iky iky ‎– Aftermath (Re​​-​​Thought)

Sounds From Inside Out ‎– sfio38
16 × File, MP3, EP, 320 kbps


1 The Cold Is Piercing My Heart, Nothing Is Here 00:10
2 Big Floating Golden Glasses In The Dense Bright Grey Fog 00:10
3 Somebody Is Trying To Speak With Me, But I Hear Only Resonating Noises Coming From A Refrigerator 00:10
4 Fractal Reinforced Concrete Structures Intertwined And Slowly Floating Into Infinity 00:10
5 The Whispers Of Mushroom Subconsciousness 00:10
6 Meeting With My Relatives In Poland And Bulgaria 00:10
7 The Ideas And Thoughts Are Always Born In The Shed 00:10
8 Where Am I? This Place Must Be Deep Under The Surface, Somewhere Near The Ocean Bed 00:10
9 Organic And Mechanical Structures Submerged Into Concrete; Strange Creatures Appearing In The Darkness 00:10
10 Strange Howling Sounds Coming From The Depths To The Ocean Surface 00:10
11 And The Voice Inside My Head Tells Me Something About My Future 00:10
12 I Will Be Disintegrated Into Myriad Of Fragments, I Will Be Everywhere And Nowhere Simultaneously 00:10
13 Every Bit Of My Consciousness Will Be In The Subconsciousness Of Every Human Being On Earth And Beyond 00:10
14 I Will Become A Global Network With Many Coordination Hubs 00:10
15 My Original Body Will Be Destroyed, But My Mind And My Soul Will Live Forever 00:10
16 So Be It. I Am Slowly Fading With A Single Thought: Everything Will Become A Loop For Me From Now On 00:10