de. 8 days ago
Discogs API Documentation - Rickroll thomas.pesendorfer thomas.pesendorfer 0 thomas.pesendorfer thomas.pesendorfer 8 days ago
Net::HTTPRetriableError: 301 "Moved Permanently" sf424 sf424 2 sf424 sf424 17 days ago
Fetching images without destroying my quota whatevsbro whatevsbro 0 whatevsbro whatevsbro 23 days ago
Release cached? wheijke wheijke 2 wheijke wheijke 23 days ago
API vs http requests Staff theboon theboon 2 alexsutcliffe1 alexsutcliffe1 27 days ago
Edit Marketplace Listing - HTTP/1.1 401 UNAUTHORIZED radum radum 0 radum radum 29 days ago
Limited search information results in hitting rate limits lauritzsh lauritzsh 0 lauritzsh lauritzsh about 1 month ago
Search for Panic! at the Disco fails kfutter kfutter 3 elstensoftware elstensoftware about 1 month ago
Retrieving a releases price statistics Staff ewen_henderson ewen_henderson 1 rodneyfool rodneyfool about 1 month ago
HELP: convenient way to compare seller's prices with averages / history phos4us phos4us 2 djcarbines djcarbines about 1 month ago
How do I link my Discogs inventory to my Website? beatchapter beatchapter 7 andygrayrecords andygrayrecords about 1 month ago
Search for single track chris579 chris579 1 elstensoftware elstensoftware about 1 month ago
Affiliate Program GaizkaN GaizkaN 0 GaizkaN GaizkaN about 1 month ago
API call to view User Collection? wastedyu6 wastedyu6 0 wastedyu6 wastedyu6 about 1 month ago