The Shamen ‎– Pro>gen Remix

One Little Indian ‎– 36TP 12 LL
Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM, White Label

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A1 Pro>gen (C-Mix F+)
Remix – Colin Angus, Mr C*
A2 Pro>gen (7A)
Remix – The Beatmasters
B1 Light>span (Soundwave)
Remix – Renegade Soundwave
B2 Pro>gen (C-Mix Dub)
Remix – Colin Angus, Mr C*


The catalogue number is taken from the run-out groove.

Tracklist taken from info sheet that came with the record. Except that A2 plays the '7A' mix and not the '7B'. The 'C-Mix' is the 'F+' version also found on Pro>gen (C>Mix).

The C-Mix Dub is unique to this release but it is very similar to the C-Mix on Shamen* - Progeny (Move Any Mountain - Progen) (the mix on this 12" has a guitar part between 1:20 and 1:36 of the track that is missing on Progeny).

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N. cat Artista Titolo (Formato) Etichetta N. cat Paese Anno
36TP12 The Shamen Pro>gen(12", Single) One Little Indian 36TP12 UK 1990 Vendi questa versione
M1-1001 The Shamen Pro>gen(12", Single, Promo, W/Lbl) Rough Trade M1-1001 Germany 1990 Vendi questa versione
Torso 12165 The Shamen Pro>gen(12") Torso Torso 12165 Netherlands 1990 Vendi questa versione
36TP7CD The Shamen Pro>gen(CD, Single) One Little Indian 36TP7CD UK 1990 Vendi questa versione
70165 The Shamen Pro>gen(7") Torso 70165 Netherlands 1990 Vendi questa versione


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30 settembre 2019
As far as Progen is concerned, it's all about the C-Mix Dub. Some might call it hip-house due to Mr. C's short rap, but it's not really enough to push it over that boundary in my opinion. It certainly isn't acid house as submitted here on this release page.

This is the version I'd first heard, in the warehouses and on pirate radio. Still contains the vocals but much less so. More underground. The days when heavy serious basslines were at the forefront of house and techno production. Straight to the point. Kicking straight off with the bassline and bass drum. Dirtier, grittier than the subsequent more commercial, remixed, polished cheesier versions which eventually after months of playtime ended up hitting the mainstream charts in 1991. Mr. C's MCing vocal also sounds more natural, relaxed and live than on the remixes.

I remember Mr. C himself from the Shamen spinning it on pre-release for the first time on London pirate radio station Dance 93.0 FM lateish '89. Mixed it up with some really rough freestyle electro track with him Mcing over the top. Later played quite extensively at the Barn in Braintree, Essex. With all other versions. But my first social experience of it was with a couple of mates at some dive in central London somewhere, I can't remember where and what the place was called but it was cramped in there, hot and quite a few people didn't smell very hygienic. I believe Mr. C and maybe Eddie Richards were actually playing there if I'm not mistaken although I can't clearly recall much (apart from that pungent, funky odour) and that heavy bassline boring a deep hole in my chest, as I was otherwise sufficiently inebriated.

Damn, I had a recording of when it was first played on his pirate radio show. The original cassette went missing like hundreds of other tapes! Probably to eventually be dubbed over in later years with crap cheesy pop house or chipmunk happy jungle tunes, notably by a certain someone I know. You know it cousin you crafty git ... :(

One of those types of tunes which really comes alive (come alive! come alive!) on a big hefty sound system. Don't judge it if you're playing it on some cheap, crappy (hi-fi) or supposed boom box. This needs to be heard on a good quality club sound system to be fully appreciated.

Lightspan Soundwave is a good track. Sounds nice in a warehouse scenario. Purely instrumental. Unfortunately, the remixes, can't remember which ones, contain too many unnecessary vocal samples.