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Chicago Falcon
Budos Rising
Ride Or Die
Mas O Menos
King Cobra
My Girl
Origin Of Man
Deep In The Sand

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30 marzo 2008
riferendosi a The Budos Band II, LP, Album, DAP-011

I am in absolute shock from this album. This is literally the best "modern" (post-70's) LP I have heard in the funk/soul/instrumental genre ever. The sound is so damn 70's/analog authentic, you would be hard-pressed to sort it out from any top-shelf release from back in the day. I am seriously impressed, I had almost taken it as a matter of fact that modern funk would just never sound as it used to. This had always been somewhat of a fairly big deterrent for me in listening to modern releases. The Budos Band II LP has definitely altered my view on this subject; I'm nwo completely re-invigorated and excited about the future of funk/groove music...I wonder what else I've been sleeping on. Much respect to the band and the engineers for dialing this in, they absolutely know their stuff and have produced an incredible record. Essential wax...Trust !


28 settembre 2007
modificato over 6 years ago
riferendosi a The Budos Band II, CD, Album, DAP-011