Jedi Mind Tricks ‎– The Psycho-Social, Chemical, Biological, And Electro-Magnetic Manipulation Of Human Consciousness

Superegular Recordings ‎– ONE1031, Onesoul Productions ‎– ONE1031
Vinyl, LP, Album



The publishing and copyright date on the back of the cover is 2001, a nod to the forward-thinking aspects of the album.

Codice a barre e altri identificatori

  • Matrix / Runout (Side A): ONE-1Ø31-A
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B): ONE-1Ø31-B
  • Barcode: 765481436914


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22 gennaio 2019
Is anyone aware of a cassette tape of this album? My coworker loves 36 Chambers, and only has a cassette player in his car (I bought him a cassette adapter but he doesn't use it.) I want to find this for him.


22 aprile 2018
Was there ever an instrumental version of this album?

Grimes says she owned a copy on her episode of "whats in my bag", but I've never been able to find one or heard anything else about it anywhere else...


07 febbraio 2014
Just checked my personal original copy and have to admit that you're right! Never noticed this before but the JMT logo on my copy is also on the upper right hand side of the cover. Furthermore, it is slightly bigger than the logo on the repress if you compare the two covers side by side. Either there exists more than one cover version or the cover displayed on Discogs is the wrong one. Hard to tell because of the incompleteness of the information, Barcode and more important Matrix/Runout information is missing. Gonna fill in the gaps, maybe we get some more feedback from other Discogs members. Interesting case, thanks for suggesting!


31 dicembre 2011
modificato over 6 years ago

I read in the notes of some sellers that they sell an ORIGINAL pressing. Was i sleeping and this was repressed, or is this their business technic? I bought mine in 1999 and it has 2001 printed on the backcover. Also, i remember there was interview where the group said that it's the concept of this album.


17 marzo 2011
I found an issue that says copyright 2001. Must be a repress. Has the same catalogue #


30 maggio 2004
modificato over 14 years ago

Jedi Mind Tricks, the Psycho Social LP..ah, where to begin? I got my copy in the mail, today, that I purchased on eBay (probably one of the few places you'll find this one). I'm not disappointed, at all, by this one, despite having only had a chance to preview a few of the tracks. The artwork and vinyl are superb quality, but let's talk about the sound..

The sound can be described as enigmatic, dubbish, and of an unmistakably underground east coast flavor. The intro track sets the mood and the pace for this opus with its 90-100bpm sampling, heavy on the strings and the lo-fi, and peppered with samples from various sources, including movies, television, and other hip hop albums (including the Pharcyde, Can't Keep Runnin' Away). It's a melodic, hallucinogenic atmosphere, to say the least.

The flow has been described, before, as a foray into the territory of one Kool Keith, who is thanked as an influence on the back of the record, but I feel that their similarities stop there. Once you can get past that "what'd they just say?" stage and really begin to explore this album, you find that it carries a message that is spiritually and socially minded. And oh yeah, did I mention the esoteric nature of the material?

The subject matter of the tracks on this record range from various densities of existence, biblical prophecy that is less known than your Sunday School teachings, alien conspiracy theory, new age really have to hear it to believe it. For real fun, sit there looking up what the Verbal Hologram spits at you, on

Final words on this one? An underground classic, if you can get ahold of it.