Sensation's Fix* ‎– Sensation's Fix

Polydor ‎– AS 273
Vinyl, LP, Promo, Limited Edition



Ed. Karma It.
No other notes or credits but: "music specially recorded for radio and television" and "Disco non in vendita" printed on the back cover.

This is their first album, never released officially but only distributed by the band and the label for promotional purposes, in a very limited bunch of copies.
Never reissued on any format. No counterfeits exist.

The band name and album title is "Sensation's Fix" on front cover and spine; "Sensations' Fix" on the labels.
The classic Polydor label is promotional white on all copies, with "Disco Promozionale" and "Vietata la Vendita al Pubblico" printed in small bold letters under the logo.

The music is all based on instrumental-only themes in the same style as many German bands of the Cosmic Couriers genre.


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21 dicembre 2013
Franco Falsini debut solo "Sensation's Fix"
For decades there was the rumour of a first eponymous Sensations' Fix album. Yes, a record before "Fragments Of Light". It seems that the reason no one knew of it was because the said "album" was not a proper release as such. The LP was released on Italian Polydor's AS series, reserved for library releases, promo's and juke-box 45's, and was never generally for sale. So, until the studios and radio stations that had it in their vaults offloaded their vinyl archives in favour of digital, very few people knew of it.
This debut record is actually not a Sensations' Fix album, but is a solo by Franco Falsini called "Sensation's Fix". A lot of the material is him solo, with about half the tracks previewing ideas developed on Sensations' Fix albums and his next solo "Cold Nose". Only on a few tracks can we hear a full group at play. The nature of this being a library record is also made apparent by the brevity of the tracks, and that a lot of the titles are are more descriptive of the mood of a track, and the clincher "music specially recorded for radio and television" printed on the back cover.
As such it's a patchy outing, with the music varying from cheesy TV type theme tunes through to experimental stuff. A couple of number remind me of the jokey stuff of Keith Emerson, Rick Wakeman or Claudio Simonetti. In all though it is pretty advanced for 1974. Fans of such varied library LP's will find a lot to enjoy here. Anyone expecting a Sensations' Fix album will be disappointed, as there's only the germ of their classic sound here in a few tracks. A curio worth a listen then. A fan/collector however will have to pay a lot to get this now, 300 euro plus last I checked.

Oh, and a last thought - what's this with Italian's saying that Sensations' Fix sound like Krautrock? I just don't get that (and I co-wrote a book on Krautrock). To me Sensations' Fix were unique in Italian prog, in parallel to other Fripp inspired electronic focused bands from France like Heldon or Shylock.