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N. cat Artista Titolo (Formato) Etichetta N. cat Paese Anno
63881-27583-2 Moby Honey And Run On(CD, Single) V2 63881-27583-2 US 1999 Vendi questa versione
63881-27582-1 Moby Honey / Run On(12") V2 63881-27582-1 US 1999 Vendi questa versione
V2AB-27584-1 Moby Run On / Honey(12", Promo) V2 V2AB-27584-1 US 1999 Vendi questa versione



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02 giugno 2003
riferendosi a Honey And Run On, CD, Single, 63881-27583-2

The first track "Honey (Album Mix)" is a lively song, and as the name implies, is the same version on the album.

Track two, "Honey (118 Mix)" is a slighly more percussive track, the only difference is that it is a few beats per minute faster and has fewer melodic instruments in it.

The third track "Honey (Sharam Jey's Sweet Honey Mix)" Starts off quiet, and then rises up with sharams signature modulating sound. This track bends around and sometimes gives a "backwards" feel to it. But the song has no melody whatsoever, and keeps on making the same sound over and over again.

The fourth track "Honey (Aphrodite & Mickey Finn Mix)" is the most boring song on earth (with the exception of anything by "Voodoo Child"). It repeats the same part of the music over and over again, almost a loop, getting tiresome, especially since most of the album has been.

The fifth track is finally something different. "Run On (Extended)" is almost the same as the album version, it just has a few repats and beats. But this is a very soulful song, enjoyable.

Track 6 "Run On (Moby's Young & Funky Mix)" is much like the other mixes on this album, it uses the same vocals over and over again, only about 3 seconds constantly repaeted. This song makes the best use of the vocals though. And the beat is only quazi-funky.

Track 7 "Run On (Sharam Jey's Always On The Run Remix)" is not as fast paced as the first sharam mix, but it does the same modulating sound to get up to the vocals at first, but this song uses a few more of the vocals, but doesn't use them well, it focuses too much on the modulating and the beat. This really overuses the crecendo-decrecendo technique.

The eighth and final track, "Memory Gospel" is a good track to end with. It is calm, quiet, and not like any of the other songs, good chill out track. It is just a woman's voice singing peacfully every few seconds, giving a strong melody to the peice. at first its a quiet drumset, organ, and her voice, then a quiet symphony comes in with winds and strings, just enough to keep the women's voice attentive. Then, a piano comes in the the true melody, very quietly and peacfully. eventually the song will end the same way it started, and quietly stop.

Overall, i would suggest getting these tracks in any other way possible. Buy the UK honey, and honey remix, and get the run on 12". All of which are on, and they're a much better buy.