• JiggyJamz over 5 years ago

    I understand that Discogs does not require images when submitting a release... so then, how can a release be voted correct if there is no visual proof to refer/compare to? (with the exception of white labels).

    I seem to be running into a few possibly incomplete or possibly not correct releases that with an image would clear the whole thing up...

    for instance: http://www.discogs.com/Robin-S-It-Must-Be-Love/release/491957
    I believe this might be a 2X-12" release... but without images, i can't compare the labels. all other BAOI info on the release matches and and my research points to a 2X-12".
  • silverleaf over 5 years ago

    It's great to have them, but not everyone has access to an adequate scanner or camera.
    I didn't have a scanner for a very long time and my first wouldn't let me do stapled booklets, card-sleeves or 12".
    We all do what we can. Just ask some of the other owners if they can do something you can't. Cheers.
  • nmc1583 over 5 years ago

    You can still vote on releases based on the information that is currently available.
  • MusicNutter over 5 years ago

    ^ Yup; but images are a good source, as for example, Runrig - Recovery cassette, had the same cat number as the LP, and people could think I would be submitting a dupe; so I added pictures to prove my copy is different, hence why scans are a good source; so we can check if durations appear, if some credit roles appear on release, etc

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