irr. app. (ext.) ‎– Aspiring To An Empty Gesture Volume 1

Errata In Excelsis ‎– eie07
CDr, Compilation

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1 irr. app. (ext.) Freaks Introduction
Voice – R K Faulhaber*Voice [Audience Freak] – Dustin Donaldson
2 irr. app. (ext.) Two Golden Microphones
Drums – Jacob HorwoodGuitar [Sheep Ventilator Guitar] – William Davison*Percussion [Backing Tray Percussion], Noises [Sundry Implements] – Steven StapletonPercussion [Toy Drum], Overtone Voice – M S Waldon*Shaker, Noises [Spring Muffler] – Greg Scharpen*Vocals – Sherri Lynn Higgins*Written-By – Nurse With Wound
3 irr. app. (ext.) The Dreadful Vagrant
Guitar [Prepared Guitar] – Greg Scharpen*Noises [Auto Horn, Tuning Fork, Wire Bowl, Music Box, Sundry Implements, Field Recordings, Backing Sources] – M S Waldon*Voice [Recorded Narration] – Lori Anne Chambers*
4 irr. app. (ext.) An Apparition Of The Cohoes Mastodon Still Lingers On Jefferson Avenue
Noises [Bowls & Utensils] – John ScharpenNoises [Grinder] – Greg Scharpen*Noises [Sundry Implements] – Steven StapletonUkulele [Electric Ukelele], Noises [Backing Sources] – M S Waldon*
5 irr. app. (ext.) Some Scottish Toasts
Voice [Response] – M S Waldon*Voice [Response], Loops [Pyrotechnic Loops] – J B Haynes*Voice [Toasts] – R K Faulhaber*
6 irr. app. (ext.) Elastic Axolotls Worried By A Clockwork Heron
Bass [Prepared Bass Guitar] – Greg Scharpen*Guitar [Prepared Guitar], Noises [Field Recordings] – M S Waldron*Noises [Noisemakers & Bric-a-brac] – Sherri Lynn Higgins*, William Davison*Noises [Sundry Implements] – Steven Stapleton
7 irr. app. (ext.) The Demi-Omadaun's Tale
Voice, Noises [Backing Sources] – M S Waldron*
8 irr. app. (ext.) Chicken Processional
Bugle, Noises [Field Recordings] – M S Waldron*Noises [Auto Horn] – Greg Scharpen*Noises [Straws] – John ScharpenPercussion [Backing Tray Percussion], Noises [Sundry Implements] – Steven Stapleton
9 irr. app. (ext.) Tardigrade Ariseth!
Bass – M S Waldron*Bells, Harp [Copper Harp], Sampler [Samples] – J B Haynes*Synthesizer [Arp] – R K Faulhaber*
10 irr. app. (ext.) Serenade For Narcoleptic Grave Robbers
Mixed By – R K Faulhaber*Noises [Grinder, Bowed Wanger] – Greg Scharpen*Noises [Grinder, Straws, Zurna] – John ScharpenTurntables [Turntable Frotting & Scrubbing], Noises [Pump Whistler, Field Recordings] – M S Waldron*
11 irr. app. (ext.) Invocation Of Loplop In The Cathedral Of Erotic Misery
Harmonica, Noises [Bird Squeaker, Laughter] – Sherri Lynn Higgins*Harmonica, Noises [Birdsonata, Assault] – William Davison*Noises [Birdsonata, Assault] – Greg Scharpen*, M S Waldron*Noises [Sundry Implements, Electric Birdsong] – Steven Stapleton
12 irr. app. (ext.) Wisecrack
Percussion [Backing Tray Percussion], Noises [Sundry Implements] – Steven StapletonPercussion [Gut Percussion], Voice – Greg Scharpen*, John ScharpenPercussion [Toy Drum], Voice – M S Waldron*Written-By – Diana Rogerson, Nurse With Wound
13 Nurse With Wound Dead Side Of The Moon
Bass [Prepared Bass Guitar], Vocals – M S Waldron*Electronics, Computer, Effects [Live Processing], Mixed By – Colin PotterElectronics, Noises [Recorded Sources], Percussion – Andrew LilesGuitar [Bowed Guitar], Turntables [Cd Turntables], Noises [Sundry Implements] – Steven StapletonWritten-By – David Tibet, Steven Stapleton
14 irr. app. (ext.) Megatherium Gargling In The Primordial Swamp
Noises [Grinder] – Greg Scharpen*, John ScharpenOvertone Voice, Noises [Oral Frabulator, Rotor, Shoe Buffer, Field Recordings] – M S Waldron*
15 irr. app. (ext.) Smelly Tongues
Electronics [Radio], Percussion [Stone Percussion] – J B Haynes*Synthesizer [Arp] – R K Faulhaber*Vocals, Ukulele – M S Waldron*Written-By – The Residents


The first document of irr.'s sparce live activity, released in 2008 by errata in excelsis. Includes excerpts from shows #5-#10 (leaving out #9) taking place primarily between 2005 and 2006, with a line-up that was variously augmented by R K Faulhaber, John & Greg Scharpen, Jim Haynes (of Coelacanth), Steven Stapleton (of Nurse With Wound), and William Davison & Sherri Lynn Higgins (of Six Heads/Songs of the New Erotics/the Toronto Recordist group). The collection also includes an excerpt from the Nurse With Wound performance in Portugal in 2007 -- the only occasion of M S Waldron providing vocals for 'Dead Side of the Moon'.<br>
1, 10: Elbo Room, San Francisco 2005<br>
2, 6, 11: New Works Studio, Toronto 2005<br>
3, 14: Lobot Gallery, San Francisco 2005<br>
4, 8, 12: The Funhouse, Seattle 2005<br>
5, 9, 15: Regent Theater, Arlington 2006<br>
7: Berkeley City Club, Berkeley 2007<br>
13: Auditorio Serralves, Porto 2007<br>