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Secular Pineapple ‎– SP002


1 Trans Kraftwerk Express (Europe 2007 Mix) 1:32
2 The Dark Side Of Invisible Design (Bad Moog Dub Mix) 1:26
3 Swans (Rare) 2:24
4 You Can't Take Tiger Mountain When Justin Timberlake 2:24
5 Attack The Gas Station (Massive Blue Lines Mix) 1:45
6 The Two Rings Of The Tower Lord (Two Part Trilogy Mix) 2:08
7 When The Black Mouse Kills A Dog On Mars (Tahiti Spanners Mix) 1:36
8 Can Dead Creatures Dance? (Heavy Mascara Mix) 2:16
9 Yes Kid Kash, Your TV Is Breaking Down (It Ain't Music Mix) 1:36
10 Izzy James Or Lzzy T Or Is He Kirk? (Cat Got Your Spookhaus Mix) 1:36
11 Recycled Ambient Feedback Textures (James Selected Richard Mix) 2:16
12 My Ghosts In The Life Of Bush (Airports For Film And Music Mix) 2:12
13 Thru The Sacred Space Of Stargate Novus (Magnificat Music Mix) 1:20
14 Material In The Spirits World (Machine Ghost Mix) 2:40
15 What Is Paradise? (Juggalo Instrumental Mix) 1:29
16 Fifty 9 Times The Crap Factor (No Stress Mix) 1:40
17 Barenaked Chicken (Stavros The Wonder Mix) 0:56
18 Where The Stars Hang Black Souls (Monstrous Place Mix) 2:00
19 The Bloody Shinjuku Witch (Tourist Haven Mix) 1:12
20 The House Of Darkness (Heart Of Kurtz Mix) 2:39
21 Presque Les Souvenirs De Luc Ferrari (Sergio Morricone Mix) 1:28
22 Specific Tautological Machinery (Gigantic Vogel Mix) 1:44
23 Dream Synergy In The Malaysian Pale (Epsilon Tangerine Mix) 1:23
24 No Noise From Winnetka (Dead Dreamer Mix) 0:49
25 Sonic River Resurrection (Pan Kulma Mix) 1:28
26 Here Comes The Waterphone (Warm Flood Jets Mix) 4:48
27 Explicit Asian Bukkake Zoo Trannies (Barely Legal Celebrity Upskirt Mix) 3:20
28 Bells At The Gates Of Dawn (Tubular Piper Mix) 4:30
29 The Future Sound Of Canada (London Boards Mix) 1:44
30 Jean Michel Isn't A Door He's A Jarre (Oxygene Is Better Than Fresh Aire Mix) 2:56
31 Wendy Carlos And The Kubrick Rubrick (Shining Orange Mix) 2:24
32 Fluffy Perpetual Clounds (Little Orb Mix) 1:36
33 Soundtrack Arabia For Cat People 3 (Lawrence El Stop Mix) 2:08
34 Roach Structures From Steve (Suspended Silence Mix) 2:00
35 Beaming The Quadrant Channel (Basic Reshape Mix) 1:41
36 Raping The Flautist 7:17