Death Grips* ‎– Jenny Death

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1 I Break Mirrors with My Face in the United States 1:29
2 Inanimate Sensation 0:30
3 Turned Off 0:20
4 Why a Bitch Gotta Lie 0:50
5 PSS PSS 0:48
6 The Powers That B 0:31
7 Beyond Alive 0:11


Joke release attempting to pass off as Death Grips' Jenny Death from The Powers That B


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9 gennaio 2016
(Quick Review #17)
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I enjoyed Jenny Death quite a bit. I was a bit let down however, as I heard it was much better than Niggas on the Moon, but I personally enjoyed Niggas on the Moon a bit more. I gave that a Strong 7, I probaly should have given it that Light 8 but whatever. I must say however, I was tired as fuck when listening to this, and I should have gone to sleep but I was trying to get through this album, so it was not the best enviornment to listen to it in at all. But if I had to give it a fair review I would probably have to score it at a:

Light 7