Johnny Rebel ‎– For Segregationists Only


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Johnny Rebel Some Niggers Never Die 3:05
Johnny Rebel Stay Away From Dixie 2:26
Johnny Rebel Nigger Hatin' Me 2:09
Johnny Rebel Who Likes A Nigger 2:14
Johnny Rebel Nigger Nigger 1:54
Johnny Rebel Move Them Niggers North 1:59
Johnny Rebel Kajun Ku Klux Klan 3:00
Johnny Rebel Lookin' For A Handout 3:49
Johnny Rebel Federal Aid 3:03
Johnny Rebel Keep A Workin' Big Jim 2:48
Johnny Rebel Coon Town 2:30
Johnny Rebel Still Lookin' For A Handout 3:20
Bonus Tracks
James Crow (3) Cowboys & Niggers 2:28
Colonel Lou Johnny Rebel 1:53

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30 settembre 2019
riferendosi a For Segregationists Only, CD, Album, SWCD001
Not permitted to sell? Fuck you, retards and your pussy puppet censorship bullshit.


4 gennaio 2016
riferendosi a For Segregationists Only, CD, Album, SWCD001
I don't agree with a word of this shit, but it's WORSE that free speech is being impeded on. The first fucking amendment to the constitution.