What Is A Listing Violation?

Any item that violates Discogs policies or infringes on the copyrights of others may be removed. If you see items for sale that meet one or more of the criteria for removal, as listed below, you can report these items. They will be removed from the Marketplace.

If you're a seller and you've had an item removed from the Marketplace, due to a listing violation, be sure to check your other listings to ensure they are not in violation. Grading misrepresentation should not be reported as violation, but should be addressed via support request instead.

Reasons For Removal

  1. Not Actual Item
    It is against Discogs policy to list items for sale that are not the same as the item represented on the release page (commenting on differences is not acceptable). Please review our policy on Selling Unique Releases for more information.

  2. Links To External Site
    Linking or referring buyers to external sites from Marketplace pages is not permitted.

  3. Requires Stock Check
    All items listed for sale in the Marketplace must be available and in stock.

  4. Not Available At Listed Price
    All items listed for sale in the Marketplace must be available for immediate purchase at the listed price. Requiring a minimum order value is not permitted.

  5. Joke Listing
    While we appreciate a good joke, Marketplace listings that are jokes are not permitted.

  6. Charging Discogs Fee
    The selling fee charged to you by Discogs cannot be added as a surcharge to your buyers order total.

Reporting a Listing Violation

You can find an explanation on how to report listing violations here. Please make sure to only report items that are clearly a violation. If you are in doubt, send us a support request before reporting the item. We'll be happy to advise you!

Re-listing Items Removed for Violation

While there may be similar listings that have been or are currently listed on Discogs, this does not mean that they’re acceptable. If you feel that your item should not have been removed, you should not re-list it. Instead please contact Discogs by using the Support Request Form. Continuing to list an item that has been removed may result in suspension from the Discogs Marketplace.

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