The Doors ‎– The Doors

Elektra ‎– EKS-74007
Vinyl, LP, Album, Repress, Stereo, Monarch Record Mfg. Co.

Elenco tracce Nascondi Accrediti

A1 Break On Through (To The Other Side)
Words By, Music By – The Doors
A2 Soul Kitchen
Words By, Music By – The Doors
A3 The Crystal Ship
Words By, Music By – The Doors
A4 Twentieth Century Fox
Words By, Music By – The Doors
A5 Alabama Song (Whisky Bar)
Written-By – Brecht*, Weill*
A6 Light My Fire
Words By, Music By – The Doors
B1 Back Door Man
Written-By – C. Burnett*, W. Dixon*
B2 I Looked At You
Words By, Music By – The Doors
B3 End Of The Night
Words By, Music By – The Doors
B4 Take It As It Comes
Words By, Music By – The Doors
B5 The End
Words By, Music By – The Doors

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Second pressing.

Side One label has "(Weill-Brecht) Harms Co. (ASCAP)" publishing credit for Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar).

Label features: ''STEREO'' in a bold font on middle, right-side. "Side One" and "Side Two" printed on right-side of label.

Codice a barre e altri identificatori

  • Matrix / Runout (Variant 1 - Side One [etched]): EKS-74007A (M) Δ9991
  • Matrix / Runout (Variant 1 - Side Two [etched]): EKS 74007B (M) Δ9991-X
  • Matrix / Runout (Variant 2 - Side One [etched]): EKS-74007A (M) Δ9991
  • Matrix / Runout (Variant 2 - Side Two [etched]): EKS-74007B-2 (MON) Δ9991-X
  • Matrix / Runout (Side One & Two [stamped]): "MR" in a circle
  • Rights Society: ASCAP

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N. cat Artista Titolo (Formato) Etichetta N. cat Paese Anno
EKL-4007 The Doors The Doors(LP, Album, Mono, Pit) Elektra EKL-4007 US 1967 Vendi questa versione
442012 The Doors The Doors(Cass, Album, RE) Elektra 442012 Spain 1982 Vendi questa versione
EKS-74007 The Doors The Doors(LP, Album, RE, Ter) Elektra EKS-74007 US 1969 Vendi questa versione
EKS-74007, EKS 74007 The Doors The Doors(LP, Album, Club, RE) Elektra, Elektra EKS-74007, EKS 74007 US Unknown Vendi questa versione
EKS-74007 The Doors The Doors(LP, Album, RE, Wad) Elektra EKS-74007 US 1970 Vendi questa versione


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13 giugno 2018
I'm a little confused. So, mine doesn't have a "Harms" publishing credit on the label. Does that mean it's a first press? It's gold and has this stuff on the dead wax:

Matrix / Runout (Variant 1 - Side One [etched]): EKS-74007A (M) Δ9991
Matrix / Runout (Variant 1 - Side Two [etched]): EKS 74007B (M) Δ9991-X
Matrix / Runout (Variant 2 - Side One [etched]): EKS-74007A (M) Δ9991
Matrix / Runout (Variant 2 - Side Two [etched]): EKS-74007B-2 (MON) Δ9991-X
Matrix / Runout (Side One & Two [stamped]): "MR" in a circle


1 aprile 2018
modificato over 2 years ago

Although I bought a used record, it still sounded pretty nice to listen to the first pressing. Near mints are expensive ,but I'd say it's worth buying.

There's an obvious censor on "Break On Through" where all you can hear is "She Get.." This record also down-mixed Jim Morrison's "Fuck" repetition on the song "The End" so you can faintly hear him talking. As far as I know, most of the vinyl pressings for this album are censored.


2 marzo 2018
My Stereo US copy is not listed in there.
The Runout Side One shows only EKS-74007 A 01 SP while the Side Two shows all this stuff: EKS-74007 B SP 1-5 ESR TD 5187C .
Also, the center label is red but not like any of those pictured above. The Doors logo is much smaller and sits right below the big E Elektra logo on top. Go figure...


8 febbraio 2018
Question - my copy has brown labels, ® to the left of the large E logo, Side to the left of the spindle, matrix and Stereo to the right. Runout side A: EKS-74007A-1A Half an inch clockwise is a scribed vertical line, and another inch clockwise is what may be a stamped, inverted J, or perhaps a mis-stamped upright T. Runout side B: EKS-74007 B -1D. Again there is a scribed vertical line, and what is more clearly an upright T. At 6 o'clock is scribed C 12.

I can't match this up to any existing pressing listed above. Can someone confirm whether this is a first press or a 1967 repress before i add it to the database? Thanks!



30 dicembre 2017
modificato over 3 years ago

The Door’s self titled first album came out at a strange time in America, sandwiched between established [and Establishment] AM Radio, who played the three minute or so radio version of the song, and the fledgling [and Anti Establishment] FM Radio, which usually came on at night, from 8 PM until 12 or 2 AM, playing the album length version of the song “Light My Fire.”

This record was a breath of really fresh air, if not hazy blue smoke, in a variety of ways ... the first being that it was an American band, and they were challenging the British Invasion, more aptly, The Beatles, with darker more prophetic lyrics that reflected the underside of the Flower Power movement, and in many respects, is probably responsible for its demise.

I’m sure you’ve all seen the movie, but to have been there when this record hit the streets was an event like no other. If you were lucky enough to have gotten the album instead of the 45 rpm, then you were in for a real treat, because once you got past the hit, the music was like opening a long lost and forbidden book of truth, passion, horror, and total abandonment ... all set to a new blues / rock beat, with psychedelic overtones.

Sometimes the album's going to seem disjointed, perhaps fragmented, and travel off in way too many directions, just listen to "I Looked At You," and tell me you don't hear hints of the chart-topping Dave Clark 5, but Jim and the boys were walking on uncharted water here ... with their next album Strange Days, finding more unification, though like this release, later outings all had their own special issues. I realize this sounds like I’m speaking of a weakness, but that’s hardly the truth. It’s just that The Doors had so much to say, both lyrically and musically, that it was nearly impossible to scoop all that was flowing out of them and create a concise release ... and for me, I like it just the way it was, they just kept opening door after door after door, and I wandered down every hallway totally bathed in the harmonies and luster that have made this band one of the most magical groups of all time.

*** The Fun Facts: In the song "The End", Morrison sings about a blue bus, now the "Blue Bus" was the street name of a powerful painkiller (Oxymorphone) back in the 60'. So this could have been one reference. But Alam Graham (Jim's ex brother in Law), in his book "I remember Jim Morrison", mentions that this is a reference to Santa Monica's "Big Blue Bus" system which serves the area of Western Los Angeles, including Jim Morrison's haunt Venice Beach.

As to "The Crystal Ship": The title is taken from the 12th century Irish Lebor na hUidre (Book of the Dun Cow) manuscript which compiles a series of Celtic legends. While the opening verse resembles a conventional love song, the later verses are less clear in intention and contain more open and challenging imagery. Morrison's lyrics are often deliberately vague, and this, coupled with the song's dreamlike atmosphere, has led to a great deal of speculation by critics and fans as to the meaning of "The Crystal Ship". According to Greil Marcus, the opening lines "Before you slip into unconsciousness, I'd like to have another kiss" could be about "sleep, it could be an overdose, inflicted by the singer or the person he's addressing; it could be murder suicide, or a suicide pact." Critic James Perone noted that the song's title is open to wide interpretations, and that the crystal ship "could just as easily represent sleep as a drug trip". He conceded that "in 1967 the latter would probably have been the more common interpretation".

A January 1990 letter to the Los Angeles Times claimed that the song was about crystal methamphetamine, with the ship representing a hypodermic needle, and the kiss the act of drug injection. Densmore responded although Jim was aware that 'crystal' was slang for methedrine, though he actually wrote 'The Crystal Ship' for Mary Werbelow, a girlfriend with whom he was breaking up. The song was a goodbye love song."

According to local Santa Barbara lore, Jim Morrison wrote the song after taking LSD on an Isla Vista beach one night as he stared at the blinking lights of an offshore oil rig named Platform Holly.

Review by Jenell Kesler


11 luglio 2017
Jim Morrison is a music legend even though his career only lasted about six studio albums, this first one being the best. Although the other albums from The Doors had some good, classic songs sprinkled among them this one is the best overall song for song in my opinion. One song that has pretty much been overlooked is "Twentieth Century Fox" as it rarely appears on any compilation albums of the group. Perhaps the same could be said of "End Of The Night" as well?


1 giugno 2017
Hello is there a album without the word Fuck in the end if so Which version. I would like it to be on vinyl


27 marzo 2017
Holy shit does this album have the most submitted versions. I'm getting anxiety looking for a specific version


6 marzo 2017

I have one with all of the identifiers matching (matrix, cat#, label color, cover markings, etc) and "high" in Light My Fire is not censored. I'm happy it isn't, but this makes me second guess whether this is in fact an original pressing, even though literally everything else matches up perfectly.

16 ottobre 2016
Hey bit of help here if you can, have a copy of this LP it has a GOLD elektra label and the code is EKS-74007 it appears to be an original press any help would be great there are a lot of versions on this