How To Sell Music On Discogs

How much does it cost to sell on Discogs?

It’s free to list your items for sale. When you sell your items, we charge you an 8% fee with a minimum of $0.10 and a maximum of $150. For example:

$1 item = $0.10 (minimum fee) $100 item = $8.00 (8% fee) $5,000 item = $150 (maximum fee)

You will receive a fee invoice once a month.

When listing your items in currencies other than US Dollar, please note that the fee is calculated in US Dollar according to the exchange rate valid on the day that the item is listed for sale. The fee showing on your Manage Inventory page is the accurate fee that will be invoiced when an item is sold and will also be visible on the order page.

What can I sell on Discogs?

Discogs allows for the submission of all unique versions of a release to the database. This means that all items listed for sale in the Marketplace must correspond with the correct release in the database. If the correct release does not yet exist on Discogs it must be submitted to the database before it can be sold. Commenting on the differences between the item being sold and the one detailed on the Discogs release page is not permitted.

More info: Selling Unique Releases

How do I list something for sale?

You can list items for sale directly from a release page, by using the Quicklister, or by listing in bulk.

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