The Doors ‎– L.A. Woman

Elektra ‎– EKS-75011
Vinyl, LP, Album, Terre Haute Pressing

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2-color burgundy & black varnish-print sleeve, with radius corners and embossed "Doors" text . The front has a cut-out window with clear acetate, on which the band photo is printed black half-tone. The disc is contained in a yellow radius corner liner, which provides a yellow background to the cover image when inserted into the sleeve. The back of the liner has a black-print 'crucifix' image.

1. This issue has the 'Columbus Circle' address on Sleeve back and Labels.
2. This issue does not have the Warner Bros 'W' imprint on the 'butterfly' labels.
3. This issue is a 'Terre Haute' pressing. See Santa Maria pressing issue
4. Shrink-wrap of the issue may have an over-sticker "Includes the hit single Love Her Madly" [see images].

Recorded at The Doors Workshop in Los Angeles.
[Marc Benno - Courtesy of A&M Records]
Printed in U.S.A.
© Copyright 1971 Elektra Records
Elektra Records, 15 Columbus Circle, New York, N.Y. 10023

© Doors Music Co. ASCAP
Except: B3, Modern Music Publ. BMI

Codice a barre e altri identificatori

  • Matrix / Runout (A-side runout etched (variation 1)): EKS-75011 A CTH
  • Matrix / Runout (B-side runout etched (variation 1)): EKS-75011 B-1 CTH
  • Matrix / Runout (A-side runout etched (variation 2)): EKS-75011 A CTH
  • Matrix / Runout (B-side runout etched (variation 2)): EKS-75011 B-2 CTH
  • Matrix / Runout (A-side runout etched (variation 3)): EKS-75011 A-1 CTH
  • Matrix / Runout (B-side runout etched (variation 3)): EKS-75011 B-2 CTH
  • Matrix / Runout (runout, stamped on both sides): Artisan Sound Recorders logo
  • Rights Society: ASCAP
  • Rights Society: BMI

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N. cat Artista Titolo (Formato) Etichetta N. cat Paese Anno
CEK-75011, CEK 75011 The Doors L.A. Woman(Cass, Album, RE, Dol) Elektra, Elektra CEK-75011, CEK 75011 Canada Unknown Vendi questa versione
ELK 42 090, EKS 75011 The Doors L.A. Woman(LP, Album, RE) Elektra, Elektra ELK 42 090, EKS 75011 Germany 1980 Vendi questa versione
E2 75011 The Doors L.A. Woman(CD, Album, Club, RM, RP) Elektra E2 75011 Canada Unknown Vendi questa versione
K 442 090 Doors* L.A. Woman(Cass, Album) Elektra K 442 090 France Unknown Vendi questa versione
CAPP 75011 SA The Doors L.A. Woman(SACD, Hybrid, Multichannel, Album, RM) Analogue Productions CAPP 75011 SA US 2013 Vendi questa versione


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13 settembre 2018

L.A. Woman is not an album, it’s a Raymond Chandler novel set to music. And if you haven’t listened to these songs in a SRO hotel, one overlooking the Strip with no screen in the fourth floor corner window, cheap vintage chenille bedspread on metal springs, with the bathroom down the hall ... then you haven’t contextually heard it … and I should know, I still have Room Key #42, and a no longer working Sony cassette deck.

This was The Doors' most pivotal album in that the songs flexed and ebbed through a variety of sonic channels, mixed with unprecedented ingredients, gathered relentless bits of music from across the radio dial ... then dealt them out like worn playing cards, who’s tattered and marked edges merely hinted at what was coming next. Though with that in mind, I doubt Morrison even knew what was waiting on the other side of the street, and that in itself made this album inspirational, a slice of freeform poetry and shattered imagery hanging in an ether that never seemed to give way to morning’s light.

Most people aren’t gonna see things this way, but for me, L.A. Woman was a highway, or bridge between the floral psychedelic 60’s, and the tragic decade that was waiting just out of sight, where the mysticism and the magic gave way to a wasteland we’ve yet to crawl out of.

Without a doubt, “Hyacinth House” was the unexpected gem from this album, a song that still lives to haunt me, and was covered intoxicatingly well by Cheval Sombre, where the number was redefined and came across with even more emotional shivers. The odd thing about “Hyacinth House” is that it’s lyrics, especially those about ‘friends’ were referenced first on the song "The End," with Morrison having issues trusting anyone, even himself.

Strangely enough, the song goes on to embrace Morrison’s eclectic readings, as Hyacinthus was, in Greek mythology, the lover of Apollo, and it was Apollo how accidentally killed Hyacinthus, and it was from Hyacinthus’ blood that Apollo created the Hyacinth flower, though perhaps it is some sort of psychological demon that was burning in the head of the Morrison, regarding himself and the killing of his band, or even more eerily, his own accidental death. Morrison was not the only one paying homage here, Ray Manzarek reached deeply into his classical training and reworked Chopin’s “Polonaise in A Flat Major, Op. 53”. All of that being said, others claim that Morrison was free forming the lyrics, and that the afore mention Hyacinth flowers were growing in abundance outside the window of Robbie Krieger’s small home in Laurel Canyon, with the reference to the ‘lion’ being a nod to Krieger’s actual pet bobcat. Most mysterious of all is the strange verse “I see the bathroom is clear,” which actually is not nonsensical, nor is it about paranoia, though to the atmosphere of the song it is, and proves that Morrison was making things up as he went along, with the song referencing that a friend had been hogging the bathroom all night, which Morrison needed to use, and was finally clear … though once in the bathroom, Morrison decided that the acoustics were perfect in there for recording his vocals, and that’s pretty much how it was done.

That is not to say that the other material on this outing is not brilliant, because they are, I wear this album like a pair of hip-huggers jeans ... each song fits and feels so relentlessly good.

Review by Jenell Kesler


24 novembre 2017
I just bought today this version from a record shop in Amsterdam. It does not mention anywhere where was it printed! What do you think?


08 novembre 2017
modificato about 1 year ago
it seems i have the only shit copy of this pressing , mine is as noisy as a drunken sailor on a friday night , way too much crackle which seems to be due to low volume mastering .
i bought it new and it looks near mint.
can't reccommend .


28 ottobre 2017
Ray's chin looks shooped. ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­


11 luglio 2017
I haven't heard Waiting For The Sun or Soft Parade yet but this album is the best one from the group I have heard since their debut album in my opinion. It's sad to think that it was their last, at least with Morrison. He may not have written all their hits but The Doors effectively died with Morrison. I have always enjoyed "Love Her Madly" and "Riders On The Storm" but listening to the entire album I have discovered other songs such as "L.A. Woman" and "The Changeling". Great stuff.


30 aprile 2016
just bought this on white vinyl didnt know it had round corners on sleeve wudnt have bought it