Heinrich Dressel ‎– Completion Of The Amphoras Table

Strange Life Records ‎– SLR035
CDr, Album, DVD-Case

Elenco tracce

1 Back To Ripa Grande 5:16
2 Drafting With The Tiber Dwellers 4:25
3 Stillness On The Bottom Of The River 3:47
4 The 20th Mystery 6:09
5 Planning The Final Table 12:53
6 Galba Impimatur 5:55
7 Completion Of The Amphoras Table 7:21



Instruments Used:

Elka Synthex
Yamaha CS20 M
Moog Prodigy
Doepfer MS404
Roland SH-09
Roland Juno 106
Roland JX 8P
Farfisa Syntorchestra

Includes a booklet with track information and a S.P.Q.R card.


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26 dicembre 2010
modificato over 9 years ago

Always feel like I could be making a mistake by talking about music in qualitative terms only, but it seems a credible method for describing this astoundingly good selection of recordings. The first track really is an opener of the most 'transportative' kind. Possibly the most beautiful sounding synth opener I have heard yet create the all important mental doorway out of 3 dimensional space. Impressively enough, this continues throughout what remains sounding a much older, high order Carpenteresque trek through some very restrained and well considered mind music. Briefly back to the quantitative, what can be observed constantly across the album a full use of the spectral range, with bright chords and sensitive harmonics backed up by deep, geometrically textured bass and the kind of computation like rhythms that define a classic synth album. What we don't have at any time are the crummy melodies that burden the listener with the sort of lazy muzak, since this kind of work comes from the beating heart of electronic music as opposed to whim. Look at the top of the kit list and note the Elka Synthex. Other releases from the artist pace in the direction of a danceable electro. 'Escape From The Hill' offers an interesting bridge between the dance floor and 'Completion of the Amphoras Table'.