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API Announcements Staff vreon vreon 28 eknudtson eknudtson 4 days ago
Share Your Discogs App! Staff rodneyfool rodneyfool 59 RecordBoxApp RecordBoxApp 7 days ago
API Frequently Asked Questions Staff rodneyfool rodneyfool 0 rodneyfool rodneyfool over 2 years ago
How to get artist's masters lemmasim lemmasim 1 rederik rederik 1 day ago
[app] MP3 Cover Finder pipiscrew pipiscrew 0 pipiscrew pipiscrew 1 day ago
API Feature Request: Provide access to Wants value rabbitfeetz rabbitfeetz 2 ajo0011 ajo0011 1 day ago
Rate Limiting - unique user-agent Staff thomas.mery thomas.mery 12 thomas.mery thomas.mery 1 day ago
Rate Limit to 60 per Minute but 401 error after 30 requests Staff Sherlockness Sherlockness 3 Sherlockness Sherlockness 1 day ago
Create a track list based on Release ID DjShaggy DjShaggy 2 DjShaggy DjShaggy 3 days ago
Collection/Wantlist dataset? jbmlaird jbmlaird 0 jbmlaird jbmlaird 5 days ago
API Search with title modifier / case sensitivity thomas.mery thomas.mery 0 thomas.mery thomas.mery 7 days ago
Vinyl records search engine/price comparator using your Discogs Wantlist e.maincourt e.maincourt 1 sp1ti sp1ti 9 days ago
How to get the artist name by track in case of compil awazleon awazleon 1 elstensoftware elstensoftware 10 days ago
(Resolved) API issue jweijde jweijde 0 jweijde jweijde 10 days ago
Releases data dump is missing release ids dimitry_ghost dimitry_ghost 1 radum radum 13 days ago
Aurelia can't request API (CORS request & Access-Control-Allow-Headers) djcaesar9114 djcaesar9114 2 djcaesar9114 djcaesar9114 13 days ago
Getting Rate Limited after only a few requests (Missing User-Agent?) PimpChicken PimpChicken 2 PimpChicken PimpChicken 16 days ago
Album rank Staff anton.kudrewicz anton.kudrewicz 4 rodneyfool rodneyfool 16 days ago
Is there a way to get current listings for a release via API? jbmlaird jbmlaird 0 jbmlaird jbmlaird 16 days ago
Rate limits only allow 3 requests per minute Staff leslieviljoen leslieviljoen 4 jweijde jweijde 21 days ago
Problem with rate limiting and User Agent krispinL krispinL 4 bedhed3000 bedhed3000 25 days ago
List of all tracks pergilk pergilk 1 radum radum 25 days ago
Not getting the image data? silveur silveur 1 radum radum 25 days ago
Trying to authorize my app brings me in a loop from authorize and login page willem.schamp willem.schamp 0 willem.schamp willem.schamp 30 days ago
OAuth internal server error 20882385 while trying request_token willem.schamp willem.schamp 1 willem.schamp willem.schamp 30 days ago