• jvaahtera over 5 years ago

    There are several entries for the name Hugh Griffiths.

    At the moment there's roughly an equal amount of entries for the Jamaican Hugh Griffiths on these:


    All is OK with Hugh Griffiths (3), they seem to point to the correct artist and is not contaminated with dubious (no pun intended) entries.
    So is Hugh Griffiths main entry. Except for the Credits section: those are pointing to a totally different artist - or several, I'm not familiar with those.
    All other entries don't have the Jamaican Hugh Griffiths references.

    Hugh Griffiths was not really a big household name, but everyone interested in reggae scene in the early to mid 80's will recognize his name & voice. He started already in the 70's, was active and quite prolific in the 80's and suddenly disappeared sometime in the early 90's. His first recordings were done in kind of semi-singing semi-DJing style but he developed a capable and expressive singing voice. He also specialized in recording cover songs of famous Alton Ellis & Bob Marley songs often utilizing then popular dancehall rhythms to a powerful effect.

    I'm about to enter some Hugh Griffiths 7"s and wondering what to do. Hugh Griffiths or Hugh Griffiths (3) ?
  • Mr.Mystery over 5 years ago

    Hugh Griffiths (3) is the reggae person. All of the reggae releases on Hugh Griffiths were added less than a year ago, whereas (for example) Vön Magnet* - I has been on that profile for over 6 years.

    Then there's also Reefer Madness - Sonic Skank and Popinjays* - I'm A Believer that may or may not be a different Hugh Griffiths entirely.
  • jvaahtera over 5 years ago

    So should I or someone take the task and remove the reggae-Hugh to its correct place -> Hugh Griffiths (3). I can well do it, I think I even have some of them in my collection.
  • Mr.Mystery over 5 years ago

    I can well do it

    That would be great.
  • jvaahtera over 5 years ago

    Hugh Griffiths entry is now clean and direction orders added to that page.
  • Mr.Mystery over 5 years ago

    Now we need to figure out whether all the releases left on that page are by the same person.

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