Abdou El Omari* ‎– Nuits D'Été Avec Abdou El Omari

Radio Martiko ‎– RMLP 001
Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue

Elenco tracce

A1 Rajaat Laayoun 5:28
A2 Layali Saif 5:24
A3 Afrah El Maghreb 6:27
B1 Hind 6:46
B2 Zifaf Filfada 3:59
B3 Mawa'aid 3:30
B4 Fatine 3:33

Società, ecc.


Not an exact reissue. This one is missing the track 'Ourika' that is in the original one.


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23 maggio 2017
modificato about 1 month ago

It frightens me how many aggressive and one-sided comments I had to cope with (not only here) about our decision to omit a track from the original album and replace it by another one.
We decided to start our label to share rare and good music with other people. I think it's our right indeed to release a partial re-issue if we think a track is musically not good enough to repress.
We work with passion and awareness and choose quality above commercialism.
In this case here we decided to skip the easy listening track 'Ourika' which was in my opinion originally included to market the album. For us it has no artistic value, so we found it a good opportunity to replace it by the wonderful instrumental track 'Zifaf Filfada', which was originally issued as a b-side for a Naima Samih 45. We like and respect Abdou El Omari's work and I think we did our best to proove that by buying copy rights to release the trilogy. More than the half of the material has never seen daylight before.
Some people can't follow us in our decisions or even say they don't want to support the label anymore because we are arrogant in our reactions. We can only say that we are very friendly and understanding people but for us it's not easy to stay calm if people attack you with very subjective and ignorant public comments.
We hope that our comment here is fair enough for the people who had their questions.
We also hope that somebody will upload the track 'Ourika' soon on streaming services, so that it will be accessible for the community. The track is also still part of Boujema Gam's catalog since we don't owe exclusive copy rights for it. Address Disques Gam: Boulevard de Paris 99, Casablanca.


14 maggio 2017
Love this album and I have just bought it on mail order. I am amazed music like this exists for us to buy in 2017... the combination of the north african rhythms and scales plus primitive organ sounds via the Farfisa combo organ (with wah pedal!) and the mad use of echo makes for a really unique sound. Like others have stated... seems weird to have omitted a track and added another. My guess is that the reissue album was made from a vinyl and not the master tapes. Perhaps the LP they took the copy sound had a damaged track or something.. would be nice to know the answer.


13 maggio 2017
The song "Ourika" is missing, but the song " Zifaf Filfada" not appear in the original 1976 issue .


17 aprile 2017
I will never fully understand what is the decision of omitting "Ourika" track from the re-issue and NOT publishing it into NONE of the three releases. It looks like a case of over-exploiting...


06 marzo 2017
Beside the date of release between both pressings (Nov16/Jan17), does anyone could add details (visible, physical) to make the difference between these 2 releases. For info : the second pressing also have : promo insert card and download card.