• dreadmeat over 4 years ago

    Support request time?
  • dreadmeat over 4 years ago

    dreadmeat edited over 4 years ago
    They are now getting hostile and abusive [surprise surprise...]
  • cheap_suit over 4 years ago

    Uh oh... I have an order on the way from this user.

    (Though you really aren't allowed to name and shame here.)
  • dreadmeat over 4 years ago

    They have been reported, even their positive feedback should be negative if you read it carefully.
    He just placed negative on me, I'm the buyer.
    I don't see how their under packing and over grading is my fault :(

    I asked for shipping with no jewel cases, but not no packing at all.
    Nothing between the discs, they were all just slopping around in a bag.

    I took some photos of the packing...
  • cheap_suit over 4 years ago

    cheap_suit edited over 4 years ago
    Would love to see those photos.

    I saw that he's an overgrader and decided to take the risk. He went out of his way to describe the record as NM and unplayed so I figure it's likely to be VG+, which is still fine for the price. But if the packing is that bad, I guess it wouldn't matter what condition the record was in when it left his hands.
  • dreadmeat over 4 years ago

    Sorry mate got waylaid by my new neighbours, photos uploading now.
  • dreadmeat over 4 years ago


    Does this work?
  • cheap_suit over 4 years ago

    Eesh. I am not looking forward to seeing what arrives on my doorstep.
  • dreadmeat over 4 years ago

    I added another photo and some captions
    Actually I vent a bit here too, which I am wont to do on occasion:
  • dreadmeat over 4 years ago

    This is the negative feedback I received from the seller, verbatim.
    Total pest, clingy buye, wastes time with tons of correspondence b4 & post sale. Makes lowball offers on all orders requested shipping without jewel cases to save as much as possible on shipment, and wined about the packaging not being ample enough.

    Actually this is incorrect, I asked if I should make an offer on the items or would he quote a price for all of them, there was a confusing 'sale' or discount system going on so I thought it best to just ask for a quote.

    Shipping without cases is a good way to save money on shipping, I appreciated that he entertained my request and it was a contributing factor toward the purchase.
    In fact the communication from the seller was very frequent, I was surprised I received so many messages in such a short time, almost like he was making it up as he went, like a car salesman trying to talk someone into a deal.

    Had the packaging been sufficient I wouldn’t be complaining about it, would I.

    The shipping date was not exactly clear either, the parcel was franked on the 13th but the seller said it was shipped "a couple of days after I paid" which was the 4th, it wasn't marked as shipped till the 13th, it arrived here with 13th stamped on it, this seems a little untruthful to say "a couple of days after I paid" when clearly it was sent on the 13th.

    Most of the address had rubbed off too [ink on plastic bag] the post office could barely read it, I was lucky I phoned up and went in straight away.

    If you take a look at my latest feedback [the only negative, as a buyer too if that's possible] you'll see the history of the seller, it's not pretty...
  • dreadmeat over 4 years ago

    I have invited the seller into this thread.
  • dreadmeat over 4 years ago

    As an addendum to the shipping date, lets say 'confusion'

    Shipped on the 13th, so the seller was lying about when it was shipped.
    4th - 13th = 9 days?!
    So I paid for the goods on the 4th and 9 days later on the 13th he sends them and says he sent them ages ago?
  • Teetje over 4 years ago

    edit: wrong thread, sorry
  • japc over 4 years ago

    Seems you've been had. If you payed with paypal maybe there's a way to get the money back. I wouldn't try to get some sense into the seller, he seems useless.
  • japc over 4 years ago

    Also, it's weird how people give positive rating even with the gross overgrading that many complain about. Is it some sort of "I'll scratch your back, you'll scratch mine" going on on the ratings? (ebay mostly ended that by preventing the sellers from giving negative ratings to the buyers, some complaint but there are good things about it) Anyway, they're not helping anyone (well, maybe the seller) by not giving the fair rating.
  • dreadmeat over 4 years ago

    Hi mate, the CDs all play apart from the free one [disc only, no booklet etc, this was part of the deal and is fine] but the Grand Supreme Blood Court is history, it was supposedly new and sealed and had to be opened to be sent without the case, but it's so scratched it skips and there's damage to the printed side too so it's virtually useless.

    Had they been packed properly it's likely a lot of this damage may not have happened :(

    I'd be interested to see if he has an Ebay account too
  • dreadmeat over 4 years ago

    Discogs Diognes_The_Fox
    19-Apr-13 08:08 AM
    Hi Todd,

    I have removed the feedback from your account. You should leave the appropriate feedback at this time.

    I have warned the seller that their suspension is imminent if their feedback does not improve.



    I have placed my negative feedback now.
  • cheap_suit over 4 years ago

    I received my items from this seller this morning, and will be leaving positive feedback.

    I ordered three records, graded at NM/VG+, NM/VG+, and VG+/VG+. The media grades were all accurate. One of the sleeves was what I might call a weak VG+, but still within the Goldmine standards, and the seller did offer to take photos in the item listing, which I did not take him up on.

    Would also note that the seller was friendly in communication with me, and indicated that he would have worked out a return if I wanted one (which I don't).

    Obviously he has some issues with grading, as there have been a number of complaints, but I thought I should chime in with my experience since I had expressed concern earlier in the thread.
  • cheap_suit over 4 years ago

    Oh, I should note that the packing was not excellent, which I have mentioned in feedback and in correspondence with the seller. The records were shipped in a sealed vinyl mailer with no stiffener. Since they only traveled 350 miles, there were no problems, but I told the seller he should invest in better materials if he doesn't want to get dinged in the future.

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